Falcon Beach: No Season Three for ABC Family

the cast of Falcon BeachKim Todd, the president of Canada-based Original Pictures, has confirmed that the youth drama Falcon Beach has been cancelled after two seasons. The series airs on ABC Family in the U.S. and Global in Canada.

The cancellation comes as a result of ABC Family’s decision to pass on a third season of Beach. Without the financial support of the cable channel, continued production isn’t possible. Todd says that Global offered to pick it up for a third season but at a significantly lower cost than before.

Strangely enough, Beach is being cancelled despite being quite popular. The show’s audience is made up of predominantly 12 to 17 year old girls. Unfortunately, the series failed to attract many outside of that age group and ABC Family wanted a broader demographic; i.e. 18 to 49 viewers.

The cancellation wasn’t a shocker to Todd who said, “You’re never surprised by what happens in series television, because the winds of change blow quickly and forcefully.” That doesn’t make the end result any easier, personally or professionally. Todd lamented, “So nothing is surprising, but it’s still extremely disappointing. In order to produce a television series, you have to invest so much of yourself into the process… And now we have to tell the cast and crew, and that’s disappointing, too, because we’re not the only ones who put their blood and sweat into this.”

Many citizens of the shoreside Lake Winnipeg town will miss Beach as well because it provided great exposure for the town and attracted visitors — from as far away as Japan. The town’s local mayor and restaurant owner Daryl Carry was told of the cancellation on Friday and said, “We’ve had tourists here every summer, coming to see where Falcon Beach is shot… But I guess at the end of the day, it didn’t add up. The money offered isn’t enough. They had to make a decision to pull the plug.”

The second and final season has already aired on Global in Canada. In the U.S., Falcon Beach began airing on ABC Family on April 9th and is expected to conclude on July 2nd. No plans have been released to tie up any ongoing storylines. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Rose says

    I am 41 years old and my sister is 35. We both love this show. You simply can not leave this program up in the air like this. You have to return for at least one season, to tie up the loose ends. Or even make a movie to show us what happened to all the characters. It could be a season or a movie that could flip into the future of the character’s lives. But don’t, just don’t leave it like this. Us viewers need closure as well as the stars of this program I’m sure. They all put a lot of work into this show I’m sure. I am also so impressed that it was an all Canadian program with an all Canadian cast. Please we beg you for a return! From a fellow Canadian.

  2. Anonymous says

    omgosh i just finished watchin the first two seasons and i love it and i really wanted to find out what would happen

  3. Marissa says

    are you kidding me there has to be a season 3 this is the best serious ever and i don’t watch mush tv eather and i turned on the tv one day and i looked at the tv guide and it said falcon beach so my dad and i watched it and now we watch it all the time OMG i love falcon beach -please make another season

  4. Rebecca says

    I loved that show and I’m 21. They need to do more research before deciding people over 17 don’t like it.

  5. John says

    Don’t cancel the show I don’t watch much tv but I have watched every episode with in 3 days I really love this show and Ireally would like to see alot more of it.

  6. ashley says

    I cant believe the show was taken off the air. I just found out. i loved the show and i am 25 . I wish you guys would please reconsider………..

  7. Krystal says

    OMG!!!!! I can’t believe this show is cancelled!!! I just found it on fox family and I watched it in two days! I think you should reconsider, please!!!!!!!! you all had plenty of fans out there and you just left us hangin after only two seasons. And it wasn’t even a complete ending that yall did…you dropped it like there was more to come and then said to yourselves that “we don’t have the viewers that we want so we are just not coming back with another season.” its so unfair!!!!!!! I read this press release and sat on it for two days let sink in and its just not sticking. Everyone i know says “How could Falcon Beach end like that?” or “They should have done two more seasons of Falcon beach.” And if you do reconsider let me just tell you that it wont be right uless you get the originals to come back and do the show…….PLEAS RECONSIDER>>>>>>DONT LEAVE US HANGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Alyssa says

    YOU CAN’T CANCEL THE SHOW!!! I didn’t know about it until I found it online and i’ve watched both seasons in 2 days! I loved the show! And there is way too much left un-answered!!! Please reconsider!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

  9. KC says

    I really liked this show a lot!! I am 30+ not a teen and it was on of my favorite shows. Even my 9 year old son watched it with me. I bet there are a lot of non teens out there that are just as disappointed as the teens that this show was cancelled!!

  10. Jennifer says

    Io credo non sia giusto,gli attori,lo staff,le persone che hanno investito in questo programma;hanno lavorato duramente…
    Poi io credo in oltre che non sia giusto lasciare cos

  11. amber says

    omg ive been checking abc family for like a month!!! please air a 3rd season!!!! falcon beach is almost as good as one tree hill!!! jason is sooooo hot!!! please please please make the 3rd season!! i just went and bought season 1 and it cost me 40.00$!!! so plz make season 3!!!

  12. falcon beach fan says

    you have to make a third season..PLEASE!…IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR MANY TEENAGERS AND FOR ME!!! please!
    i love jason

  13. Kelly says

    i watched the show this year and I was really disappointed to see that this show was cancelled! I loved the show and was kean each week to watch it and when i found out that the last episode was the last ever i was truly annoyed! please let this series carry on whatever the cost or maybe have a reunion of all of the characters who meet up in falcon beach once again please!!!

  14. falconbechlover803 says

    this makes me mad, because…just because the viewers are at a young age…
    the shows main characters are around the age of the viewers..
    and i beleive thier should be a third season because you left us at an edge with the second…
    like what happens to lane when we confesses?
    and what happens to paige and jason as they head of to texas…what do they acomplish together?
    and what about tanya…what happens to her….
    does danny go to college and make something of him self?
    and what happens to courtney after the pills?

    there is so many questions to be answered about this show..
    who cared about the age of the viewers you cant expect 49 year old people to watch something that is about teenagers and thier strugles…of course you’re going to attract the attentions of viewers who can relate to the people on the show…
    thats what makes this show so interesting, almost anyone could relate to someone from the show…

    i relate to tanya with the problems she has with drugs and alcohol, i myself am trying to better from it…although i have never modeled i can relate to tanya in her problems…

    so please reconsider and make a third season.

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