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Friends: A Thanksgiving Reunion Special?

Friends Thanksgiving reunion?Will there ever be a reunion for the cast of Friends? When the show was ending, the answer seemed to be a very emphatic “No!” from the cast and creators. Since the finale aired in May 2004, there have been several rumors regarding a reunion for the Central Perk regulars — including one taking place on the now defunct spin-off series Joey. All of these rumors were squashed and debunked as being wishful thinking.

Though there are still no concrete plans, one of the most high-profile actors from the Friends series doesn’t seem to be dead set against it. In a recent British interview, Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Greene on the series) admitted that she missed playing the character and doing the series. When asked about a possible reunion, she said “The only thing I can think of doing is maybe for fun doing a Thanksgiving episode.” Courteney Cox Arquette (Friends’ Monica Geller) had previously hinted about the same idea saying, “I can see us coming together for something like a Thanksgiving show. I think they see each other every year.”

Okay. It’s hardly a reason to rush off to set your recorder just yet, but it is at least a glimmer of hope for Friends fans. Far closer to a reunion than we’ve ever been before. I’ll keep you updated if anything comes of this so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page


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