Flashpoint: TV Series Renewed for Season Five in Canada

Flashpoint season fiveThe future of Flashpoint on CBS is still up in the air but Canadian viewers definitely have more episodes of the cop drama in their future.

Flashpoint is produced in Canada and CBS has licensed episodes since 2008 and used the show mostly as an off-season utility player. Last summer, CBS aired most of the episodes from season three but still had six installments left on the shelf. In January, the decision was made to license seven more episodes, combine them with the leftover six and run them as season four. They began airing in early May.

That left 11 episodes of the cop drama that weren’t being licensed by CBS. They are on track to be aired in Canada this summer.

CTV has now ordered a fifth season of 18 episodes. Flashpoint is the most-watched Canadian drama and has averaged more than 1.5 million viewers (an impressive number by Canadian TV standards). The new order will bring the series’ episode total to 80 installments, making it the longest-running original scripted series currently on Canadian television.

There’s been no word on whether CBS will license any more episodes or not but the ratings certainly haven’t been impressive. Thus far this season, Flashpoint’s been averaging just a 1.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.42 million total viewers. Per the early numbers, last night’s installment tied a repeat of Shark Tank in the demo.

On the other hand, the show doesn’t cost the network as much as producing their own scripted dramas.

Once the new episodes are filmed and completed, there will be 29 episodes that CBS hasn’t licensed. We’ll have to wait to see when or if American audiences will get a chance to see them.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear Flashpoint has been renewed? Should CBS license more episodes?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sandy says

    ONE OF THE BEST….and there are very few.
    Action, suspense, AND emotion…..a great cast.
    We need more of these type of shows, please!

  2. Jill Bryan says

    Love, Love, Love this program! Please do not cancel.. besides being fast paced and entertaining, at the end of each episode is always touching music.. We need good programs on the air instead of the mindless sitcoms on every night..

  3. Anna Schulle says

    Hope it doesn’t get caneled!! Flashpoint is one of mine and my moms FAVORITE shows. We just can’t wait every week to the new episodes…such an awesome show!!! Please don’t cancel it.

  4. Nondas Fouts says

    My family and I love Flashpoint. The last two episodes make it seem that the show is ending – one of the team was killed, Greg Parker seriously injured, etc. At the end it said Sam would move to Team 3 and Ed would take over Team 1, and Greg was to go on medical retirement. That breaks my heart that the team is breaking up – – and maybe the show is ending. I’ll really miss it.

  5. Linda C says

    Why cancel this show? This is one of the best shows on TV. We were so excited when we found out this was renew for another season. Why can’t it continue? It is really enjoyable.

  6. Glenda Klein says

    I love watching Flashpoint. It is one of the best shows on television. It’s on late at night, has no advertizing, no support, and is totally overlooked. Crying shame. I want to watch it as long as there are new episodes. It would be criminal if it stopped airing in the US but continued to show in Canada. Someone needs to WAKE UP!!! I’m tired of news, interview shows, so-called comedies, “reality” shows, and never ending repeats. This is classy and classic. It is well-written, engaging. Flashpoint draws you in and makes you care about the people in this high-stress, high-octane, police drama. Actually prefer it to Criminal Minds – a kind of sister show on CBS. Whomsoever is licensing/airing this show needs to rethink their programming and keep Flashpoint alive.

  7. Deanna Johnson says

    PLEASE…… SUCH A GREAT SHOW!!!!! Bring it on. I have rallied the troops to watch. We need more of the team one. It is up there with NCIS. We love the characters.


    WHY cancel such a good show. I was SO HAPPY when ION picked the show up after the “BIG NETWORK” jerked if off of our regular chanel with no warning, Guess people just can’t stand a good program when they have one.

  9. Stan Hobbs says

    Personally I have enjoyed practically all episodes of Flashpoint.
    The unit with all of the uncommon characteristics that exist in each
    character always maintain a unique bond that is never broken. I do not agree
    with having their children directly involved in their conflicts but
    understand that it dramatically impacts their crises. While challenging the
    necessity to be focused it displays a more human quality of the officers.

  10. Maxine says

    Love swat movies. Seen title on Netflix and immediately started watching. I live this tv series. I cannot believe I never came across this tv series. And I watch non stop. I would love to see season five. I have searched online and on every tv outlets such as on demand, Netflix, and online episodes. Seems I either I missed or cannot keep up with the new season. Please Do Not End US airing of Seanson 5. If there is a way I can watch season please reply with my options. Thank You!

  11. judy fairley and ronnie webb says

    The show definately should be seen as a regular in the US, I think the problem with
    viewing it is that many people cannot get ION TV or don’t watch the channel because
    they don’t know what it is.

  12. jan Boone says

    I know this is a Canadian tv show but it should be a regular in the US as well. I love the show. Don’t cancel it here.

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