General Hospital: To Be Replaced By a Reality Show Version?

general hospitalAccording to the NY Post, ABC is considering a reality show version of General Hospital. The show would revolve around the personal and professional lives of doctors and nurses who work at a Los Angeles hospital (rather than fictional Port Charles, New York).

The new show is apparently in the very early stages of development and filming has quietly begun at UCLA Medical Center. ABC is said to be considering this new “General Hospital” show for the daytime schedule.

The crazy thing is that 50-year-old General Hospital could end up being replaced by a reality show version of itself. Though the soap opera has been performing well this season — reportedly rising 18% in total viewers year-to-year (2.37 to 2.81 million) — the network is still on the look out for ways to expand their audience and cut costs.

What do you think? Is ABC considering replacing General Hospital with a reality show version? Would you check it out?

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  1. Carol says

    I do not watch reality shows and if you cancel GH that will be it for watching anything on ABC . I will get whatever I need for news and weather from Fox News.

  2. Diane says

    Enough already! The only reason I even watch ABC is because of GENERAL HOSPITAL. If they want to cancel that now I will have no reason at all to watch and their ratings will be even lower. Do what you must FOOLS you will really be broke when you lose all of us loyal viewers.

  3. Trish says

    PLEASE don’t get rid of GH…been watching for 30 years…it’s the last thing I watch at night and it takes my mind off my own problems…I even have my husband hooked!

  4. Greg says

    Leave GH on the air. Keep bringing back old characters and weaving them in the story line. Ratings are up. How are reality show real, with directioning, retakes, lights, camera crews, etc.? Where can ABC find a clue….obviously they don’t have one

  5. MarieAnne says

    GH has a huge following. Many people I know who are working tape it and watch
    it faithfully in the evening at their convenience. I miss AMC & OLTL.
    I am tired of cooking shows and even more tired of so called reality shows.
    Soaps are MUCH MORE REAL and address every day issues. Reality shows are mostly
    fake and set up by the producers for shock effect.
    I will definitely NOT watch ABC again nor buy the products advertised on these new shows that have replaced or are going to replace the soaps.
    GH is a wonderful program. Great actors and writers. Leave it alone!!!
    NO I WILL NOT WATCH A F A K E Reality show based on GH.

  6. Charlie says

    Leave GH alone we don’t need any more stupid reality shows, Don’t you get it I don’t watch them, and don’t intend to start any time soon. They are insipid and dumb. Not what I want to watch in the afternoon at all. There are too many of them now, it you remove GH I will stop watching your network and so will all of my friends and family.
    Leave it alone!

  7. Lori says

    I have been watching GH since I was a kid! The thought of removing it like you did all of the other soaps is simply ridiculous! Some of us have literally “grown up” with the people on this show and would consider cancelling it a serious mistake! I for one think that there is nothing on television these doays but garbage reality shows, too many talk shows and entirely too much bad news! Find another time slot to fill in and leave GH alone!!!

  8. Denise says

    All ABC is doing is RUINING their own network. Apparently they do not listen to their viewers (i.e. cancellation of OLTL & AMC). Now they want to cancel General Hospital. I WILL NOT VIEW ANY SHOWS on ABC anymore if they cancel General Hospital.

  9. Beth Nicley says


    • Pat says

      I’m with Mary and there are alot; I meam alot of people out there just like me. I worked all my life and was not able to watch soaps alot, But I started with my mother in 1970. Now this baby boomer is retired and at home you are taking off the shows we want to watch and replacing it with crap that the younger working class likes. Make sence to you? This will be the final straw for me; If you cancel then I cancel ABC as a network to watch. There are plenty more out there. Stuff that in your advertisers pipe and smoke it. I won’t be spending money on their products either!!!!!

  10. M Major says

    I could you cancel a other show. This is a very good show. You should’nt have cancelled All my children and One live to live, to replaced them with cooking show or reality show It’s does’nt work people are not interested . I do not open my tv before General Hospital come on the screen. If you cancel General Hospital I will not open the tv till dinner time . The shows that you have now are very boring, and not interesting

  11. Ann says

    Leave GH alone, I for one am sick of ABC and what they are pulling.
    If its not broke don’t fix it.. and GH is not broke.

  12. Linda says

    No I wouldn’t watch nor would I watch ABC anymore. I have not tuned into the shows that replaced AMC and OLTL and this would end my ABC (day and night) viewing.

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