Family Tree: HBO Series Cancelled, No Season Two

Family Tree canceledHBO has decided to cancel Family Tree after one low-rated season. The eighth and final episode aired in July.

A docu-style comedy, Family Tree was created and written by Christopher Guest and Jim Piddock. The story follows Tom Chadwick (Chris O’Dowd), a young man who feels lost in his life until he inherits a box family heirlooms. The contents send him searching for his roots. Nina Conti and Tom Bennett co-star.

A co-production of the BBC and NBC-Universal, the eight episodes ended up averaging just 540,000viewers.

What do you think? Did you enjoy Family Tree? Would you like to see it continue somehow? Perhaps in another form?

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  1. Celeste Napodano says

    Can we start a petition? I also just found this gem and I am saddened by it’s demise. How does reality show garbage get renewed year after year but brilliantly written and acted shows do not? “Idiocracy” thats why!! If you havent seen it please do. Its genre, a comedy but should be “horror”. The future of entertainment really scares me.

  2. Bradley says

    Family Tree is a great show that just needed time to cultivate an audience, kinda the way Family Guy was originally canceled then brought back. The writing was solid, decent character development, and Christ O’dowd is great. Hopefully someone at HBO or Amazon will continue to series.

  3. Joe says

    Just found this on HBO GO and watched Season 1 in 3 days. I thought it was fantastic. I, absolutely, loved Monk. The way Bea would move his head in conversation was amazing. That’s alright if corporate wants to cancel. Have they ever had vision? Christopher Guest is involved with it. Family Tree will be a cult classic in no time!

  4. pamela says

    Maybe Amazon could pick it up for prime members, they seem to be doing everything right these days, & I’m not being sarcastic. Their original programs rival HBO ,etc. Why should a sweet, fantastic , smart , stylish piece of genius die- because it doesn’t have vampires or werewolves in it. And now for something completely different!!! We need that as a varied society , subtle humor , talented comedians at home with uncomfortable situations & ad-lib.Do these testimonials ever do any good? I feel better for trying . Wouldn’t it be great if fans like ourselves of certain programs could pay nominal fee to get these programs continued .We would be investing in the programing we thought was worthwhile , not the onslaught of mixed good with bad that the masses will watch. Perhaps the sale of streaming or DVD’s would actually be invested back to us until the program ran its course & ideas for it got stale or the actors weren’t interested in keeping it going. I’d invest & I’m only an artist ,not a millionaire- but small investments from enough people? Maybe someday!!!! Kudos to all of you at Family Tree , fantastic- I’ll keep my fingers crossed, it must have been a real joy to be part of this series. Pamela

  5. bgantar says

    All three generations of this family LOVED this series. It was quirky and took a couple of episodes to get warmed to it, but it is awesome and unique. Too bad people don’t see the uniqueness and specialness of it. It is their loss.

  6. glenn says

    Family Tree was a refreshing albeit off beat comedy that should be brought back in some form. Monkey was beyond incredibly funny and appealing as was the entire cast.

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