Flashpoint: TV Series Renewed for Season Five in Canada

Flashpoint season fiveThe future of Flashpoint on CBS is still up in the air but Canadian viewers definitely have more episodes of the cop drama in their future.

Flashpoint is produced in Canada and CBS has licensed episodes since 2008 and used the show mostly as an off-season utility player. Last summer, CBS aired most of the episodes from season three but still had six installments left on the shelf. In January, the decision was made to license seven more episodes, combine them with the leftover six and run them as season four. They began airing in early May.

That left 11 episodes of the cop drama that weren’t being licensed by CBS. They are on track to be aired in Canada this summer.

CTV has now ordered a fifth season of 18 episodes. Flashpoint is the most-watched Canadian drama and has averaged more than 1.5 million viewers (an impressive number by Canadian TV standards). The new order will bring the series’ episode total to 80 installments, making it the longest-running original scripted series currently on Canadian television.

There’s been no word on whether CBS will license any more episodes or not but the ratings certainly haven’t been impressive. Thus far this season, Flashpoint’s been averaging just a 1.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.42 million total viewers. Per the early numbers, last night’s installment tied a repeat of Shark Tank in the demo.

On the other hand, the show doesn’t cost the network as much as producing their own scripted dramas.

Once the new episodes are filmed and completed, there will be 29 episodes that CBS hasn’t licensed. We’ll have to wait to see when or if American audiences will get a chance to see them.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear Flashpoint has been renewed? Should CBS license more episodes?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. susan baldridge says

    Flashpoint is fabulous. I love the show and watch Season 1-4 Episodes over and over on Ion. I hope CBS renews the series as long as its available. I agree with others everytime you find a good show it gets cancelled. If they would advertise it more I think more people would watch it. Every episode keeps you on the edge of your seat. Love all the characters!!!! DO NOT CANCEL PLEASE

  2. Brian says

    Just found this show on NetFlix, I love it. I’m American and our TV is mostly reality and and sitcom comedy. I’ve been missing a good action show since 24 ended it’s run. I really hope CBS renews the license. It’s an awesome show and not overtly Canadian, which helps the cross-over to US markets. If they ever start using the term “aye” at the end of sentences or if they start pronouncing “about” like “aboot”, that would be the death of Flashpoint in the US.

  3. Ruth Poulsen says

    I know it doesn’t matter what I think…but I try to find this show where ever I can! I LOVE the show and the inter relationsips between the different actors. I want to find and purchase all the seasons and extra shows. PLEASE bring them back to us in America! We need this show! I get so very tired of reality…that isn’t reality! I watch TV to escape what is reality!

  4. J. Dixon says

    Re: Flashpoint

    An amazing show – great family viewing. Despite its premise, it is a low to no violence show as it handles issues with sensitivity and insight rather than guns (. . . and we are a no-guns family!)

    We also really like the fact that the actors give back to the community, and seem to be pretty high profile with respect to community, charitable, and other artistic endeavours.

    We really like to support Canadian enterprises – we would be hugely disappointed to see yet another excellent show cancelled and replaced by more Canadian evening soap-opera rhubbish or reality shows.

    Flashpoint is a great cornerstone to rebuilding the reputation of the Canadian T.V. and film industry.


    • pedslpn says

      I’m with J Dixon. Flashpont is a very wonderful shows and I so tired of having a good show cancelled. Everytime you get interested in show it is cancelled. So sick of it.

  5. Dave B says

    This is a good series with a very talented crew, both in front and behind the camera. They have developed great story lines. I don’t miss any of the episodes on ION network. I can only hope that CBS can find a spot for this series. I’m sure there is a “Reality Show” that can be seen as “not good tv”.

  6. says

    I agree with b moyer. The cast is sooooooooo amazing. They are not reciting a script, they are feeling it and it comes through. I too, just discovered the gem and am sooooo disappointed to hear it might be the last season. What’s wrong with CBS?

  7. Jane D says

    Not sure why I bother watching major network shows — always the same story; anything good is canceled unless it’s some inane “reality” series or talent show. RENEW in the US!


    We love this series our 15 year old son got us hooked on this show and now we pvr every episode. Our other 4 children ranging from 10-18 love to sit and watch it with us this is the only show on tv that this happens. With all the crap on tv now adays why get rid of such a good one and a canadian one at that!!!

  9. susan baerube says

    I just discovered Flashpoint and it is my favorite show, i am dying to buy seasons 1-4. please keep it on tv in the us

  10. b.moyer says

    these actors come across as real people that care about the lives they save.I’ve just finished watching all 62 episodes, and plan to buy the 4 season set. It’s a show that touches the heart, and I truly enjoy it please keep it on. Whoever cast this show did one heck of a job the actors are human.Thank you for the entertainment.

  11. says

    my &.husband & I love watching flashpoint. we are hoping that CBS will continue showing the new episodes. My husband was a police officer for 30 years

  12. Jane says

    Why do they always seem to cancel shows just as they start to get good. This is one show that Canadian film companies can be very proud of. They seem to have cancelled the other good cop show (Durham County) so why this one..
    Come on KEEP IT ON THE AIR.

  13. Kahy Davidson says

    This is absolutely the best cop show ever aired. It is not one of those “SHOOT EM UP” cop shows. They are about SAVING lives!!!! I have all of the DVD’s and I watch them EVERY day OVER AND OVER!! I can’t get enough of the show. I also watch it on TV EVERY time they show an episode. I love Hugh Dillon as “Ed Lane”! He is an awesome actor. Please do not cancel the show. Please, whatever it takes keep it on the air in the USA!!!!!!

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