Flashpoint: Fans Can Relax; CBS Renews Cop Show for Season Three

FlashpointFaithful Flashpoint viewers can finally breath easy. CBS has renewed the cop drama for a third season.

Following the work of a group of highly trained police officers called Strategic Response Unit (SRU), the show stars Enrico Colantoni, David Paetkau, Hugh Dillon, Sergio Di Zio, Michael Cram, Mark Taylor, Ruth Marshall, and Amy Jo Johnson.

A Canada-based series, Flashpoint was initially produced for the CTV network. CBS picked up the rights to air the first season of episodes, in part to bank programming during the writers strike. It ended up being a ratings success for the network when it began airing in July 2008.

Both CTV and CBS renewed the series for a second year and those episodes began airing in February 2009. Nine additional installments were ordered with the plan to start running them in July. CBS changed the plan and decided to hold them until mid-season 2009-10. (CTV began running that batch in September.)

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The absence of Flashpoint from the schedule has made many viewers nervous — especially in light of the fact that Medium now fills the cop show’s old timeslot.

Well, Flashpoint fans can rest a little bit easier now. Not only has the network not forgotten about the show but they’ve just ordered 13 additional installments. That will bring the season three total to 22 episodes.

CBS still hasn’t set a specific return date but, since at least nine episodes have already been completed, the network could use them to replace an under-performing show (read: Three Rivers).

What do you think? Are you excited to see another round of Flashpoint? Would you cancel an existing CBS show to bring it back sooner?

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  1. Karen Berkani says

    I am SO excited that Flashpoint will be returning. I hope it returns ASAP cause I am looking forward to the new storylines. It was my absolute favorite show and when it wasn’t on anymore, I felt sad. It is a great show with great story lines and great acting. Please get it back on TV soon.

  2. Betty Cooper says

    WHEN will flash point return. been waiting so so so very very very long!!! My friends will be glad to hear of its return. Let everyone know what CBS is doing these days. I also love Medium!!! Also NCIS and its follow-up. Sorry you don’t have flash forward. If you can ever get it, don’t hesitate.

  3. Elinor says

    I am absolutely excited to know that Flashpoint is returning to CBS. I can’t get enough of Hugh Dillon, so I also watch Durham County, and look forward to the release of his new album. I wished CBS would not have cancelled Moonlight, but you never know what they will do now-a-days!

  4. says

    CBS is my favorite network, most everything I watch is on CBS, but it seems everytime I find a show I really like, they cancel it. I.E. Shark, Moonlight, Flashpoint and Three Rivers. I never missed an episode of ant of them. Good to hear that hopefully, Flashpoint will be back. I hope Three Rivers will follow.

  5. Chester says

    I’m glad someone woke up to the fact that the public does react too something good occa ssionly. Thank you for retuning a good show.

  6. Adam Decker says

    I don’t know what you’re thinking, Jeff. Flashpoint is one of the best shows currently on television.

    This is great news that it will be returning! Unfortunately for fans of Numbers, it will be taking that timeslot. I don’t know the future of Numbers, it could be ending. Flashpoint is great and gets better each season, so far. It’s a miracle we have it since it originally aired during the summer. Normally, no one is watching anything during the summer, which is strange because CBS puts a lot of new shows on during the summer. Great news for a lot of people.

  7. Joe says

    A quality show without a doubt. Very surprising it’s on CBS since CBS has a habit of cancelling quality & putting garbage reality shows on instead. Let’s hope this show has a long life.

  8. Chester says

    Flashpoint is a show that brings the adults around the tv again as there are not a lot of good shows on these days and this is one of the few that we can enjoy so the sooner it’s back on the better

  9. Heather Vandiver says

    I can’t wait for the return of Flashpoint, and by all means, put it in Three River’s spot. I’ve only heard via rumors that they are going to take Numb3rs off the air to put Flashpoint in, but I hope they don’t. I used to ADORE my friday nights with Flashpoint and Numb3rs.

  10. Janice says

    I’m not one to get into any TV series, but FLASHPOINT was different… It pulled me in right from the start. I’m jazzed that CBS chose to keep it!

  11. TheEndBegins says

    Finally! I’ve been searching the web non-stop trying to find out if this show is dead or not I’m glad it’s been given another season.

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