Fringe: FOX Pres Talks About the Friday Ratings

FringeEW’s James Hibbard recently interviewed FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly about Fringe’s performance on Friday nights. Reilly said, “I’m so psyched about it… It does go to show you the loyalty of the genre audience, when you get the right show. I’m so grateful to that audience, I’d like to shake their hands. We have a lot of passion for that show here.”

It should be noted that the conversation took place prior to last Friday when Fringe had its second significant drop in the ratings. The series was moved to Friday nights on January 21st and attracted a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 4.87 million viewers. That’s about what it had been doing on Thursdays. The following week, the numbers were about the same.

On February 4th, the demo dropped to a 1.6 rating and 4.26 million viewers, a loss of 16% in the demo. Last Friday, the numbers for Fringe fell again, to a 1.4 rating and 3.74 million, a decline of 13% in the demo. Some are quick to point out that many series were down last week but ultimately a show must be judged on its own, on how profitable it is for a network.

There are eight episodes left in this season. The ratings for those will either convince FOX to give Fringe a fourth season or that it’s just not worth the expense.

What do you think? Will the numbers for Fringe rise, continue to fall, or have they evened off?

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  1. Rose says

    Fringe is a great show. It is well written and well acted and I am a HUGE fan! I can’t believe they moved it to Friday night. They need to move it back to Thursday and keep the show. It is an amazing series.

  2. Mick says

    Fringe is probably the best show that’s on network TV. If they cancel it, it’ll just be replaced with another boring cop show, or more “reality” garbage. I hate the way the networks always cater to the lowest common denominator of intelligence.

  3. says

    My 14 year old says Fringe is one of the few shows that makes her think! It would help a lot if they quit putting other shows on during it’s air time so we have to wait two to three weeks to see the next episode. They seem to do that frequently. I’ts hard to keep new viewers when it’s on every other week. I love the show. It’s not the same old police show we see repeatedly with the same plots, just different actors. Put Fringe on a good night and consistantly, and you’ll get your viewers!


  4. sheila says

    y bother watching intelligent shows. theyre always cancelled & shows like the bachelor,
    jersey shores, two & half men, stay on 4yrs. its becoming so disheartening when a gr8 show like fringe is in danger of being cancelled. as sigourney weaver said in aliens” have iqs suddenly just dropped”. apparently they have & the tv shows reflect that

  5. Marie says

    Fringe needs to stay. My husband and I love Fringe. Not sure that we like it keep switching between the two universes though. Showing a full episode of the other universe is not warranted. We like it in the real one best.

  6. Steph says

    They need to keep Fringe even though the ratings went down a little…. only because they show it on friday nights when not everyone is home it doesn’t mean they don’t record it, or watch it online later, or watch the rerun on saterday nights.!!!

  7. Steph says

    Fringe needs to stay. Its a great show and my whole family love it. Alot of people have things to do on Friday nights so im not surprised the ratings droped but that dosn’t mean people don’t record and watch it or watch the rerun on saterday nights….

  8. Mel says

    I think Fringe should stay! I love that show! Maybe move it to a night that people will actually be home–the ratings might go up. Most ppl work and the only time they can go places is on the weekends… so naturally… a Friday night won’t be the best night for ppl to stay home & watch T.V.

  9. Angelo says

    Although Fringe’s science is way more fiction than real science, something that would put me off in the beggining if my girlfriend hadn’t insisted we should keep watching it, I’ve grown to enjoy the series.

    However, I’m afraid it’s loosing its audience. And since it’s not episodic, many of those won’t come back, because they got out of the loop of the story.

    Anyway, the american tv ratings system is really flawed and doesn’t take into account those people who TiVo their shows or download them from the internet. But on the other hand, I guess no one cares about those people, because they watch less ads…

  10. Jason says

    I love Fringe and I was never one to get into X-Files. I work Friday Nights and come in around 3-5 in the morning. I watch Fringe before heading to sleep.

    Love the Show.

  11. Janice says

    Please, have mercy on those of us with an IQ over 140. Fringe has intriging scripts and outstanding acting. Please don’t leave us drowning in junk like Desperate Housewives and Wipeout! Our minds need some entertainment with substance. And you may find it interesting that I’m a 65 year old woman who has never much cared for syfy!

    • Kat says

      Wow, Janice, that’s awesome — I mean, my mom likes Fringe, but she’s not exactly the type to understand everything that’s going on and my dad’s all right, but I occasionally have to remind him of what’s going on, too. It’s cool that multiple generations are understanding and enjoying this show, though. Not just for 20-somethings like me, heh. And I agree wholeheartedly; don’t leave us stuck with the American Idols and Jersey Shores of television… luckily, however, some cable networks are coming up with fun, entertaining television that’s intelligent. And when all else fails, we still have our DVDs of older shows, back when TV overall was better…

  12. Dolphinkist says

    Numbers for TV series usually drop when a huge conspiracy takes over a show and doesn’t resolve, especially when that becomes the focus and it’s all about that and not the week-to-week struggles to deal with a new strangeness. Fringe has episodes that are all about the “war” between the realities, instead of just stand-alone episodes that give another clue or another piece of the puzzle for the big picture. Last week’s episode was back in the other reality when we don’t really have any of “our” people over there. Yes, it was a new reveal for us, but that could have been told to us in a completely different way that wouldn’t have taken an entire episode that wasn’t set in “our” reality. I’m not saying that I don’t like it, but I know many people who don’t. The conspiracies or the long, drawn-out *huge* issue wears on a lot of people and some just stop caring. I always get worried when a series starts to concentrate on the long conspiracy because in my experience the show ends up getting cancelled and we never get the answers we wanted.
    I like Fringe. The characters make it for me (like any good sci-fi). I don’t consider it a great, show, though. I have been surprised by the ratings and accolades that it has received. Heck, I was surprised it wasn’t cancelled. My surprise isn’t because of the show, though, but just my personal experience with sci-fi on network TV. So, pleasantly surprised.

  13. Sargalab says

    Fringes does not work out. Bad scripts and ratings. People wants new blood and new ideas. Fringe does not deserve more chances . It’s only a pseudo X Files show. SAME standars for everybody. Ratings are ratings.

    • Kat says

      Fringe started out as a pseudo-X-Files, but it’s evolved so far past that now. The fate of two worlds lies in the balance; it ~is~ new blood and new ideas. It’s fresh and intriguing, scary and captivating.

    • Jim says

      Fringe is WAY better than X-Files ever was. The Sunday night cartoons and Fringe are the only things Fox has that is any good.

    • Anonymous says

      Fringes is a good show please leave it on. you should of left it on Thursday because most people don’t watch t.v on Friday night in that summer time. Oh by the way all The people who think this is just like X files it is NOT.

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