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  1. Debby Modis says

    My daughter and I (she’s 26 and I am 58) watched Mockingbird Lane on DVR and truly liked it. I watched the original Munsters as a kid and really enjoyed that too. True, this is a different “Munsters”from the original but I really did like this new one. I really like the “new” Herman anyway, love him as an actor in anything he does, and we really liked Eddie. He has a really funny demeanor about him and we laughed throughout the hour show. i really hope ya’ll reconsider and make this a full season. Love Grandpa too. This would be a very exciting and funny show to watch for a change even if ya”ll kill people. Not for kids but hey, kids have all those cartoons and shows anyway. Give us adults a funny show to watch!!

  2. SNAPPS says

    This happens to be one great line up on primetime on Friday night’s. I enjoy the bunch of shows and more since primetime’s what I mainly watch. I didn’t have the chance to watch as many shows as I wanted with only a few DVRs and TVs. The families not very happy when I use all the TVs to record my shows and they get stuck watching recordings. I was excited when my coworker at DISH told me about the Hopper DVR with the PrimeTime Anytime feature. I can enable the PrimeTime Anytime feature to get the four major networks recorded on one TV every night. This frees up all the other TV’s and the kids aren’t stuck with watching recordings. I love this feature and it’s one of my favorites I use on a daily basis.

  3. Kat says

    The ratings for Fringe and Nikita are criminally low! So sad. Both had especially touching stories to tell that day, too, which makes it even more of a shame that people didn’t tune in.

    I liked Mockingbird Lane well enough and I’d watch it if they made it a series, but I can see why the creative execs at the top split over “creative differences”… the pilot I saw was tonally all over the place, almost schizophrenically so, swinging wildly from moment to moment, from zany to serious, etc. But I’m sure they’d figure out a direction to go if they had more time.

  4. Why Watch says

    Missed Mockingbird, thought it aired Monday night. But then I’d probably would have missed it Monday too due to the likely storm induced power outages. A Revolution moment.

  5. janeen samples says

    Loved Mockingbird Lane! Don’t understand why they don’t want to turn it into a series!!! Hope NBC reconsiders! It was a great twist on the original characters, a good blend of dark and light moments. Very creative and so much better than all the stupid “modern” comedies on TV now!

  6. Danny says

    I love Nikita so much, it is such a great show. I really want it to have another season though it seems fairly obvious unless a miracle happens that there won’t be one. Might as well just enjoy the next 20 episodes while they’re still here!

  7. geri says

    Grimm. I can hardly wait for Friday nights. CSI NY and Blue Bloods too. Love it. I didn’t watch any of the other shows. Love my DVR.

  8. Keith says

    I used to love watching Munster re-runs when I was a kid. This remake was terrible, they completely ruined it. None of the characters, except Marilyn work. Please do not make this a regular series.

    • sue says

      I Agree, too dark and not approtate for children. I loved the Munster’s as a child and the fun of it was that they always thought other people were different
      ( they were normal)

  9. christy says

    I really liked mockingbird lane. A little scary for kids but I’m grown so it didn’t bother me. Really hope they go past the pilot.

  10. TLH says

    CSI NY….This season has been one of the best so far. Love it! I’m glad to see the ratings are doing well…Hopefully CBS will see that and give us a full season and a season ten!

  11. Joey says

    Mockingbird Lane was magical and I would expect no less from Fuller and Singer. Really thought this was going to be Fuller’s big hit as his other brilliant endeavors were cut short too soon (Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me). His style is amazing and better than most and the familiarity of this property should open up a whole new audience to his talents. Shame NBC is passing on the series but hopefully their airing this pilot has more to do with their possible faith in the project and less to do with the pilot’s reported price tag. Hopefully this cast and concept will see further life!

  12. Denny says

    As a 55 yr.old who enjoyed the original,i thought this take on it was great
    Would love to see it become a weekly series

  13. Giovanni Santino says

    I watched “Mockingbird Lane” and I’m sorry to say that I can’t imagine this pilot spawning a successful show. I mean, who is their audience? It seems as if they are trying to walk the line between a show for kids and adults, which rarely works. I think a dark version of the Munsters, strictly for adults, could work…but they also seem to be ignoring some of the key points of the original. Grandpa was actually Count Dracula…Herman was actually Frankenstein’s Monster (or one of Frankenstein’s Monsters, Including Charlie and Johann from the original Munsters)… The new versions of the characters don’t really translate into modernized versions of the “Universal Studios” Monsters at all. In the end, it was mildly entertaining at best.

  14. Dave says

    Really liked Mockingbird Lanes’ reimagining of The Munsters. I heard that the series was canceled before it ever aired but I hope they reconsider.

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