George Lopez: ABC Sitcom Star Feels Dumped

George Lopez canceledABC officially cancelled the George Lopez sitcom today after six seasons. Rumors had been flying for some time — either that the series would be certainly cancelled or definitely renewed. How does series star Lopez feel about the cancellation?

He reportedly received a call over the weekend from ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson who told him the news — that another season of George Lopez wouldn’t work out financially because the network would lose money.

Admittedly, the series has been down in the ratings but this has been due, at least in part, to ABC’s actions. The network has switched the series’ timeslot several times over the years and has put it opposite ratings powerhouse American Idol many times this season. Though many viewers have complained that the series had run its course, George Lopez has proven to be a reliable quick fix when the network had a schedule hole to fill. The sitcom consistently out-performed other sitcoms in similar timeslots — including Notes from the Underbelly, which incidentally has been renewed for next year.

Lopez believes the cancellation is due in part to the fact that Warner Bros. Television produces his series rather than ABC Television Studios. Some of ABC’s new series, like the one based on the Geiko cavemen commercials, are produced in-house.

With colorful language, Lopez told the LA Times of his frustration, “I get kicked out for a…caveman and shows that I out-performed because I’m not owned by [ABC Television Studios]…So a…Chicano can’t be on TV but a…caveman can? And a Chicano with an audience already? You know when you get in this [TV series business] that shows do not last forever, but this was an important show and to go unceremoniously like this hurts. One hundred seventy people lost their jobs.”

It’s also unfortunate that, because the season-ending episode (now series finale) was taped and aired before the news, neither the cast and crew nor the audience will have a chance to say goodbye. It’s a personal thing to Lopez who said, “They dealt with us from the bottom of the deck, which is hard to take after what was a good run.” TV Series Finale home page

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  1. someone says

    i heard a rumor that they were going to start a new season of george lopez. i think it’s on another network, but im not sure. is this true of a new season?

  2. Manuel Aguayo says

    Hey George,

    it’s all good when one door close another opens george, I wish you could’ve mad more episodes and came out with more seasons that sucks. When will the other seasons come out to DVD I’ve been waiting and looking around to find out when? well I hope soon I’ve been watching the reruns I don’t care I don’t get tired of watching them anyways every time I watch it, It feels like am watching it for the first time and laugh my butt off. well hope to see more of you weather its tv shows or movies keep up the good work Rock On!!!!!

    Manny A.

  3. Ms. Robles says

    Hey there George, You and your show are the best! Im just gonna have tpo settle with watching the reruns. I’ll just go see you live wheneveru you come around the Bay area. Lets go Oakland. Love you George!!

  4. James says

    I love the George Lopez show, he is mad funny. he always got jokes, also serious.
    i think he seems like a passionate actor, looks like the type of actor that really takes this
    business serious. Bring that show back.

  5. Jay Villa says

    After reading every ones comments im disgusted by every one here. The show was funny we might not all agree on some things he might say or do but over all it was very funny. No not all hispanic families live that way its an over exaggeration in there part to make it funny, for people to be insulted by this is ridiculous. All comedians make fun of color, race, gays, you name it they make fun of it, its called comedy. Yes its insulting to some people but to others its funny its funny to those who have a sense of humor. People take what George Lopez said and continues to say to damn serious, its his job to make fun of everything possible specialy them touchy subjects. Weather your gay, straight, Democrat, Republican, white, black, brown, green, yellow, man, woman, it does not matter comedians are gonna make fun of you or some thing you might be or like. Its to bad the show was canceled it was funny, just like his on stage comedy. Yes he makes fun on people and calls them inappropriate names but its funny. Most of you people seem not to have a sence of humor. I dont think it was canceled do to racism, to many of you look for racism as the first thing to blame. Its all a business and he didnt get the ratings they needed to keep him on and thats to bad. Yes the changing of times for his show to start was dumb but hey some one in the network drop the ball on that one but i dont think it was racism. As a gay hispanic man who was born and raised in Los Angeled California, who has been broke before and my family has struggled but has become very successful i dont find anything he said and continues to say insulting. Most of you just need to grown up and understand the nature of his business and why he makes money in the carrer he has chosen as comedian.

  6. Joshua says

    man the george lopez show was da sh*t… i mean this show showed that all families have a chance in life and that nobody will satnd in there way…. but if you can put it back on cuz it is great…

  7. jimmy says

    why they do that i love that show out of the 1,000,000,000 that are out there george lopez was the best pleae put the show back

  8. says

    All you George ranters suck. George Lopez was the best f**king show on television. He did make “white vs cuban(etc)” jokes, but CMON, those are from the producers, and if not, who gives a f**k? Hes damn funny! He needs to be aired again before those jackass “Cavemen” people take over. I mean what th f**k?! Cavemen forming a sitocm off of Geiko? Honestly, wtf? Damn, what a f**ked up 21st century we live in…

  9. sharon says

    well i came to this site because i was wondering what has happend to the cast after the show went off the air, but all i have read is a bunch of whinny people who don’t have a life,it was a show people it got canned as many have before it and we all know many will after it,why is it so important for you to make everything in your lives a racisit issue?i don’t think i have ever read more stupid post in my life and why are you putting your names as annyoumus? are you ashamed?seems so,i was hoping to find the site to wish the cast well,i enjoyed the show but good lord people it is a show,not a life line,i don’t care if your mexican,white black, green,who cares GROW THE HELL UP WATCH THE SHOW IN RERUNS or watch something else,seems to me you all watch way to much t.v. get jobs and get food raise your kids and be happy that you and your family are healthy,if you must base your life off of a show your not healthy,or happy,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. farah nieto 35 yr old nyc says

    whites are on too much STILL and it gettin so repetitive.and
    i do not know WHO HERE IS SAY
    “the black and white are always on the airwaves not hisp/mexican etc. oh plz
    the black people 1/2 my race
    other half my mother is mexi
    american and puerto so we
    BUT GRINGOS,the whites are
    all over the DAMN AIRWAVES!@
    SPANISH NOVELLAS AND MY in my video dvd collection,cause they are the best and i will MISS G.lopez but i am watchin ahora en nickelodeon and tv land so i am happy
    adios. and lastly i think lopez need to kall the more ETHNIC NETWORK LIKE UPN 9,THEY GIVE MORENAS Y HISPANC

  11. Anonymous says

    It’s called Telemundo. The products you buy are American right? No, I don’t care about the black show’s, or the white show’s, or the Hispanic show’s. If you don’t want ot but then don’t, if you don’t want to watch then don’t. It is all a business, not a racial profile of color, race or misunderstanding as you seem to not understand. Learn and teach not preach and confuse.

  12. Anonymous says

    Pss, Invasion 2 sucks balls. What the f**k is that. Boycott my ass. ABC has been around since you were nothinhg, oh sorry still nothing. Good Luck with your boycott.

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