Firefly: FOX Cancellation Still Hurts Joss Whedon

FireflyIf you assemble a list of TV shows that were cancelled too soon, Firefly series will very likely be on it. Starring actors like Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, and Summer Glau, the show was cancelled before all 14 episodes were aired. Fans were understandably dismayed and series creator Joss Whedon knows how they feel.

In a recent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Whedon shared that the cancellation upset him so much that he couldn’t bring himself to return to episodic television for years. He shared that Firefly is “still the greatest grief I have about my career” and the whole experience made him “the sourest man alive.”

“I stopped having ideas, which for me is an extremely rare experience,” Whedon said. “It was something much more subtle [than losing hope], it took away my ability to think in terms of episodic television. For years.”

Whedon did return to television and the FOX network a couple years ago with Dollhouse. That series ran for two short seasons but he was at least able to craft an ending before it left the airwaves.

That also left him feeling pretty angry but Whedon feels like he’s in a good place now, especially with plans to direct the upcoming comics-based movie, The Avengers.

Whedon said, “Honestly, this year with my career, I’ve been going, Okay, is it over? Are they done with me, and is it time for me to start doing really small or make a graceful exit? Because I’m okay. I have my family, I love to write, I’ll always write, they can’t stop me doing that. But maybe I’m not going to get my shot to reach a mass audience. But then I got The Avengers. So, clearly, I’m an idiot.”

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Whedon’s Avengers movie?

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  1. Rogue Jedi says

    Joss You are one of the best creators/writers in telivision history and your films have also been good. with the exception of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which I feal could have ran for a few more years but nor without Saraha Michalle Geller) all of your series have been ended prematurely Angel had a good run but could have kept going, firefly’s treatment was disgracefull and it was a huge victory to get Serenity made after the series was canceled, and dollhouse was great. I was thrilled to hear you were making wonder woman only to hear you had been removed a few months later, I do not blame you for fealing dispondant after a 3rd series was canceled premiturely but most of your work has a strong fan following, so any project you are involved with already has a lot of interest from fans of Buffy/Angel/Firefly and now Dollhouse I hope it will only be a matter of time before studios realise that and allow you to make more great origional tv (or films)

    I have enjoyed all of your tv series and most films you have been involved in, I feel it will be a real shame (bur much deserved)when you decide to retire (hopefully not for decades yet) please do not give up you are one of the few writers/creators that sci-fi fans get excited about

  2. Kenny says

    Joss, thank you for everything you have done! You hooked me ever since the Buffy movie when I was a kid. I love Firefly, Dollhouse, Buffy, Angel. You create stories that I enjoy and love. It is much better than the crap that is on TV now (reality, game shows, ACK!) Like some others, I got my finance into Firefly once it was available for streaming on Netflix. Keep up the good work and congrats on getting the Avengers gig! I look forward to seeing what you have in store in the years to come.

    PS: Fox is stupid for canceling Firefly and Dollhouse. Have you ever tried pitching to Sci-fi (refuse to call it Sy Fy)?

  3. Jon says

    To illustrate just how good Firefly is, I finally got my wife to watch the series. Now she wants to know if we’re too late to petition for its return. The cast was perfect, the plots were believable and touching and it was about folks just trying to make their way living on the edge, which is so amazingly relevant these days.

    The real key would be getting Fox to release the rights to Joss. Perhaps that’s what our petition needs to do.

  4. Buddy says

    I, too, thought “Firefly” was a fantastic series. It became one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I still wish the TV show will get another chance and/or a sequel to “Serenity.”

  5. SlayerKat says

    Cancelling Firefly was a tragedy. Drives me potty anyway when networks cancel good shows (thinking Veronica Mars scenario here too). Whedon gave me the gift of Buffy which shall never be forgotten hence my username lol.. Long live Whedon!

  6. Chuck Lewis says


    I’m an old geezer. Been a Sci-Fi fan for over 50 years. Firefly would definitely be in the top 5 of all time great series. What an gifted cast! It’s termination was criminal. Network morons have never understood Sci Fi. I look forward to The Avengers. I Wish you well. Don’t give up on Firefly.

  7. Alice says

    Joss you’ve given me so much MORE than Firefly! I’m one of those people who warch Angel every morning, over and over and over. You know how to write characters and plot. You are the only person (other than actors) that I get excited as to the possibilities when I see your name.

  8. Bruce says

    Firefly should still be in production. It is/was simply one of the best SciFi shows due to its originality, great scripts, and fantastic group of actors. Hopefully, there will be another Firefly movie or show in our future.

  9. vore01 says

    You know I’m still upset Fox canceled that show, it was my favorite at the time. But whey were talking about Fox right? Citing high budget production numbers they also terminated the Terminator (SCC)

  10. J. Coates says

    Thanx for Firefly, Joss. I got mucho enjoyment out of it.

    I do get tired of all these movies based on comic strip super heroes though.

  11. Chris says

    Hated Firefly, will not watch Avengers.
    Maybe he has got a point by considering the ending of his career.
    Some people are just no meant to do the bigtime.

    • vore01 says

      How anyone can “hate” a TV show like Firefly makes no sense at all. The show was the wild west in space with with a wonderful cast. Morena Baccarin? Jewel Staite? Gina Torres? Summer Glau? Four fascinating and beautiful women! I mean come on Morena Baccarin???

      Comedy mixed with drama acted and written with flair. Shame on you!

      And how can you not want to watch the Avengers? It’s not even out yet. I have informed the TV police and they’ll be over soon to remove all of your TV gear. Your banned to AM radio until you come to your senses.

  12. Randy says

    Joss, you’re still our Big Damn Hero for giving us a shiny present like Firefly.
    Even after all of these years, we Browncoats still refuse to die.
    Dong Ma?

  13. Nancy says

    I was so excited when I heard that Mr. Whedon will be directing The Avengers! I can’t wait to see his talent shine again. It was almost criminal how Fox under marketed Firefly, and (I feel) misrepresented the content of the show in its ads. I hope that someday Firefly can fly again – and there are scores of fans who agree with me.

    Keep on doing what you love, Joss.

  14. Kcat10 says

    Dear Joss, You are not alone. Like you, all of us Browncoats constantly feel the hurt, anger, frustration, and heartbreak of losing Firefly. The saving grace is that what you were able to give us of Firefly remains a joy forever. And like Nathan Fillion, we never say never to the possibility that Firefly/Serenity will one day fly again. Thank you from the bottom of our Browncoat hearts, Joss, that you gave us the greatest show ever. May you have tenfold the depth and breadth of happiness and joy that you give us with your writing and directing talents. God bless you. Love, Kcat10

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