FOX TV Show Ratings for 2010-11 Season [as of 4/21/11]

Kitchen NightmaresOnly three FOX shows were up week-to-week this time around. Despite a slight increase, Kitchen Nightmares is now at the bottom of the reality show rankings, tied with Saturday night’s Cops and America’s Most Wanted. Could this be the first of Gordon Ramsey’s FOX series to be cancelled? American Dad was the only animated show to get a bump and it was a significant one. Traffic Light saw a huge increase as well but sadly, its numbers are still terrible and it’s sure to be cancelled.

Which FOX TV shows will be cancelled or renewed depends mostly on the series’ ratings, particularly the 18-49 demographic. Before we get to the season-to-date averages, here are the winners and losers from April 15th through April 21st — based on the coveted demo, as measured against the last original episode.

Week-to-Week Gains: Kitchen Nightmares 1.6/6 (+6.7%), American Dad 2.2/6 (+37.5%), and Traffic Light 1.3/3 (+44.4%).

No Change: Fringe 1.4/4, House 3.2/9, and The Chicago Code 1.8/5.

Week-to-Week Losses: Family Guy 3.0/8 (-9.1%), The Cleveland Show 2.3/6 (-4.2%), Glee 3.8/11 (-9.5%), Raising Hope 2.1/5 (-4.5%), American Idol 7.1/20 (Weds, -2.7%), Breaking In 2.5/6 (-3.8%), American Idol 5.8/19 (-9.4%), and Bones 3.2/9 (-8.6%).

Below is a list of the regular FOX TV shows and their 2010-11 season average ratings to date. It only incorporates the ratings for original episodes and not repeats. The data is sorted by the all-important 18-49 demographic averages. The closer a show is to the bottom, the more likely it is to be cancelled. Fridays and Saturdays are the least-watched nights of TV so those shows get lower numbers.

Demo rank Scripted TV Shows Average
viewers (millions)
18-49 demo
Compared to
last week
1 Glee (renewed) 12.26 5.0 down  
2 House 10.21 3.7 ---  
3 Family Guy 7.16 3.6 ---  
4 The Simpsons (renewed) 7.37 3.4 ---  
5 Bones 10.06 3.0 up  
6 Breaking In 8.36 2.9 ---  
7 The Cleveland Show 5.76 2.7 ---  
8 Raising Hope (renewed) 6.29 2.6 ---  
9 Bob's Burgers (renewed) 5.04 2.4 ---  
9 American Dad (renewed) 4.93 2.4 ---  
11 The Chicago Code 7.33 2.0 ---  
12 Lie To Me 5.84 1.9 ---  
13 Human Target 6.40 1.7 ---  
13 Fringe (renewed) 4.53 1.7 ---  
15 Running Wilde (cancelled) 3.72 1.6 ---  
15 Traffic Light 3.74 1.5 ---  
17 Lone Star (cancelled) 3.66 1.1 ---  
18 The Good Guys (cancelled) 2.46 0.7 ---  
Demo rank News or Reality TV Shows Average
viewers (millions)
18-49 demo
Compared to
last week
1 American Idol (Weds) 23.80 8.1 down  
2 American Idol (Thurs) 21.98 7.0 down  
3 Hell's Kitchen 9pm 6.33 2.7 ---  
3 Hell's Kitchen 8pm 6.03 2.7 ---  
5 Million Dollar Money Drop 5.19 1.7 ---  
6 America's Most Wanted 5.01 1.6 ---  
6 Cops 4.70 1.6 ---  
6 Kitchen Nightmares 3.94 1.6 down  

Raw data: © The Nielsen Company via Media Week.

Wonder if your favorite FOX show’s been renewed or cancelled? Check out our comprehensive list. We’ll keep updating it as new info becomes available.

What do you think? Any surprises on the lists? Which shows do you think won’t survive to see a new season?

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  1. says

    American Idol should be cancelled-the judges are nice, but terrible about providing any constructive areas of improvement! Stefano and Pia should never have been eliminated-they should have taken away Scotty, Haley, and that obnoxious and arrogant James Durbin! Voting is skewed and should be looked into. They should just cancel the show since the ratings continue to go down-people are disgusted by it all. The remaining people have no stage presence, are not very intriguing to look at, and their voices are questionable. I do, however, like Jacob who sings with his heart and soul, and has a great shot at becoming a star!

  2. Frank Fedel says

    The Good Guys and Human Target are the two best shows on TV. Look at the other crap on this list (and on the other networks). Obviously, only morons are polled for TV ratings!

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