FlashForward: Some Fans Black-Out for Cancelled Series

FlashForwardYesterday, fans of ABC’s cancelled FlashForward TV show took part in demonstrations across the world.

Mimicking the TV show’s 137 second black-out, dedicated viewers staged black-outs of their own in front of ABC offices and affiliate stations in the US. Fans in other countries staged their own events. Their hope is that ABC will order a second season of the low-rated series.

Unfortunately, based on the videos posted, it doesn’t look like many people turned out for the FlashForward demonstrations. Actor David H Lawrence XVII, from cancelled Heroes, stopped by to lend support and commiserate with fans in Burbank.

What do you think? If so many people want the show to continue, why didn’t more turn out for the events to show their support? Are most people more comfortable supporting a program in a private way?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Leslie says

    I am a new mom, and Flashforward was my only primetime guilty pleasure. It was uniquely entertaining, and what an amazing cast! I bought it on DVD so my boyfriend Who isn’t home on Thursday nights, could see it. Bring it back ABC! It’s the best show on television!

  2. sara brown says

    I am from the UK and watched every episode of Flash Forward, loved it ! It got over 5 million viewers over here (which is amazing for channel 5 ) and dropped to around 3 million after the 4 month break, which is pretty good considering it was very poorly advertised when it was coming back on. We NEED a second series, you cant end a show like that and not follow it up, im starting to think all American shows get cancelled after one shot ? Theyve just done the same with Trauma :-(

  3. KLL says

    ABC always cancels their most interesting and entertaining programs including Flash Forward, Eastwick, Happy Town, Invasion, and V to name a very few. I suppose The Gates will be the next on the ABC chopping block. I’m disgusted by their choices.

  4. Christyl Collins says

    I agree with many of those who commented. I wish I would have known about the blackout I would have participated. I am tired of seeing decent shows leave the air and crap being left behind. It is irritating that the schedules are played with on this and many others shows during the season and it is somehow our fault the show is cancelled. It is not my fault that they only show two or three episodes and then take several weeks off only to come back with less viewers. Most of us get lost trying to figure out if shows are going to be on. I DVR everything now so IF it shows I won’t miss it. My goodness I wish I could work two weeks and take three off. I will miss FLASHFORWARD and THE FORGOTTEN.

  5. Flash ME Again Please says

    I kept missing when it was airing again and I just went online to try to download it and watch it that way. Well I liked it so much that I decided to wait for the season to end and watch it all from the beginning. It was very, very good. It was such a unique show that I know of two people that would of ended up buying it if I recommended it to them. Would of just said it’s not like anything else on TV. As different as Lie To Me, Jericho, The Unit and Terminator (The Sarah Connor Chronicles ).

    I finished all 22 episodes over 3 or 4 days (disabled and it takes me 5-6 hours while I get ready for the day), so like 3.5-4 hours of video so like 5 or 6 episodes. It was very, very good.
    I even watched The Kingdom (2007) with Jennifer Garner and that was a very, very good movie. I even paused that a few times and with Flash Forward I even watched it at night when I should of been doing other things and didn’t have time for it. It is that good.

    Please bring it back. If you ask me, shows like this are even more powerful than most movies. Having so many good hours of a season compared to a pitiful 2 hours or even 3 hours on a movie doesn’t really compare to shows like this.

  6. Dona Smith says

    I am SOOOOO sick of ABC!!!! They do this CONSTANTLY!!!!!! I swore years ago I would not watch another new ABC show because they always end up cancelling without wrapping things up…they did it with Invasion. Traveller and The Nine…but did I stick with it??? NO!!!! And here I am AGAIN!!!!!!! BOO to ABC!!!!!!! You show all this CRAP like BAchelor and Dancing with the Stars…BRAINDEAD shows but something that takes a little bit of intelligence you don’t give a chance!!! You cater to LAZY viewers and I am NOT one of those so BYE BYE ABC!!!

  7. says

    I wish I had know about the blackout also. I wish they could at least have a last episode to these shows no matter how bad it is. At least it would give us some closure. Instead they treat us like we have no brains and won’t notice. My cable is going down……

  8. Suzanne says

    Oh, wish I had known it had been organized. This was one of the best original show of the season. As Brian mentioned. had they stopped jerking around with the schedule, the following would have been sustained for sure. And with the renewed possibility of several new blackouts in the future, that show was ready for a long run. Good actors, great plot, excellent setting: come on TV gurus, what more do you want. Just give us a chance to keep following, and we will. Do we absolutely have to become adepts of brain numbing reality shows, or shows that center on unexperienced too young, supposed geniuses, unrealistic characters who are simply “hot”, no more, plots that have no substance, just:” he said/she said, he/she looks hot, oh look he/she just looked at me! OMG! Cool! F***! – now there’s the essential of those empty scripts of which there are too many. On the other hand, carefully planned plots with people old enough to have some substance, people who think, have principals, take time to reflect, really are interesting once in a while you know. Flashforward was just that. Bring it back, PLEASE!

  9. Juliah says

    I cannot believe that they would cancel Flashforward! FIrst i find out about Happt Town, now this?! I am with Brian, I am going to boycott ABC… They are a bunch of idiots!

  10. Cindy says

    I concur; I have a job that does not allow me to leave and lay on the ground during the day and I love the show. I thought the show was canceled the first week it was not on. I think it deserves another chance with maybe a little scroll on the bottom of the screen to let viewers know when the schedule will change so your ratings will not be affected. There are so many channels to choose from now that you can not just have a lapse in a series with no prior warning and expect viewers to keep looking for you.

  11. Yoseppi says

    Like Brian said, most of us have busy jobs and can’t follow things like this, or simply don’t hear about them. I’m a huge fan, as it is a great intelligent series, but am never able to catch it when it airs. Usually watch it online via a torrent because most streaming options are lame.

  12. Brian says

    ABC – BRING FLASHFORWARD BACK!!! This is madness

    In this article you wrote”
    “Their hope is that ABC will order a second season of the low-rated series.”
    Well it depends on what you call “low-rated” – The show started with 12 million viewers. it held 8,000,000 VIEWERS in the U.S until the NINTH EPISODE ( November 19th, 2009) and THAT’s WHEN ABC started MESSING With the Schedule – ALSO ABC OFFERED NO REPLAYS on TV so if you missed an episode or two and it there were no Weekend Replays to catch up and some older viewers DON’T go online or know that you can watch things like that Online…

    After several weeks off they showed 10th Episode December 3rd 2009. then NOT AGAIN FOR ANOTHER 4 MONTHS UNTIL MARCH 2010? Where they still had over 5 million Viewers SIX MILLION 6,000,000 after ABC jerked us around!!
    Check it out on Wikipedia – it’s all there. After all ABC did to tank this show they still had 5,000,000 views at the end.
    THAT”S AMAZING But some EXECUTIVE saw the 50% drop and thought that the SHOW, NOT THERE AMAZING INEPT-NESS WAS TO BLAME!!!
    They could & should re-run it all summer to catch others up and generate new interest and come back with a SEASON 2.


    • Brian says

      Oh, i almost forgot. We have jobs – and I am a rabid Flash Forward fan & i never saw anything about the ( live Black out until just now) it’s not exactly like there is an email list for Flashforward fans.
      The fact that – that many people showed up at all is amazing! Wish i’d been a part of it. I’m BOYCOTTING ABC!

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