Fringe: FOX TV Show Moves to Fridays on January 21st; Doomed to Be Cancelled?

FringeFOX previously announced that Fringe was headed for Friday nights, beginning January 28th. The network has now adjusted their plans and the sci-fi series will debut in the timeslot one week earlier.

Many fans of the series are understandably concerned about the move. Shows that are moved to Friday nights are typically in grave danger of being cancelled, particularly ones that attract a niche audience. The ratings for Fringe have taken a real hit this year, dropping nearly 20%.

Last season, the series averaged a 2.3 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic and 6.36 million total viewers. This season, Fringe’s averaged a 1.9 rating in the demo and 5.12 million viewers. Last week’s installment brought a 1.8 rating.

FOX’s Entertainment President, Kevin Reilly, maintains that “We are not killing the show… It’s been such a loyal fanbase. I will be really disheartened if the viewer base decides to not watch because it shifted one night. I hope they go with it, and if not they have the option of picking it up on their DVRs. If it does anywhere near what it did on Thursdays, we can glue that show to the schedule because it can be a big win for us.”

Of course, Fringe getting the same ratings on Fridays as it’s been getting on Thursdays is easier said than done. We’ll have to wait to see how the ratings story unfolds but the show’s got an uphill battle ahead.

Here’s the press release about the Friday premiere…


Christopher Lloyd (“Back To The Future”) Guest-Stars in Midseason Premiere

Special “Tweet-Along” Event During All-New Episode of FRINGE This Thursday

The midseason premiere of hit series FRINGE will air Friday, Jan. 21 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), following the season premiere of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

In the “Firefly” midseason premiere, which kicks off a string of six all-new episodes of FRINGE, an Observer makes contact with the Fringe Team to help rectify a mistake. Meanwhile, WALTER (John Noble) befriends one of his musical heroes (guest star Christopher Lloyd).

Be sure to tune in to the all-new “Marionette” episode of FRINGE, airing this Thursday, Dec. 9 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. When the Fringe Team investigates a case where a victim had his heart extracted, it’s just the beginning of a series of mysterious and reanimating events tied together. Meanwhile, PETER (Joshua Jackson) comes to terms with the reality of his relationship with OLIVIA (Anna Torv).

As part of a special “Tweet-Along” event, John Noble will be tweeting LIVE during this Thursday’s all-new episode. For more information, visit Follow John on Twitter at, and use #FringeLiveTweet to submit your questions directly to him on Thursday.

FRINGE is a procedural thriller that follows the Fringe Team as they investigate unbelievable events and mysterious occurrences linked throughout the world in pursuit of a larger, more shocking truth. The series stars Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown and Jasika Nicole.

Created by J.J. Abrams & Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci, FRINGE is produced by Bad Robot Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Jeff Pinkner, J.H. Wyman and Joe Chappelle serve as executive producers, while Kurtzman and Orci are consulting producers. Additionally, Pinkner and Wyman serve as the series’ showrunners. Become a fan of the series on Facebook at and follow the series on Twitter at

What do you think? Is Fringe doomed to be cancelled or will it survive to see season four?

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  1. Charlotte W says

    I just started watching Fringe at the beginning of this season. I am so caught up in it that I’m now watching the other seasons. I am not a “syfi” person, but this is not that far out there. The idea of a parallel universe is a real concept to me. Plus the show really forces you to have to think! Now there is a far out concept for tv programing!

  2. Mellie Faye says

    a show that does not expect you to be stupid, or treat women as clothes hangers or worse ribs supporting gigantic breasts. wow engrossing entertainment , just what you expect to be shoved around and ended before its time. SHAME

  3. Ann Aiken says

    Why is it that a show(Fringe) with a great story line, great acting, and wonderful creativity gets cancelled, while scores of mindless reality shows and stale half hour comedies with recycled actors from previous stale half hour comedies are forced on us by networks who don’t have a clue what the public wants?It’s no wonder people are going to cable programs in droves. It’s time the networks wise up before they’re out of business.

  4. K Farris says

    We love Fringe!!! It replaced the xfiles in my mind, which I still watch!! Please keep it for next season!!!!

  5. Lissette says

    I love fringe it’s a show I understand plus there isn’t many shows out there that are interesting to me. Please don’t cancel this show. ITS AWESOME !!!!!!

  6. Liz V says

    I love watching Fringe. I am sick and tired of reality shows. I wont waste my time watching someone else’s life on TV. It’s worse than a soap opera and slower. I cant understand why so many good shows are cancelled. What’s worse is they leave you right in the middle and dont have the decency to at least tie up all the loose ends and then end it. TV executives dont care about us. They try out a series, you get hooked and they they end it without a finish, for example Merlin, Las Vegas, and Eastwick. They sign up for a few episodes, get you hooked and then …nothing.

  7. KnightChatX says

    This show is like a modern day X-Files. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled so soon just when there’s alot of new and interesting things coming in the story and new angles of the story telling.

  8. Lisa R says

    This is a great show! Please do not cancel Fringe. If it has to be canceled at least have the decency and finish the story and destroy one of the worlds. Do not leave us hanging!

  9. Char says

    I don’t care if they have it on in the middle of the night. I can always record it. I bought season 1 & 2 and I don’t usually buy DVDs or videos. Please do not cancel. I was not happy when they cancelled Flash Forward. We will never know how it all ended.

  10. Sheila says

    I really like this show. It has that same flavour that X Files and Lost had. there is little good writing on TV and this is one of the few shows that has a well thought out story involving the people as well as the weird. I hop it sticks around. Everyone says Friday night is a kiss of death, but there is not another decent thing on, so maybe it will work. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

  11. Allen says

    The show has fallen from its first days of being exciting and strange… Episode 1 of season 1 was the best… since, it has gone off the deep end trying to inject romance into a sci-fi based concept… Running in and out of the parallel universes is confusing and has no objectivity with normal universe… and seeing crazy Walter kissing in bed with a Chinese girl is repulsive for a program that is supposed to dwell on “Fringe Science”… Unless they revert back to its original concept to make the show more exciting and interesting, yes it needs to be put into the graveyard of all other failed series…

  12. Rachel wright says

    I love fringe!!! It’s my favorite show. I just figured out they cancelled flash forward at the end of last season . They cancel everything!!!! They better not cancel fringe. I always DVR everything. Does it make a difference? If I watch it at the regular time does that help keep the ratings high? I didn’t think that was how they determine the ratings.

  13. Chris D says

    A friend convinced me to watch Fringe when he returned to tv early January 2011. I was confused and he was able to explain somethings. I decided to rent the first two seasons and am finishing up season 1. Looking forward to season 2. I was a HUGE fan of Lost and X-Files and this reminds me of both. Please don’t cancel a great program. Cancel some of the reality programs instead!

  14. Heather P. says

    I would be mortified if this show gets canceled. The actors are great, the story line is great and the whole idea of “Fringe Science” is compelling. It would be like canceling Lost or Friday Night Lights. All shows so worthy and yet get little recognition. I don’t mind it moving to Friday nights but PLEASE keep this show going!! If not for us but for the characters, Walter, Peter, and Olivia who do an OUTSTANDING job! By far my favorite show on tv right now! Can’t wait for the next episode already!

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