GCB: Cancelled; No Season Two for ABC Show

GCB season two cancelled on ABCDid Carlene finally take down Amanda? We’ll never know. ABC has cancelled GCB after one short season of 10 episodes. There won’t be a “second coming” or a second season for this show.

Based on the novel Good Christian Bitches, GCB follows a former high school mean girl (Leslie Bibb), now a single mom and widow, who returns home to Texas and tries to make amends with the women that she used to torment. The show’s ensemble cast also includes Lauran Irion, Colton Shires, Annie Potts, Kristin Chenoweth, David James Elliott, Jennifer Aspen, Brad Beyer, Miriam Shor, Mark Deklin, and Marisol Nichols.

This dramedy debuted to a 2.2 rating in the 18-49 demograpic with 7.56 million viewers. That wasn’t a great showing but it was far better than what ABC had been getting with Pan Am earlier in the season.

Did Christian protests impact the decision to cancel GCB?

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Most shows see their ratings decline in week two but GCB’s actually grew, a sign that there was some positive word of mouth helping the series.

Over the course of the show’s short season, the numbers fluctuated a bit but it ended up averaging a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 5.87 million viewers. On our ABC Ratings Report Card, which measures the relative demo performance of shows on the network, GCB had a “C-” grade.

It was firmly “on the bubble” between a cancellation and a renewal but ABC ultimately decided to cancel it. A slightly-better rated bubble show, Scandal was renewed. If that new Shonda Rhimes series had done a bit worse, GCB might have been renewed.

As it is, GCB has been cancelled. Some Christians and organizations objected to the show as they felt the original title was demeaning to Christians. Some called for boycotts but its difficult to know if that had any impact on the ratings or the network.

The last episode of GCB aired on May 6th. It wasn’t intended as a series finale so some ongoing storylines were left unresolved.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that GCB has been cancelled and won’t be returning for season two? Do you think the show was demeaning to all Christians? Do you think the objections had an impact on ABC’s decision to cancel it?

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  1. Amanda J says

    My husband and I looked forward to this show every Sunday! I hope enough people can appeal to the network to get it back! We loved Kristen Chenoweth!

  2. Linda says

    You sooo need to bring this show back!! I love it and we all need to know what happens next with everyone. No way can we not know…..It was getting better and better each week and now you went and canceled it!!! BRING IT BACK

  3. C. P. says

    ABC is there anything we can do to change your mind? This show brought laughter in my life when there was nothing to be happy about. It lifted my spirits and I looked forward to watching it each week. I know my comments are a little late I just hope you will review it and give the show another chance. If there are any other networks reading this maybe you will consider putting the show on your network.

  4. says

    Loved the show, am a Texan by birth, and a Christian by choice. I grew up in Highland Park
    and Preston Hollow…..LOL and this is exactly how it is……I have curtailed watching ABC at all now due to the cancellation and I hope others do as well. This will show ABC that they made a foolish choice. And I can hope that HBO or someone else picks it up….they would have my viewership for sure. Until that time no ABC for my household or anyone that I know if I can influence that as well. LOL

  5. ROXANN says


  6. amy says

    WHAT????? PLEASE PLEASE tell me this is not so!!!! I am now NOT watching ANYTHING on ABC because they cancelled GCB. Are that delusional? It was the best that they have had in a LONG time. Why ABC, WHY?

  7. Karen says

    If ABC caved to negative comments from certain groups, SHAME ON YOU!!!! I’m sure the comments were no different from the ones regarding gays, Hispanics, older husband/younger wife received from Modern Family viewers. The Bachelor/Bachelorette makes a mockery of marriage, in my opinion, but I certainly haven’t asked that it not be aired — I simply don’t watch it!!!! GCB was a breath of fresh air for ABC. Truly, it was as funny and entertaining as Modern Family. Please reconsider and return it for another season. It was the one show that was the topic of conversation on Monday mornings — I’m a GOOD way!!!!!!!

  8. Linda says

    I really enjoyed the show, it was funny Iam so sorry to see it go, please reconsider an try it out for one more season !

  9. Julie says

    I thought they made worse fun of Texans than Christians. Since I am both and loved this show I am offended at the cancelation!

  10. Ruthie says

    First, Brothers & Sisters is cancelled and now GCB. There is also new show coming by the same producers of B & S. I don’t understand?! What was wrong with either of these shows. Great drama and comedy – not broken; didn’t need fixing!

  11. Sherry says

    This show was refreshingly funny! So tired of reality shows & the same tired dramas. This show was hysterical & great for women. Bring it back!!

  12. Rachael says

    Very upset GCB is canceled it was the one show I really enjoyed in ABC. Very disappointed. I loved the show because it showed people’s true side no one is perfect and we make mistake thats why i loved the show it was real people.

  13. D. Bysinger says

    I am very upset that GCB was canceled, What about the people that really enjoyed this show, they could have at least give it a second season, they run scared!

  14. Lisa says

    This is straight up STUPID! Are you kidding me that they cancelled this show!! This was the FUNNIEST show that they had on their whole network!!! BOOO!!!! They need to cancel some of these reality shows and leave GCB alone. This was hands down my favorite show. Bring it back!!!!Please!!!!!!

  15. Alexus Day says

    Im really upset to ear this. Ive been waiting for the new series for a while now ! This really makes me upset! Come on abc we would love to see the show return!!!

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