Flashpoint: Season Three Delayed, Will It Be Cancelled?

Flashpoint season threeCBS has been having a great season. Several of their new shows have been successful and many of their established series are still doing well. Unfortunately, that could be bad news for fans of a little show called Flashpoint.

Flashpoint follows the work of a group of highly trained police officers called the Strategic Response Unit (SRU). The series stars Enrico Colantoni, David Paetkau, Hugh Dillon, Sergio Di Zio, Michael Cram, Mark Taylor, Ruth Marshall, and Amy Jo Johnson.

The show was initially produced for Canada’s CTV and CBS picked up the rights to air season one during the writers strike. It ended up performing well for the network and that led CBS to join CTV in renewing it for seasons two and three.

Are you upset that Flashpoint has been delayed?

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Season three of Flashpoint was supposed to begin airing early this year but the network has so much successful programming that the show still hasn’t been put back on the schedule.

Nina Tassler, President of CBS Entertainment, recently told critics at the TCA press tour that Flashpoint was now being pushed outside the regular season. That means that the cop series won’t be back until late-Spring or Summer 2010 at the earliest.

While the show has performed well during the summer months in the past, there’s no guarantee that will continue. The show will have been off the air for almost a year by the time it returns. The longer that the show is off the air, the more likely that viewers — and TV executives — will forget about it.

What do you think? Do you think that CBS will air all 22 episodes of Flashpoint? Do you think that being off the air for so long hurts the show’s chance for a fourth season?

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  1. Donna says

    Flash point is one of of the best shows on tv. I agree with the previous post, the hour show flys by quickly. The story lines are great and its action-packed. The season is too short and neither my husband nor I can believe CBS would consider canceling the show. I know it was picked up during the strike, but keep a winner….a show people want. The new show that took its place on our Friday nit lineup does not keep my attention, I find myself searching the net or doing laundry. Make Flash Point a regular in the line up and lengthen its season.

  2. Lillian says

    It is such a terrific show and had the awards to suppor how much the fans truly like the show. I keep checking hoping that it will be back on the air. I can’t understand why a show that is home made with such a great Canadian cast has been put on hold. Please bring it back.

  3. Linda Baker says

    My husband and I looked forward to an end of the work week Friday evening, relaxing and watching our favorite Friday night line up. Flashpoint being the highlight of our tv viewing night. Taking it off was a huge mistake! It had the perfect balance of actors and characters that really worked, and believable edge of your seat story lines. What a disappointment. We now, still watch Medium, and then pop in a DVD. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

  4. Carrie says

    I am Sad. I always looked so forward to Friday night TV, after a long work week.
    Friday nights are just not the same without Flashpoint.

    PLEASE,PLEASE, put it back on………even my kids can watch it. And it always’
    had a good message behind every senerio….

  5. pam says

    PLEASE bring back Flashpoint! In my opinion this is the BEST show on TV! I love the actors and the chemistry between them. My husband and I love the story lines and how compassionate the stories are. It’s a shame to see a show with so much talent and potention being “put on the back burner” in hopes that the public and TV execs will forget about it because of “other successful programming”. What successful programing are you talking about? Now that Flashpoint doesn’t come on, we buy a movie on line or watch what we’ve DVR’d. PLEASE BRING FLASHPOINT BACK!!!!!!

  6. Kathy says

    This is absurd! One of the best new shows in years – intelligent cops – and CBS sidelines it? They will pay a big price with me. They don’t deserve to get the rights to the show.

  7. Nancy says

    My husband and I both LOVE Flashpoint!! That, in itself, is a rarity. It is an exciting, uplifting, action-packed show that always leaves one feeling that there is still good in the world and that it will prevail. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back!

  8. Tito Nuñez says

    Friday evenings are not the same without Flashpoint. We are being treated like New England mushroom (kept in the dark and fed manure) every Friday evening.
    You put together a tremendous cast of dramatic actors with an excellent team of writers to produce a great new series worth looking forward to watching every week. Then, you “pull the rug” and poof we’re kicking the habit cold turkey.
    In short, please bring this show back!!
    This is the first time I go online to do this sort of thing. But, if it will help bring this show back, I’ll write more often… Thank you!

  9. Sylvia Hernandez says

    PLEASE COME BACK…………………………………..

    This show is where the whole family can watch. where there was NO SEX OR BAD LANGUAGE. Great show , great acting, great action. Please bring back the show. we were looking foward to friday,but now we can’t find a good show to watch…..

  10. Dian says

    This is the best show on the air! It starts and then……it’s OVER! I cant believe an hour has gone by! WOW! Are you KIDDING CBS??? Put this moneymaker back on the air!! Or, let us know which cable channel picks it up cuz I will be switching to them!

  11. Dian says

    This is the best show on the air! It starts and then……it’s OVER! I cant believe an hour has gone by! WOW! Are you KIDDING CBS??? Put this moneymaker back on the air!! Or, let us know which cable channel picks it up cuz I will be switching to them!

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