General Hospital: Could the Soap Move to Primetime?

General HospitalWord is that ABC is considering the possibility of moving General Hospital to primetime during the summer months.

While the ratings for ABC’s only remaining soap opera aren’t very strong (especially by primetime standards), the show is comparatively inexpensive to produce. Episodes cost approximately $200,000 to make and primetime dramas which can cost more than a million.

There’s of course also the possibility that General Hospital will stay in daytime. ABC has said that they’d be releasing the final hour of daytime (2pm Central or 3pm Eastern/Pacific) back to the affiliates in September 2012, so they can fill it with their own programming. That will leave three hours of daytime for ABC to schedule.

The View is a huge success so that’s not going anywhere. ABC-owned stations have committed to a new Katie Couric talk show for fall and that will fill another hour. That leaves one hour left up for grabs. The Chew and The Revolution aren’t performing as well as the soaps they replaced but are cheaper to produce. Only one of them, or General Hospital, will likely survive.

Another possibility is that ABC could produce General Hospital for first-run syndication. This solution would allow ABC affiliates to keep the show in its current timeslot, if they chose to buy it. If not, other stations in the broadcast area could pick up the soap and put it in an available timeslot. As with any daytime solution, the declining viewership and cost would likely be a deterrent.

What do you think? Could GH realistically make a move to primetime for limited summer runs? Would you be in favor of that solution?

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  1. says

    General hospital is a program a started watching 31 years ago. In the mth of august i deleivered a little girl named melissa but with a long hard deliever she passed away. It was very hard on my husband and myself , but life go on .I started to watch the show while i was recovering it made me forget what i went threw . And to this day i still watch this wonderful program. And will keep wathing ,it was the only one in the passed and is my favorite program has of today . So please do not cancell this program.

  2. riley says

    what idot consultant told disney that they need a disney junior channel? nick already beat them to that many many many years ago, corp america will be the death blow to this country!

  3. moreen says

    Well its too bad that abc wants to show stupid shows that cost less to run. Take general hospital off and see how much money you make. Stupid stupid stupid. Why cant soap net carry our soaps. I beg abc to open their eyes and keep gh on.

  4. Iris says

    Yeah, money’s ALWAYS the issue! Forget what WE want to watch! I miss AMC & OLTL so much, I cry every time I hear about them. And leave GH right where it is! There isn’t enough decent programming on daytime as it is! If I hear about ONE more inane reality or talk show coming on, I think I’ll put my foot thru the boob tube! What a WASTE of air space & time! It’s all garbage! YUCK! I would NEVER be desperate enough to view that ca-ca! And I HAVE been desperate at times for something to watch! After investing over 40 years to my Soaps, I feel used & abused! I have never tuned into The Chew, OR the axed Revolution, just out of spite, because they replaced my Soaps! If there weren’t a handful of shows that are “must see” for me, I’d never tune into ABC again! I’m SO mad at them for axing those 2 Soaps! And thanks a bunch for giving us loyal viewers false hope, that Prospect Park would run them on the web! BOOOOOOOO to you! Liars!
    And just where is Dr. Oz moving to, now that Katie is taking over his time slot? You certainly can’t be putting him up against The Doctors on CBS at 2 p.m. P.T! WHY isn’t Katie moving into the axed Revolution’s slot? How does SHE rate Oprah’s former slot? And Mahmet is being shoved over for HER? Puleeeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn’t he have a little seniority?

  5. jeani says

    I will never watch. Katie C ! Been a fan of OLTL and GH since it began. How do we kn ow ratings are bad that’s just what ABC is telling us we should do an internet survey!

  6. phyllis says

    Some times General Hospital hits a low slow point, but even at the worst time is a zilliion times better than Katie Couric could ever be.

  7. Sofia says

    Thats one way to make General Hospital go away and FAST by putting a soap thats been running DEAD LAST in the ratings on prime time…HAHAHAHAHA!!

  8. Nancy Stone says

    I think it was horrible that the only two soaps that I have watched for 30 years have been taken off the air for the money interests of the television network! It was irrelevant what the public wanted. I do hot like either the Chew or the Revolution. It is a boring repetition of shows that we do really regard as meaningful. Dr. Oz and the doctors are enlightening, we learn alot and its enough.I cannot watch those two shows. They bore me to tears!

  9. Flampugnano says

    The View may be high in ratings but it definitely shouldn’t be called the view anymore! By now we all know exactly what the view of each of those women on the panel is. There are no more surprises. I’ve watched it since it first started and I find it’s gotten tired and predictable. Nothing new on the view anymore. Each host is so set in their ways I could tell you exactly what will come out of their mouths before they say it!

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