Find My Family: Mixed Premiere Ratings; Cancel or Keep It?

Find My FamilyABC quietly unveiled a new reality series on Tuesday night. Like the network’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition series, Find My Family had audience members reaching for the tissues by the box. But, more importantly for the show’s future, how did it do in the ratings?

Hosted by Tim Green and Lisa Joyner, Find My Family helps people reconnect with family members after being separated for many years. The emotional reunions take place on-camera and in front of a place known as the “Family Tree.”

Following the performance finale of Dancing with the Stars, the premiere of Family attracted 12.76 million viewers and a 2.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic. Those numbers look okay on their own but its significant that the series lost about 40% of its lead-in audience. ABC can’t be happy about that.

The real test will be next Monday’s broadcast though. Family won’t have the powerful Dancing lead-in and will expand to one hour.

What do you think? Is Find My Family worth watching or should ABC cut this series short? Cancel or keep it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Erin says

    I think that you should keep the show on, because I loved watching it, and would like for it to come back on again.

  2. Teresa Adams says

    For those of you who may never know your biological parents, this can be a very hard and difficult experience in life. Please find comfort in knowing that “God Wanted You! God Created You!” You are here to know who you are in Christ Jesus and to live your life in relationship with God, our Creator. Hopefully, God has blessed your life with wonderful people who truly loves you. I pray for you to find comfort and peace especially if you do not find your biological parents or you are disappointed after you do. Trust GOD….believe God….and know who God is through your personal journey with Him. Be Bless.

  3. Anonymous says

    i LOVED this show!!! how could it be pulled??? what is the network thinking??? this was one of the only reality shows I watched!

  4. Susan says

    Everyone, I am so sorry for those of you who ABC left hanging in the dark. They should not have done that while they still had families waiting and were in the process of finding your loved one. I was adopted at birth, (I’m now almost 43) and thankfully I found my biological family 21 years ago and I had them at my wedding. I was on looking to find Find My Family because I would love to work for them to help try to search for these people and be a small part of helping people be reunited after so many years. It has been such a blessing to know my birth family. I lost my mom almost 3 years ago suddenly and I was hurt at first that I only had her for 18 years, but then I realized I just needed to be grateful for those years because I could have been too late had I waited.

    I truly wish all of you the best in your search. The other thing you could try is to go to the judge in the County you were adopted in, write him/her a letter and ask him/her to open your file. That is what I did and it worked. THANK YOU JUDGE FISHER!!!! Erie Co. PA. Good luck everyone!

    • Kathleen says

      Katrina and everyone else looking for loved ones…

      Try or
      It’s worth a shot. It gives you enough information that you don’t have to pay for, unless you want to continue for more information. But at least, the majority of names has either age or month/year of birth to help you.

      You can also try and get on the “U.S. Public Records Index” page and see if he/she might show up there. You can access the site at most local libraries for free as you do need a membership to use the site. While on that site, you might want to look at the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) and hopefully, you won’t find your loved one there.

      May God guide you along in this world to find your loved one. Keep your spirits up with knowing that there is so much information out there to help you find them.

  5. says


  6. Josh says

    Please please please bring this show back. I was adopted at birth and just recently (at age 32) met my biological mother. It was so beautiful!

    I watched every episode you first aired and loved seeing so many people find ways to mend broken hearts and missing pieces in their lives.

    It’s worth it ABC! Bring it back! Keep the show!

  7. Scott Miller says

    Keep it!! PLEASE this the only way to help my husband find his biological mother since hi was put up for a close adoption in 1965 when he was born…we don’t know any thing about her but we know that she was Canadian born in Toronto , her parents were from England , her dad died in automobile accident when she was 6 years old, she came to Miami Florida to study when she was 18 years old that’s when she got pregnant… She was an attractive woman, with brown hair, big brown eyes and she was 5’1 1/2 inches tall according to records we found in the Jewish community center who provide us all this info… she also liked to play guitar,sing , dance and she also was interested in working with children and hoped to some day mayor in psychology …. we would love to find her please HELP US!! KEEP THE SHOW

  8. Debra (Brewster) Fanning says

    I don’t care ABC. Sue me for a million dollars! You can take your contract and put it where the sun doesn’t shine. Because you backed out, my half sibling never met my son who was killed in a car accident on Valentine’s Day. If my half sib reads this. Please contact me. No court in this nation would uphold a contract that a network so cruelly and unprofessionally backed out of. They cancelled the show and left my sib and I hanging. Didn’t share any of the info. I was nice and I was patient. Now I am pissed and I need to find my half sib desparately. I no longer want to be an only child. I need family more than ever now. My dear half sib, you were the one that looked for me. Please keep looking. My biological father’s name: Gordon Dale Brewster lived in Lansing, Ill. We moved to Milwaukee, Wi when I was six. He disappeared when I was nine. Dear sib, I wish you could have known my son Jason. You would have liked him. I have 5 other children and their spouses for you to meet. I also have 4 grandsons. I pray that you find me. Please do it soon. :'(

    • Anonymous says

      Is this true? Were you to have been on the show, but then it was cancelled? Please… I too am searching. And I am hoping to get in touch with producers.

      • Deb Fanning says

        Yes everything I said in that comment is true. I grew up as an only child for 54 years, always wanting to have brothers and sisters. My world changed when Find My Family Contacted Me. I was so excited that I was going to meet my half sib. My children were all behind me. Then ABC pulled the plug on the show. I hope you have better luck getting in contact with someone from ABC. I’ve had no luck.

  9. says

    melody,hang in there and have faith. I will call my son in the next couple of days.e.mail me and give me more info. my son lives states away from me, but i know he would know where the main place for records for navy,like i sugested e.m. me, more private. thanks margo

  10. Joanne E. Sayre says

    This is a heartfelt show. A reality show with substance. I hope that decide to keep it. What a difference you can make in people’s lives

  11. pam webb says

    Hi i am pam i found out few yrs ago that i have abrother and i would like to know him some how he was adopted somewhere in maine i would like to be on the show so plz bring it back i would like your guys help

  12. Jacqui says

    BRING IT BACK!!!! My daughter wants to be on this show because she wants to meet her father. We have no idea where he is, but more interesting is he has never met his family either. He was taken off the reservation in Canada when he was born and brought to the US to be put into foster care. He was finally adopted by a family, but he has never been able to find his family. So it would certainly be amazing to see this two sided story unfold. I’m sure there are many families out there who would also love to be reunited with loved ones. This is a great way for them to do so. BRING IT BACK!!!!!

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