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  1. Bethany says

    Well, the ratings of Last Man Standing and Grimm will probably suffer some since Comcast Cable decided that the channels they air on didn’t exist til after 9pm CST. I was able to catch Malibu Country and LOVE LOVE LOVED it, which pretty much means it should be canceled soon. Comcast errored out so much there is no way any Friday shows were able to get the ratings they deserved.

    I did hear that with all the chaos of Sandy, they are going to take a huge consideration for the ratings of any show aired during this past, and the next couple of weeks. This is supposed to be sweeps, and so many shows never even aired at all. Honestly, I am very thankful to Netflix and Xfinity OnDemand, because I am not about to watch 24/7 storm coverage about any storm. Not that I am not praying for the people effected by the storms, but it is IMHO the network’s responsibility to provide people the entertainment break from reality they desrve when something this horrific happens. In stead they inundated us with storm shows and reruns. Most networks didn’t even air their Halloween shows on Halloween, so the kids had to sit through boring news with no releif in sight. Hopefully at least the shows that are supposed to air this week will not be as effected. And I can give my Netflix & OnDemand a little break.

  2. Diego Point says

    Tim is now Archie Bunker, the baby-daddy is Meathead and Gloria has become separated-in-vitro triplet air-heads.

  3. Tlh45 says

    I watched CSI NY, as I do religiously ever week. The episodes just keep getting better and better. I watched Malibu Country, it was ok, a lot like Reba, but I like Reba and Lily Tomlin adds comedy. Her kids, I didn’t care for. DVR’d Fringe, good thing it’s the ending episodes, because it’s hard to follow and I lost interest, but my husband still loves it.

  4. bob b. says

    On last man standing’s 2012 premiere show….first off,,,hated the changes of the eldest daughter, son and estranged ex-husband…didn’t like the girl especially…second thought,,,
    abc’s hard core liberal left democrat owners/operators had their evil attitudes boldly obvious with their typical anti republican/conservative bias…they had tim allen showed as a conservative idiot/weakling and the daughters going democrat as being right and smarter than their dad…this is the typical day by day liberal democrat media one sided routine that they stick down america’s collective throats by presenting all good as bad and all bad as good…this is nothing different since creation (oh! I forgot, you liberals hate the idea of a creator) because satan’s children (liberal left) always hated God and His children (conservative right)…that’s why there has always been animosity from liberals toward conservatives especially in politics and will always be until God sets everything right which is much sooner than even most christians today might think…

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