Falcon Beach: No Season Three for ABC Family

the cast of Falcon BeachKim Todd, the president of Canada-based Original Pictures, has confirmed that the youth drama Falcon Beach has been cancelled after two seasons. The series airs on ABC Family in the U.S. and Global in Canada.

The cancellation comes as a result of ABC Family’s decision to pass on a third season of Beach. Without the financial support of the cable channel, continued production isn’t possible. Todd says that Global offered to pick it up for a third season but at a significantly lower cost than before.

Strangely enough, Beach is being cancelled despite being quite popular. The show’s audience is made up of predominantly 12 to 17 year old girls. Unfortunately, the series failed to attract many outside of that age group and ABC Family wanted a broader demographic; i.e. 18 to 49 viewers.

The cancellation wasn’t a shocker to Todd who said, “You’re never surprised by what happens in series television, because the winds of change blow quickly and forcefully.” That doesn’t make the end result any easier, personally or professionally. Todd lamented, “So nothing is surprising, but it’s still extremely disappointing. In order to produce a television series, you have to invest so much of yourself into the process… And now we have to tell the cast and crew, and that’s disappointing, too, because we’re not the only ones who put their blood and sweat into this.”

Many citizens of the shoreside Lake Winnipeg town will miss Beach as well because it provided great exposure for the town and attracted visitors — from as far away as Japan. The town’s local mayor and restaurant owner Daryl Carry was told of the cancellation on Friday and said, “We’ve had tourists here every summer, coming to see where Falcon Beach is shot… But I guess at the end of the day, it didn’t add up. The money offered isn’t enough. They had to make a decision to pull the plug.”

The second and final season has already aired on Global in Canada. In the U.S., Falcon Beach began airing on ABC Family on April 9th and is expected to conclude on July 2nd. No plans have been released to tie up any ongoing storylines. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Debbie says

    I keep checking the internet in the hopes that they will bring the show back. I have to say that they many not have done their homework, because I am a 42 year old housewife who loves this show.

  2. anymouse says

    hi, i watch the 2 seasons and they where amazing!! i’m realiy sad about that falcon beach stopt!! why is that?? my favorite person out the tv-serie is Paige! i love her!!

  3. erika says

    I’m from Quebec province and I watch the show in french. The season 1 is about to finish and I was really happy to know there was a season 2. But I’m really sad there’s no season 3!! Why??? I really love that show and it has to continue over 2 seasons!!

  4. shaune goossens says

    hi, i am 24 years old and from belgium.I saw the 2 seasons and they where great. it’s stupid that they stop the show. there has to be a season 3. please give us that.

  5. Alexandra says

    I love Falcon Beach as Erin makes up with Danny and Paige with Jason. Even Tanya makes up with Lane after a car accident she had because of Officer Palmer. I only wish it’s not Erin’s fault like Danny mentions after a 9- year-old boy drowns in the lake and she cries feeling guilty, blaming herself for nothing.

  6. tracey lewis says

    i loved falcon beach here in the UK i am 44yrs old and watched it more than my 13yr old daughter, wish i knew where u get ur facts from about viewing ages. please reconsider and make a 3rd season.

  7. Jesse says

    what is going on. you CANNOT cancel this show. i am 22 yrs old and i love this show. i got the complete 1st season for christmas and im looking for the 2nd season. PLEASE RECONSIDER YOUR DECISION.

  8. Anonymous says

    My ten year old son watches it with me,it’s interesting,and my son actually understands it better than me.

  9. Anna says

    I totally miss Falcon Beach. I mean damn it’s a great show. Why on earth would you guys take it off the air. I mean ABC FAMILY! I watch season 1 and 2 from itunes all the time, but we all wanted a season 3. You guys don’t keep the right shows on t.v. All different ages were watching Falcon Beach so nothing was wrong with the show. PLEASE RECONSIDER ABOUT A 3RD SEASON OR A MOVIE TO FINISH EVERYTHING. Look how many people want Falcon Beach back, look at the potisions. WE MISS FALCON BEACH, PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!

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