Friends: Matthew Perry’s Tired of Reunion Questions

Matthew PerryEven before the NBC sitcom went off the air, the Friends cast have been asked when they’ll be getting back together for a reunion of some kind. Their answers have essentially ranged from “never” to “maybe someday.”

Matthew Perry (langfordperry on Twitter) recently retweeted a comment from an exasperated follower that read, “Can everyone f*** off and stop asking @langfordperry when a Friends movie will happen? It’s over and he’s moved on. So should you.”

After a couple hours, Perry seemed to have some second thoughts and added, “Although the f off may be a tad strong…”

A couple hours later, he wrote, “Just to clear something up..I love friends fans. It is just a little trying to hear the movie question 15 times a day for the last 6 years.”

Perry then mentioned his new Mr. Sunshine series and joked about reviving some of his other, less-popular TV projects. He wrote, “Mr sunshine will be on abc some time this fall. We are having so much fun writing it. And the studio 60 movie starts shooting September 1st.”

He continued, “Also my three episode arc on growing pains will be presented on ice over christmas. Finally getting back on my skates.”

What do you think? Can you understand Perry’s frustration or should he just be thankful people still care?

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  1. ice tea says

    as a truly fans of friends and cast, we shouldn’t have much judging, i guess.
    leave the six of them alone with what they are trying to do right now.
    just give attention to show we care, altho maybe they’re not even realise it.
    i can say this just because I LOVE FRIENDS SO MUCH.
    and actually i never want the series to be end ever. but this is life, and maybe its all about bussiness in television shows.
    and for Friends, thank u for accompany me all along until NOW, it always fun to watch each episode altho i have watch it so many times again and again and again…
    peace… :))

  2. Shawn Wittman says

    Mathey Perry and a bunch of other celebrities are pretty bad. Point being when a fan sends them a question, or a comment to them, they can send a pretty hostile response. So if they can’t appreciate that the fans like them and the show they’re doing, screw ’em. I have Joey “Matt LeBlanc” as a friend on facebook. But when I send him a message, I bet it’s just a staff that handles everything. He probably has no idea of all the messages he gets there from fans that have become friends. I also heard Lisa Kudrow say on TV a while back that she isn’t interested in filming a reunion show. Mainly because she’s just so sick and tired of acting like a dumb blond on TV.

  3. james says

    i think everyone who has insulted him are a bunch of selfish *****, all youve gone on about is that he needs to grow up and get a reality check but none of you seem to realise that hes got a life of his own and yes friends was his biggest show and the key to his succes and i would love to see him in a reunion, how anyone can say hes talentless is beyond me

  4. lindsay27sw says

    I know I’m a little late to the party, but I just have to say that you people need to give Matthew Perry and all the other actors from the show a break. Heaven forbid they want to move on from the show. I mean, yeah it made them stars and it made them rich, and I’m sure they are all very greatful for that and will never forget it, but if everyone would just let them move on and focus on what they are doing now, they may do even better and bigger things. They’re actors; they want to be able to keep working and do different, challenging roles and I’m sure it’s hard to do that when no one will give them a moments peace from “Friends.”
    I am a huge “Friends” fan, but I’m also a huge fan of the cast. And yes, if a “Friends” movie came out, I would probably be one of the first in line. But I’m more excited to watch their new stuff. And, maybe if everyone stopped bringing the subject up, they wouldn’t be so repelled by the idea and maybe actually do it.

    P.S.And on a side note, I know he was only kidding, but I would totally go see a “Studio 60″ movie :)

  5. Ken says

    I think the friends cast should open a little website, where they state it once and for all. Then it would be easier for them to refer fans to that page.
    “F” off to fans just for asking for more is a little than inappropriate.

    We’ve seen their solo acting and they gave their best performances as a combo. They’re just not that … you know what… in leading roles.

    I think they should consider making a movie. But it just has to be a really good script.

  6. Summer says

    It’s probably hard trying to launch anything major coming off the back of a major show like Friends. Courtney Cox has done a great thing with her new show Cougar Town, and Jen Aniston is constantly in movies, it’s not like the cast fell off the face of the earth. I do agree with you Jeremy Rynek on a few points, but I feel like he has every right to be annoyed. I’m sure he’s not exaggerating about the 15 times a day thing, he is one of the most well known faces out there, and specifically for Friends, so he’s bound to be asked a lot. But, maybe he should consider just doing it. They would all make a chunk of change, get that publicity some of them need, and make the fans happy. It’s a win-win situation for all involved. But, as far as I’ve heard, it’s really not the cast, but the original creators who don’t want the reunion to happen.

  7. Chris says

    He is talking about an article about Perry not wanting to be among the cast of a Friends-Reunion. I second every line from Jeremy Rynek because he is telling it like it is. Perry should calm down and get a reality check done. Without these people asking him to do the reunion where would he be now (as talentless as he is, a one-trick-pony)??
    He is taking himself way too seriously. I don’t like that in people.

    • Jeremy Rynek says

      I’m saying that he needs to quit complaining about people asking about a friends reunion. People loved friends and just wanna see all them together again. He’s acting like that’s the past, which it is but he really hasn’t moved on to anything else big. When he on a new sitcom then maybe he can ***** about people asking for a friends reunion. That’s what I’m talking about.

  8. Jeremy Rynek says

    He shpuld be happy people still know who he is. Really all the six main charcters havent done alot. I mean a few select things in past 6 years, but not much. Really Friends was one of the biggest shows ever. Not many shows make it 10 seasons. Really Matthew Perry get over yourself. You were beloved for being on Friends and people want it back. I can see how it can be annoying to be asked that much, but millions of people were on the other side of the tv screen watching you and without them you would NOT be anywhere near as popular or rich. So can u tone it down please. And for the record why would it be so bad for a friends reunion? I admit I’m not the biggest Friends fan, but still why not? And the Seinfeld cast reuniting did not help your case. My advice is just to do it and get it over with if you truely don’t want it to happen.

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