FlashForward: Some Fans Black-Out for Cancelled Series

FlashForwardYesterday, fans of ABC’s cancelled FlashForward TV show took part in demonstrations across the world.

Mimicking the TV show’s 137 second black-out, dedicated viewers staged black-outs of their own in front of ABC offices and affiliate stations in the US. Fans in other countries staged their own events. Their hope is that ABC will order a second season of the low-rated series.

Unfortunately, based on the videos posted, it doesn’t look like many people turned out for the FlashForward demonstrations. Actor David H Lawrence XVII, from cancelled Heroes, stopped by to lend support and commiserate with fans in Burbank.

What do you think? If so many people want the show to continue, why didn’t more turn out for the events to show their support? Are most people more comfortable supporting a program in a private way?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. cassie says

    seriously abc… i mean seriously?? u cancel every single show that you put on your station! flashforward, the gates, my generation, the whole truth, better off ted.. seriously abc if your not going to keep a show, don’t bother airing it and letting fans get hooked! u base your views on people that sit home and watch the show as its airing! its 2010! people have busy lives and don’t have time to watch the shows as they air. we dvr or tivo, or even watch online, and somehow that doesn’t count at all? if thats how your going to base it then every new show u add is going to get cancelled on a count of “low viewing”.. really abc, i dont know if im ever going to watch a new show on your channel again..the only show i watch on your station now is grey’s anatomy. so when that show goes, i’ll probably be gone too..

  2. 1husband2sons says

    These guys are supposed to be the experts in what we like to watch!? No way!!! I really enjoyed Flash Forward. It’s a show that makes you think, you have to pay attention and not miss a minute. I would record it and have to watch the episode a second time just to make sure I got everything. It’s such a shame that all execs want are results. So much so that most of their air time is wasted on paid programming. I’ve just about given up network television…too many bad decisions!

  3. Debby Love says

    I rarely get really involved in TV but Flash Forward was one show that my husband and I both always looked forward to is Flash Forward. I am soooooo disappointed it won’t be back.

  4. LS says

    WHAT, WHAT!!! The second show I’ve been dieing to watch this season on ABC and it is cancelled too!!!! Oh hell no! I am Going on strike!!! I will not watch anymore shows on ABC ever again if just one more show is cancelled before a they at least give it a good run with a decent ending!!! Again this is BULL!!!! Just BULL!!!!!

  5. Deb M says

    I am in shock about this show being cancelled! I have been looking forward to the season premier of this show more than any other! I am hooked on a lot of shows, but this one had me on the edge of my seat every time! I would always want the show to keep going, not end after an hour. I am very disappointed that a show as good as this, with such an interesting story line and complex characters, could be cancelled. Watch out people, watch what you get hooked on watching… it could vanish before your eyes!

  6. judi says

    I agree with so many comments. I had no idea how DVR’s could change the course of a show’s life! U get us hooked, then leave us hanging. Flashforward IS a great show, w/great Actors. Not enough reality for you or perhaps to much? Who are these “Neilson’s” anyways? They must be in their 90’s by now! Perhaps u should change families.

  7. Annette says

    This is nuts??? My family and I LOVE Flashforward. Finally, a must see, must think show.(not a boring-brain-drain-reality show) I didn’t know it was not returning until I began looking for its fall return date. UGH. What’s wrong with the execs??? I’m already hearing most of the new shows aren’t such a hit??? Why not bring back Flashforward. It’s beginning to get where we don’t want to start watching ANY series, because most of them do not return… Most people have busy lives and DVR /record the shows etc. I didn’t know that could affect ratings. Please bring FF back and there will be no more DVRing at our house!!!

  8. says

    OMG…I cannot beleive this show has been cancelled. Why the heck even put a show on and cancel. I have already switched to different channels. YOU SUCK!!! Keep this crap up and u will be wishing that u never cancelled FF. That was such an interesting mind boggling show. Sort of like Inception…makes u really think, or did FF start to reveal about some of the technology we really have out there. Hydron Collidor. I think a bunch a morons are running the show.

  9. says

    What The Heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter, wife, and I have been looking for the return of FlashForward. You put something on TV for entertainment, and you take it away. I just type in on the internet to see when it was coming back on. My daughter, who is married and does not live with us, was something we would all talk about when we were together. Wait till I tell them the sad news. What television rating were you all looking at!! I am like Ron, CABLE here I come.

    I wish that I had heard about it. ABC would have got a great big “F”. Now, they are going to get more than a 137 second of blackout. Permanently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. judi says

    I agree that networks are too wishy washy. When they sign a show they should see it to completion. Ratings are determined by neilson families. Well the world is different now with DVR’s we can watch one thing and tape another and are invested with our TV. In a world of daily crap its nice to come home to a good show. I have started renting movies more now because of the unfair practices of tv networks. PLEASE SAVE FF !!!!!!!!

  11. Cyndi says

    I’m still in denial that this series has been cancelled. There are many of us who really enjoy complex, interesting plots like “Flash Forward” offered, not all those “reality” shows that plague the screen. Please consider returning it or offering it to a cable station to bring us another season.

  12. Rosalind says

    I agree with Steve. I generally watch shows on the USA, TNT, A&E or SciFi Channel. I also watch shows on the Biography Channel and BBCAmerica. It seems as though a lot of shows which get canceled from ABC, NBC, & CBS generally do much better on the cable stations such USA, TNT, Bravo, A&E, etc. I think it is because there aren’t as much concerns about ratings on these cable stations. ABC, NBC, & CBS have always had a ratings war!

  13. Steve says

    I’m moving to USA channel, A&E and SciFi. I’m sick of the network shows that get you hooked and then just stop, no ending, no nothing. The network program sucks these days anyway. I hope they are scared cause there is much better programing on the non-network channels these days and 90% of my viewing is there, if they are not scared they should be.

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