Falling Skies: TV Series Renewed for Season Two by TNT

Falling Skies season twoNoah Wyle and his Falling Skies castmates better get used to fighting aliens because it looks like they may be doing it for awhile.

Falling Skies debuted on June 19th with a two-hour episode that attracted 5.9 million viewers and a 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic. The second episode fell to 4.2 million and a 1.5 demo rating. Last Sunday’s installment fell again to 4.1 million viewers and a 1.4 demo but those numbers were understandably depressed because of the holiday.

Regardless of the decline, TNT has faith in the series and has now ordered a second season of 10 episodes. They’ll kick off next summer.

Here’s the press release:

TNT Orders Second Wave of “Falling Skies,” Cable’s #1 New Series

Epic Series from DreamWorks Television and Executive Producer Steven Spielberg, Starring Noah Wyle, Scores as Major Hit in U.S. and Abroad

TNT has renewed Falling Skies, cable’s #1 new series, for a second season. The epic saga about the aftermath of an all-out invasion by an alien military force has been a tremendous hit both domestically and internationally. Falling Skies, which airs Sundays at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), stars Noah Wyle and comes to TNT from DreamWorks Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg. TNT has ordered 10 episodes for the second season, which is slated to air in summer 2012.

“Falling Skies is a true standout series, from its ambitious storytelling, high-profile cast and production team to its phenomenal success when it comes to international and time-shifted viewing,” said Michael Wright, executive vice president, head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). “We’re reaching new audiences with Falling Skies and look forward to seeing where this fascinating and exciting series takes us next.”

Falling Skies takes place in the chaotic aftermath of an alien attack that has left most of the world completely incapacitated. Tom Mason (Wyle), a Boston history professor and the father of three sons, must put his extensive knowledge of military history to the test as second in command of a regiment of resistance fighters protecting a large group of civilian survivors. Falling Skies also stars Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton and Drew Roy.

Falling Skies premiered in the U.S. on TNT Sunday, June 19, drawing an extraordinary Live + 7 audience of 8 million viewers and ranking it as cable’s top series launch of 2011. The premiere also garnered an impressive 3.8 million adults 18-49 and 4.5 million adults 25-54. Through its first three installments, Falling Skies has averaged more than 6.4 million viewers through a blend of live and time-shifted viewing.

Falling Skies is quickly becoming a global television sensation. In the opening stages of its rollout in more than 75 international markets, it has already drawn strong – and in some cases record – audience deliveries for networks airing it in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela.

In addition to Spielberg, the first season of Falling Skies has been executive-produced by DreamWorks Television heads Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank, Graham Yost and screenwriter Robert Rodat, who wrote the pilot from an idea he co-conceived with Spielberg. Mark Verheiden and Greg Beeman have served as co-executive producers.

About TNT
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What do you think? Are you glad that Falling Skies has been renewed or would you have cancelled it? What do you like or dislike about it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. WTFhappenin' says

    This show SUCKS!! The special effects are SYFY channel low budgeted done. I can’t believe the canceled the revamp of “V” on abc which had better over all plot line though it was somewhat recycled, and this crap gets a second season renewal from TNT before the first season finishes. Those large roaches they attached on the children, c’mon it’s like Stargate meets Starship Troopers. A lot of acting in it is unbelievable and the writing is garbage no wonder the ratings have been on steady decline per episode that has aired so far, it will continue to decline to the season end I’m sure.

  2. Bizzle says

    Glad it has been renewed but i hope it picks up pace a lil! It’s been quite boring so far but its only just getting started really! I’ll stick with it until the end of season one and if it’s still boring i’ll just not bother with season 2!!

  3. LordEdzo says

    This is fantastic news. I’m so excited we’ll be getting another 10 episodes of this intriguing, strongly character-driven series. As far as “alien invasion” TV shows go, “Falling Skies” gets it right with some gritty realism, whereas ABC’s recently canceled “V” was too sanitized. “Falling Skies” features a truly alien species about which the human characters know virtually nothing – in particular, why Earth was invaded and quickly overrun in the first place. I hope this show continues to evolve into something unique, because it’s the only truly “outer space” driven science fiction drama on cable or network right now. Syfy, despite its name, has nothing like this and probably wouldn’t dare attempt something as creative as “Falling Skies.” Kudos to TNT for giving the series a chance!

  4. Eric says

    I watched the first episode, and nothing in the show made any sense. It felt like a bad B movie. Was the script written by a 9-year old at recess? It surely felt like it.
    Nothing in the show made any sense, it was just a collection of random events that were completely illogical.
    I was truly hoping for a short 1 season run so they could put something decent on instead. I can’t imagine anyone with half a brain wanting to watch such a clumsy collection of nonsensical scenes.

    • S says

      Perhaps it was just a bit over your head! My entire family likes it, which is not usually the case – and I can assure you that every one of us has more than “half a brain”!

  5. Kevin says

    and the visual effects could be better on falling skies but it did good numbers on a sunday night..when most people go to bed earlier ..they do have a great lead in with leaverage tho

  6. Kevin says

    it’s alright. Does it deserve another season ? I don’t know. I wish instead of picking this up they would pick up human target from fox and renew franklin and bash that show is funny. But it’s nice that TNT and USA give shows a chance..and why is tnt bringing back dallas ?? instead they should bring back human target .. is tehre away to save that show..

  7. Dani says

    I’m glad it got renewed, but hopefully the commercial breaks will get fewer and shorter. That’s been my biggest problem so far (besides Karen being left behind) the abundance of commercials.

    Anyway, it’s great summer fare, and as has been pointed out…it’s got Noah Wyle!!!

  8. Helen O. says

    I like the show, but then I liked “V” and it was cancelled, but I do like Noah Wyle and the rest of the cast is good too, I am watching it every Sunday night.

  9. Kat says

    This is a great show! It only gets better and better with each new episode, so if you’ve only checked out the first episode, you’ve really missed out. The only sad part is that we’ll have to wait till next summer to see the second season.

  10. Michelle says

    I love the show and it has me on the edge of my seat. I don’t like many shows on Facebook but I like many shows in real life and this show is one of the few I have liked on facebook. I on;y wish it would have been on instead of V or The Event. Now those were a waste of my time and hours I couldn’t get back. Usually I give a show to episode three to hook me but this one had me at episode #1.

  11. Samara says

    I find it very entertaining, plus – it’s Noah Wyle! I’m happy it’s renewed, although 10 episodes now, then a year to wait for 10 more episodes is a little disheartening!

  12. Bruce says

    @FC Really? Really? Have you WATCHED the show? Or you just dislike Spielberg for some reason. I show I’ve been watching is excellent. Special effects mediocre? Compared to what? A 200 million dollar movie? Mr. expert do you know that TV budgetd are just a bit smaller? Considering the resources availalbe, and that they have to have an episode ready ever week, not spending 3 months to years filming, they are doing great.

    And how is it like Battlestar? You give me a headache.

  13. Jeremy Rynek says

    It’s a good show. A little down the road from ER. But still interesting. I mainly wanted to watch the show because of him. So good it got renewed. I still think that cable channels like TNT, USA and FX are the best. Those shows can actually get renewed.

  14. FC says

    This show is a horrible Battlestar wannabe. The special effects are mediocre at best. It’s obvious that the renewal occurred because Spielberg is attached and everyone at TNT is afraid to pi$$ him off and embarrass him.

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