FlashForward: ABC TV Show Cancelled, No Season Two

FlashForwardThe ABC TV show about what happens in the future apparently doesn’t have one. FlashForward has been cancelled after one season.

FlashForward begins as the world’s population blacks out for 137 seconds and they “flash forward” to see visions of their lives six months in the future. The series’ ensemble cast includes Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, Jack Davenport, Zachary Knighton, Peyton List, Dominic Monaghan, Brian F. O’Byrne, Courtney B. Vance, Sonya Walger, and Christine Woods.

The series debuted in September and attracted a 4.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 12.47 million viewers. With a lot of buzz, it seemed like ABC had a hit. For week two, the ratings dropped to a still very respectable 3.7 and 10.73 million.

But then viewership just kept falling, hitting a low of a 2.1 in the key demo and just 7.1 million viewers. Then, ABC pulled the series for three months. The spin was that they would relaunch FlashForward after the Olympics.

The network gave the return a significant amount of promotion but it didn’t help. FlashForward’s ratings were even worse and they just kept dropping. They’ve gotten so bad that The CW has been beating them in the demo.

To no surprise, ABC has cancelled FlashForward after one season of 20 episodes. The series finale will air in two weeks, on May 27th.

What do you think? Did FlashForward deserve a second season? Could ABC have saved it? If given the chance, how would you wrap it up?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Julie says

    This is an awesome show. I think the show needs to ask the opinions of the everyday viewer and not “critics” from newspapers and such. Bring on season 2!!!!!!!!!

  2. Donald says

    What gives just finished watching the entire show on netflix with thinking there would be a second season I want more bring it back

  3. Tim Vargo says

    DeJaVu — Like so many of the posters before me, my wife and I just finished watching season one on Netflix. We actually watched the first half of the season over a year ago on Hulu, but technical difficulties prevented us from being able to finish it. Once it was available again to us (this time on Netflix) we both jumped at the chance to start over from scratch and watch the whole thing start to finish this time. What a MAJOR disappointment to arrive at the end, only to find out it was never finished. The biggest surprise of all is to see that this discussion thread continues to thrive AFTER MORE THAN A YEAR AND A HALF, with many, many new postss in recent weeks!

  4. randi says

    Flash Forward is an awesome show and i watched it on abc and also on netflix so i could watch the full season all the way through. THIS SHOW IS A HIT, ABC IS RETARDED FOR PULLING THE PLUG!!!!!!! I was so looking FORWARD to a new season. I really wish abc would bring it back for another go round. I personally think airing more than one episode a week would help pull a bigger fan base.

  5. says

    Love the show!!!! Why cancel? Really interested in finding out what happens everyone. Such a great cast. Please, please, please bring the show back. I love the concept of different possible lives. Actually looked up Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

  6. Bill says

    I’m going to echo the above comments. My wife and I started watching this show on Netflix last Saturday. We just finished episode 19. We watched 19 episodes in 6 days. This show is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Strange thing about all of this is that I never saw one promo or trailer about the show. I don’t know who did the promoting but they should join the other 8+ million people on unemployment. If I were ABC I’d do two things. The first is to either begin Season 2 OR make a 2 hour finale for the show. Like the folks said above, don’t leave us hanging. Secondly, I think I’d have the person in promotion undergo a security investigation. It’s very likely they could be a mole for a competing network.

  7. Evan says

    Dont know if anyone from ABC will actually read any of these, but I too just finished watching all 22 episodes of FlashForward on Netflix. I watched them all in 6 days. Thats how hooked I was. The writers and director went way too far to quick. You can easyly get another season or two of high ratings if done correctly and marketed.

    Its a shame since the finale left so much more on the table.

  8. Babs says

    I just finished watching the first season on Netflix. Like Mike, I never heard of the show before. I thought the show was good and don’t understand why it was dropped. Bring it back!!

  9. mike says

    ABC you SUCK!!!! Just got done watching the entire first season on Netflix and could not wait to watch the 2nd season…. Now I find out there will be no 2nd season… I Hate you ABC!!! For goodness sake if your going to drop the show at least make two or three more episodes to wrap it up so at least the people watching it wont feel raped by your company…. At least that way people wont be so pissed off… Im done with you

  10. Kilgrim says

    The funny thing is I had never even heard of the show until about two months ago. If I had, I would have tuned in! So much for promotion. I wish they had finished it…

  11. Larry says

    I’m not surprised by all the crap that’s on TV these days (i.e. all the scripted ‘reality’ shows) that they have to remove quality shows to make room for more reality. They need a reality show on the inner workings of the networks’ decision processes used to axe shows people really want to see. I would have said it would be appropriate for the Sci -Fi network (sorry SyFy doesn’t work for me), but they don’t have room with all the ghost (both domestic AND international) and wrestling (another ‘reality’ series) shows on 24/7.

  12. Loretta Newton says

    Thanks for bringing on a show worth watching then pulling the plug on it …. I was looking forward to the next season but guess thats not happening . Not everyone likes the fake “reality ” shows that have seem to taken over television . I guess Jersey Shore and Snooky whoever gets better ratings . Too bad for the ones that enjoy a good thriller or suspense series .

  13. Glenn says

    Great show why would they not have a second season. Only show that I would watch when it played. Like Rodney said it was pulling me in like 24 did. ABC is losing my respect for pulling this show.

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