FOX 2013-14 Season Ratings

fox-tv-show-ratingsMany of FOX‘s series have already been renewed for another season. What does the future hold for the rest of their TV shows? Cancelled or renewed for 2014-15? We’ll have to wait and see.

FOX shows this season (so far): 24: Live Another Day, Almost Human, American Dad!, American Idol, Bob’s Burgers, Bones, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Dads, Enlisted, Family Guy, The Following, Gang Related, Glee, Hell’s Kitchen, Hotel Hell, I Wanna Marry “Harry”, Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior, The Mindy Project, New Girl, Rake, Raising Hope, Riot, The Simpsons, Sleepy Hollow, So You Think You Can Dance, Surviving Jack, and The X Factor.

Note: You can find the 2014-15 rankings here.

How does FOX decide what to cancel or renew? They look at a lot of different factors but the ratings play a very large role. The higher the ratings, the better chances a show has of surviving.

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Note: If you’re not seeing the updated charts, please try reloading the page. You can also see them here and here.

A couple of notes about these charts:
These figures are updated automatically as new ratings are released. The averages are based on the final national numbers (live plus same day viewing), unless marked with an asterisk (*). For technical reasons, I have to resort them manually so feel free to let me know if I missed something.

Keep in mind that the demo numbers are typically what’s most important to advertisers. Therefore, that’s how the networks measure success. Advertisers pay more for ad time on a show that has a higher demo rating. Because older viewers don’t count? No, it’s because younger viewers watch less traditional TV and are therefore supposedly harder to reach.

Demo numbers are typically reported using the 10ths decimal place (2.4, for example). In the averages, I’m using an extra decimal for easier ranking.

The networks take into account when shows air on Fridays and Saturdays, nights when TV viewership is lower.

What do you think? Which shows are you rooting for? Which one isn’t as big a hit as you thought? Are you hoping any series will get cancelled to make room for something else?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Bernadette says

    Gang Related is the best show I have seen since The Following!!! Please bring back for a second season!!!

  2. Daryl says

    Reiterating my post for NBC, seems Nielson and “it’s affiliates” (whatever that means) has a limited demographic of 18-49, clearly discounting millions of viewers 49+. Perhaps they need to do a better job in recruiting viewing participants and expand the demographic. No wonder mindless “comedies”, et al. go FOREVER, but those requiring grey matter are more easily discarded.
    Also unfortunate the viewing public is increasingly enchanted with – or subjected to – “fantasy” and “sci-fi” type shows. Is it escapism from reality, or intellectual deficits that support these shows?

  3. Mel says

    Please renew Gang Related for a 2nd season! It’s the best show on TV!!! Maybe change to a different night, or do replays on another night to reach more audience like how you played The Following on Saturday nights? I’m literally at the edge of my seat every episode.

  4. Daryl Whitlock says

    Well, one more post after watching the final episode 3.5 times – “24” has to be renewed. Why? Unresolved who’s in possession of the defense override – was the freighter Russian and that’s its destination? Another political observation: Govts don’t generally televise special, black, or Navy Seal ops, therefore, we can’t assume this isn’t as real as it gets – it’s probably less so. The rare footage from the Vietnam days, Iraq, et al. should support this notion.
    So, let’s keep hoping!!

  5. Daryl Whitlock says

    Well, for my last post, I’ll posit the question: Do the writers and networks read our comments, or are we all just private cheerleaders? Hope they do pay attention.

  6. Daryl Whitlock says

    Love Gordon Ramsey, however, he’s being over-marketed, particularly when his personality is what it is from show to show. Prefer MasterChef over Hell’s Kitchen, but with “Kitchen Nightmares” (Cancelled), “Hotel Hell”, “Junior MasterChef, and now endorsing T-Mobile, there’s getting to be too much Ramsey. “Hell’s Kitchen” has lost its initial allure, but at least it underscores the fact that food service is ranked as the most stressful industry.
    Big mistake running too many of his shows simultaneously. Oh well, if “Chef” doesn’t scare you, Joe will keep you at attention!!

  7. Pete says

    I definitely consider myself a huge TV junkie but give me Homeland and my 24 and you could take everything else.
    Watching an episode of 24 is like watching a really good movie every time.
    So many die hard fans PLEASE keep this going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Iriam says

    I hope Gang Related makes it to another season. It is violent but the characters are great and the concept very interesting. It reminds of the God Father with the diverse personalities and their roles within the family. The guy who plays Javier is an awesome and intense actor. This shows just needs more time so viewers can discover it.

  9. Marilyn says

    The sound on the series 24 was awful. I love the series and want to see more. But get rid of whoever is doing the sound. Music too loud , sound would go up and down, could not uderstand what was being said. I hope we haven’seen the last of 24!

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