Fashion Star, Hannibal, Betty White’s Off Their Rockers: Not Cancelled or Renewed Yet

Hannibal not cancelled or renewedWhile NBC has cancelled many of the shows populating their 2012-13 season schedule, the fate of some are still unknown. The network hasn’t officially picked up The Celebrity Apprentice but host Donald Trump says it will be back for a seventh season.

The network still hasn’t made a decision on the fates of drama Hannibal or unscripted series Betty White’s Off Their Rockers and Fashion Star (which wrapped its latest season Friday evening). Their fates will reportedly be decided in the coming weeks.

If the network execs are waiting to see how the rest of Hannibal’s first season performs before making up their minds, the show’s ratings trend doesn’t bode well for its chances.

What do you think? Are you hoping that any or all of these three shows survive to return for the 2013-14 season.

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  1. Mike M says

    I was a militant member of the “Nuts for Jericho” campaign to save Jericho from an early demise. We flooded CBS with nuts (food) of all kinds for weeks until they relented and gave us a somewhat shortened but satisfying reprise……Please NBC I would rather not have to send organ meats in protest if Hannibal is terminated. Its messy. Best da** show on network TV, give it time.

  2. Tim says

    The main problem with watching network TV anymore is the desire to cancel good shows before they’ve even had a chance to establish a solid following. I almost hesitate to get into a new network series anymore. Take Hannibal for example; its a very good show with a solid story line that keeps you interested. However, its also an investment of time getting into a drama storyline only to have it canceled by the network. I find myself going to cable more and more for TV watching. Reality TV shows seem to the the only format the major networks keep.

  3. Natalie says

    Please NBC, for once display some loyalty and renew Hannibal! This is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen! Fan base is building & the outcry would be horrific if this great show isn’t renewed. NBC has cancelled many shows, & that is the problem with this network. Why on earth would we as viewers keep watching your network if you are only going to keep canceling then putting new shows in their place. Let us grow to love something. And I’m not talking about crap like American Ninja Warrior. Really, NBC, really?

  4. Nicole says

    They have to renew hannibal. I think the fanbase is so much larger than nielsen shows, because I know so many people who are watching it and those who are watching won’t be stopping anytime soon. I think that if given time, this show could become just as popular as Dexter. And the incredible thing to me is that Dexter is created on a premium budget, whereas NBC manages to create Hannibal on a relatively small budget. Incredible show! If you’re not watching already, you definitely should check it out. I believe it’s on demand, the first episode is free on amazon instant, and I believe you can stream episodes 2-6 on nbc. Watch it!!!!

  5. Sean N. says

    Hannibal has everything going for it. Critically acclaimed, a passionate and vocal fanbase, and the cultural advantage of most people being familiar with the namesake. Dexter is nearing it’s end and this provides a unique perspective on detective/gruesome crime dramas that is more about the journey of the characters rather than the victims or the killers. This builds reputation. This builds a following that can only grow once you plant it’s seed. If NBC plays their cards right, Hannibal will appeal to a niche that has grown weary of the typical CSI rehash.

    This show won’t appeal to a lot of people, but it will appeal to the targeted demographic and keep them there.

  6. says

    People of all ages tell me how much they love BETTY WHITE’S OFF THEIR ROCKERS.
    I love doing the show, and so does the entire cast. Hope it’s renewed for a third season. Laughing is the best medicine, and we make people laugh.

  7. says

    Hannibal has an enourmous fandom!
    It had better not be cancelled.
    Have you seen my blog?

  8. Marie says

    They can’t cancel Hannibal, it’s too good! I love this show, it’s smart, well acted, great character’s, writing, editing, well basically everything is amazing! I hate the fact that bad shows get renewed but great shows get cancelled. People if you think you would like this show than watch it or we will lose it! Tune in Thursday nights on NBC!

  9. suzi warren says

    please dont cancel Fashion Star…..I havent started watching Hannibal…..but may…it looks like a show I would like.

  10. Patty says

    If they dont renew Hannibal..that’s it for my relationship with NBC. First they screw things up with Ann Curry now this! I’m out…

  11. Dis Guy says

    i hope they cancel betty white’s shows. She isnt that great or funny, she just plays the same character all the time.

  12. John says

    They better not cancel this excellent show considering that the episode with Gillian anderson was really damn good and made me love the show more than i already do

  13. Gary says

    Hannibal is one of the best and most eerily chilling thrillers to come along in a very long time. It perfectly captures the essence of Thomas Harris’s Red Dragon. Visually it is a rich combination of Michael Mann’s cinematic technique in “Manhunter” and Stanley Kubrick’s work in “The Shining.” NBC’s executives would as stupid as Dr. Chilton if they canceled this brilliant if not terrifyingly intelligent television show.

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