Flashpoint: TV Series Renewed for Season Five in Canada

Flashpoint season fiveThe future of Flashpoint on CBS is still up in the air but Canadian viewers definitely have more episodes of the cop drama in their future.

Flashpoint is produced in Canada and CBS has licensed episodes since 2008 and used the show mostly as an off-season utility player. Last summer, CBS aired most of the episodes from season three but still had six installments left on the shelf. In January, the decision was made to license seven more episodes, combine them with the leftover six and run them as season four. They began airing in early May.

That left 11 episodes of the cop drama that weren’t being licensed by CBS. They are on track to be aired in Canada this summer.

CTV has now ordered a fifth season of 18 episodes. Flashpoint is the most-watched Canadian drama and has averaged more than 1.5 million viewers (an impressive number by Canadian TV standards). The new order will bring the series’ episode total to 80 installments, making it the longest-running original scripted series currently on Canadian television.

There’s been no word on whether CBS will license any more episodes or not but the ratings certainly haven’t been impressive. Thus far this season, Flashpoint’s been averaging just a 1.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.42 million total viewers. Per the early numbers, last night’s installment tied a repeat of Shark Tank in the demo.

On the other hand, the show doesn’t cost the network as much as producing their own scripted dramas.

Once the new episodes are filmed and completed, there will be 29 episodes that CBS hasn’t licensed. We’ll have to wait to see when or if American audiences will get a chance to see them.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear Flashpoint has been renewed? Should CBS license more episodes?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    i really like this show and have went to netflex just to watch it and have told all my friends and family about the show and we all watch it now and want to see more of it can get it on the ion network but they don’t have any new episodes and it’s s great show

  2. Diane Y. Vigus says

    O.M.G. PLEEAAASSSEEEE don’t take away this show! It’s by FAR one of our favorites and thank God for dvr! I didn’t even know about it till about six months ago and I think that is the only problem with the ratings…people just don’t know about it. So tired of the crap on tv these days, Flashpoint is one of the few shows left worth watching!

  3. Kathy Spade says

    I have fallen in love with this show!. There is not much that I can say that I watch on TV, Law and Order SVU, and when I saw this for the first time I was hooked. The actors all are wonderful. They make you feel every minute with them…..I don’t have alot of time left, but I hope that they continue to play this show. Thank You Canada for such a wonderful show!.

  4. kathy says

    What a shame, such a great tv show, Canadian as well, one of our better show,
    it was great to see such great acting and our actors were so believable, i hope they
    reconsider and allow this show to continue.

  5. says

    Good to see situations (real or not) are being portrayed into the world of DRUGS.
    We have seen some good people besotted by choices that they feel make their lives easier to deal with. Those choices of the drug nature – put there by greedy dealers, have taken away some very fine “freinds on the streets” that we have know over the last 10 years or so. Your shows have shown that those dealers can be found out and something can be done in the drug trade.
    Thanks , Keep up the very good and humane portrayal of this .
    We also see many hugs, tears, good stories, sad stories , which are very real and you also show that side of life.

  6. Diane Lee says

    An excellent show! And Canadian! So many of the programmes on TV lack good plot development; some are actually so stupid, I can’t believe people watch them! Judith is right; television seems to be geared to a population with lower intelligence. Flashpoint is so different than the usual run of the mill crime stories. And don’t forget, some of them are taken from real life situations that have occurred in Toronto.

  7. Pat says

    I love the show. It is great and realistic. Would like to see a lot more of this show in the USA. Thank you. Keep it up Flashpoint. You are watched;)

  8. Mary Saints says

    I like the show very much and would love to see it renewed. I watch it every time it’s on and even watch the reruns. Thanks for keeping it on air in the US.

  9. Debby says

    I definately want more of this show. I can’t get enough of the show. So glad ION ppicked up the series. I absolutely love it & look forward to more.

  10. Kelly says

    Flashpoint was by far one of the BEST shows on tv. We actually couldn’t understand why it was only on in the summer but looked soooo forward to watching it!! Please, please, please put it back on!!!

  11. Judith says

    I have been watching “Flashpoint” since it’s inception & am addicted to the show! I am certainly hoping CBS takes into consideration those of us who hate reality TV designed for the lower intelligece beings and realize that there are still some people out here who actually enjoy a show with a real plot.

  12. nancy g says

    i hope cbs will reconsider in getting flashpoint back. i think that they did not promote the program correctly. i did not even know of the show. i only started watching it on the ion channel. i think that flashpoint is one of the best crime dramas ever made. it not just one of those regular cookie cutter police shows. it is very true to life and i like the way it gets into their personal lives. it’s a nice way of making us close to the characters. please ask whoever to reconsider. thanks, nancy

  13. Colette says

    Flashpoint has become our favorite show now. It is well written and acted, and we like the message that is usually sent with each episode. Living in the US, we definitely hope that CBS will continue to air all the episodes. If they do not, we will have to buy the series as we certainly plan to watch all episodes, if we have to order Canadian channels to do so!

    Colette and Steve Powell

  14. Marge says

    Seems to me they cancel all the shows I like. I just hate the way the “reality shows” have taken over. There is less and less worth watching on tv.

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