FlashForward: Why Was the TV Show Cancelled When V Was Saved?

IMAGEWe’ve received quite a few comments and emails from readers who can’t believe that FlashForward was cancelled when another ABC show, V, was renewed?

On Tuesday, ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson explained the difficult decision this way, “It was a ‘Sophie’s Choice.’ In the end, FlashForward didn’t engage audiences like we hoped. For V, I get more anecdotal calls and emails than any other show on the schedule. A huge part of rebuilding the network is about taking chances. Some shows just don’t work out.”

While that sounds very nice, ultimately the decision to renew or cancel any TV show comes down to ratings.

FlashForward premiered with a strong 4.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 12.47 million viewers. Viewership quickly declined though and has been steadily falling. The two most recent episodes have fallen to a 1.3 rating and about 4.8 million viewers. That’s terrible for a network show.

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Meanwhile, V debuted with a 5.2 rating in the demo and 14.3 million viewers. V’s numbers have fallen quite a bit as well but not nearly as low as FlashForward’s. After dropping to a low of a 1.9 rating in the demo and 4.87 million viewers, the last two episodes’ ratings have risen a bit — reaching a 2.3 rating and 5.69 million.

So, while both shows have indeed been struggling, V is still doing quite a bit better than FlashForward (though certainly not great). ABC tends to save one or two struggling shows each season and V was their choice this time around. FlashForward’s ratings were just too low.

V is set to return in early 2011, or possibly as early as November 2010. The four month hiatus really hurt V’s ratings this season. You have to wonder if a six or eight month hiatus will kill it altogether this time?

What do you think? Which show did you prefer? Why do you think that FlashForward’s viewership has dropped so low? Will the long break between seasons kill V?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Allysa says

    This is not okay!!!!!!! You can not cancel a mystery show like that in the middle of the series! There are many people who are very upset about this! I watched every episode and was very very dissapointed when I found out this was canceled! They better finish the whole series and put it back on TV! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!

  2. loki0101 says

    Like the article already said these hiatus’s are what’s killing great shows. Do you remember the good old times when shows ran for twenty-two episodes in a row? How many shows do that today? You are more likely to se an eight-show stretch, then nothing after that for a couple of months, and on again.
    If you don’t become a fan right away you don’t have enought time to become one.
    Sad and easily corrected mistake studios are making. Roll the dice and support the show for a full season, not these half-shows we are seeing crop up.

  3. John says

    It was a bit different from the original series of V. The Original started with two seperate mini-series before going into a tv series. So, that was a bit different along with the background. At first I didn’t like it.. But, I was curious to see how it worked out. But, the hard part with my work hours. The makers seem to for get not all of us can watch it at its scheduled time.

    from the sites. I finally learned why I haven’t heard about it being on. Delays in production and from what I understand was originally cancelled. But, was renewed for the last two episodes ratings gone back up a little simular to another show that I didn’t hear of.

    Myself I tent to watch shows now on DVD since I miss most of the ones I am interested and usually on when I have things I have to do or didn’t know etc.. so It was also interesting that Jane Balder. Diana form the original series is returning with the same name. But a different role that would be interesting to see..

    It would be cool to see some more of the original cast to return.. maybe simular rolls of the original.

    Willie… Robert England, Marc Singer, (Martin) Linda Blair, Michael Ironside to name a few originals


    I can’t believe you cancelled Flashforward . What brain dead monkeys are you getting feed back from ? Flashforward was atleast eventfull . V was drug out worthlessness !
    I watched a hole season for an eye & some teeth what do you have in store for season 2 a foot & a finger nail ? The suspense is killing i can’t wait. More like i cant wait to change the channel!!!!!

  5. Claire says

    I come from France where neither Flashforward nor V are known. But I started watching them and I actually loved both shows ! So I’m very disappointed of them being cancelled, especially Flashforward !

  6. MJB says

    I was shocked that Flashforward was cancelled. The show was action packed but at the same time intelligent. It dealt with concepts of quantum physics and consciousness, in an entertaining way. Finally something on TV that had some depth. Everyone I know loved it. The acting was great and story-line fascinating. If it is possible for another network to continue it, I would say they would be very successful.

  7. Lois Dogey says

    I liked them both. I had them set on Series Record..in case I missed them. I don’t know who makes these decisions, but I hate shows that are cancelled before you ever get to the end and discover what the resolution was???

  8. says

    I liked them both equally – actually liked FlashForward a bit better than V. Sure wish they’d bring it back. These were the only two shows I watched – and was really looking forward to the next season of FlashForward.

  9. Faith says

    I actually liked both shows. But I must admit I started getting lost with flashforward the last couple of episodes

  10. Maurice Ivory says

    I just can’t beleive that Flashfoward was cancelled. This was by far one of the best shows and concepts I have seen in a very long time. The ratings numbers are bull, Do these numbers take into account that today’s people don’t sit by the TV waiting for the day they show comes on. Our lives today are such that most people I know use DVR. My son always got home from football practice late and we made sure we caught the DVR taped show the next day……I hope another network picks it up this show will be missed.

  11. Michelle says

    I thought “V” was a great show. In the beginning, I didn’t think I’d be an avid watcher of the series but now I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next. I’m happy to hear it’s being renewed.

  12. Bella Lamdil says

    Flash Forward shouldn’t have been cancelled. BRING IT BACK. IT WAS SO INTERESTING! Get hooked and then u take it away!!!

  13. Michelle says

    I cannot believe that Flash Forward was cancelled. It, next to Lost, was the best show ABC had. It’s very disappointing. My only reason to watch ABC is for Cougar Town and Modern Family. Guess I’ll Be checking out the NBC line up this season. Maybe NBC will pick it up and make it the hit that it is. Way to go ABC….

  14. John Haddox says

    Can not believe this decision, bunch of fn idiots calling the shots at abc. That is the only show I watch on abc everyone that I know loved the show just rediculous that you could not see what you had in front of you. You would not know a good thing if it bit you in your backside.

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