CBS Dumps Encores of Ghost Whisperer, Accidentally on Purpose, and The New Adventures of Old Christine

The New Adventures of Old ChristineLast week, CBS surprised many when they cancelled some of their long-running shows like The New Adventures of Old Christine and Ghost Whisperer. The network also axed freshman sitcom Accidentally on Purpose.

Though these TV shows won’t be returning next season with new episodes, some viewers were likely planning to enjoy their reruns over the summer. Not anymore.

CBS has now purged the three cancelled series from their schedule. On Wednesdays, repeats of How I Met Your Mother and Rules of Engagement will fill the 8-9pm timeslot until Big Brother takes over on July 14th.

After tonight, the network plans to move Medium into the 8pm timeslot on Friday nights and run crime dramas at 9pm. Medium will hold the earlier timeslot in the fall. The final encore of Ghost Whisperer on CBS will air this evening as previously scheduled.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Laura says

    CBS suck I will no longer be watching their station. I hope they go broke. Thanks cbs after all these years you can’t even give Ghost Whisperer and Numbers a chance to have a perfect send off. These are the best shows on T.V. I don’t think they will ever premiere shows on a Friday night that can do better. They should be happy with the high ratings they have for a Friday. These are the same executives who canceled moonlight a wonderful vampire show. that I loved. All the kids and adults are wild about vampires right now Vampire diaries on the CW and the Twilight series are doing awesome making millions. Imbecile who runs cbs should be fired.

  2. Luke says

    I came to this site hoping to find answers as to why Ghost Whisperer is not on tonight. Well, now I have my answers, but do not understand. Oh, this is terrible! I cannot believe CBS cancelled Ghost Whisperer…why? Did the show cost too much to produce? Was it because Jennifer Love-Hewitt talked about personal matters while apperaing on “The George Lopez Show?” I am so disappointed…

    Friday nights will take on a whole new meaning for me…channel surfing to find something worthwhile to watch. I do wish you will reconsider and allow for summer reruns. Otherwise, I guess I will find some other channel and settle there on Friday.

    Also, CBS, why in the world are you moving CSI Miami to Sunday night? My goodness, first you reduce Adam Rodriguez to a guest starring role, or something…and we all know the routine of moving shows to a different night and time slot…so they will fail…and inevitably the network pulls the plug. Goodness, CBS, what on earth are you thinking?

  3. Beth says

    VERY disappointed in CBS taking off Ghost Whisper and Numbers. Every Friday night my husband and I had “date night” and watched these shows…I think this was a big mistake…I don’t believe CBS will be on my viewing list for the fall. USA has some good series on these days I guess I will watch them from now on.

  4. Johnie Vereen says

    Well strike up another blow for the boys at the top of the hill. Again yet another network thinking with their glasses off while looking at viewer ship numbers. These boys would rather read the graffiti on the bathroom wall than find satisfaction in the fact there are 10,000,000 viewers watching Ghost Whisperer. My wife and I have watched faithfully all these years, being one of those 10,000,000 viewers that CBS has no regard for and much less something we enjoy watching. All these Network Exec’s have the one thing in common, they don’t watch their own TV programming and if they did it would be obvious there are things that really do need to be pulled but Ghost Whisperer is not one of those shows. Its IQ’s like these that canceled Star Trek after three seasons and well all know how that went. No wonder the Cable Networks are taking over. In the future the name CBS will take on a whole new meaning, “Crumbling Broadcast system”. Well I got that off my chest not that anyone at the helm will every read this anyway. A sad fair well to a great show…..

  5. elaine says

    Want Accidentally On Purpose back-Think it is funnier than How I met Your Mother by far- LOVE Davis

  6. Ryan says

    Cbs really did it on this one. I mean they had some great shows in Accidentally on purpose,Old Christine, and Gary Unmarried. I mean if they gave these shows a chance they could’ve really been successful.
    I mean does anybody remember any Christine,Gary Unmarried,.or Accidentally on Purpose commercials during the superbowl that was the most watched event of all time. Of course you don’t, they had no commercials promoting it. I mean they promoted the heck out of Barney at the Superbowl for HITYM, or Two and a half men…but wheres the Commercial for Gary unmarried.
    So the point is CBS really could’ve have saved these shows by letting them come back as a mid season replacement or trying to build into a wednesday night comedy line up since CSI NY got moved to fridays.

  7. sandy says

    I am very upset with CBS they get quality shows and dismiss them because they entertain the audience, Numbers was educational it taught math can be used in all ways of life, Ghost Whisperer is more entertaining then Medium and putting CSI Miami on Sunday night is a big mistake as if wishing it will fail. What an inept group you have at CBS who like to be the big houchos

  8. d l says

    Cbs is dumb , ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE was really funny . Don’t they remember that cheers and who’s the boss had bad rating first season . I keep it on my dvr and watch the whole season often . Cbs is always ways not giving monday night shows a chance Like the class was funny also

  9. Herb Finn says

    This is nothing unusual – CBS has pulled summer repeats of canceled shows for years – even series they own-/co-own.

  10. kiki says

    bring back ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE!!! i am watching the show now and i am so mad it wasnt given more time! it is a fabulous show that many dif ages groups can relate to!

  11. Michael Compton says

    CBS…….You truly suck.

    I’ve had it with them…..Won’t be checking out anything on their network this coming fall….Won’t even give ’em a try.

    No more CBS for me.

  12. Jeremy Rynek says

    Somebody must have pissed someone off at CBS. They won’t even put on encores? Their dead-set on get rid of these shows. I’m confused why but WTF-EVER!!

  13. Jay says

    big brother premieres july 8th. just fyi.

    & what about gary unmarried ?!?! don’t see it mentioned here

    • says

      @Jay: Thanks for the date note. The story was referring to when Big Brother took over the Wednesday night timeslot but it wasn’t clear. I’ve adjusted.

      I don’t think they had any intention of putting Gary back on, for whatever reason.

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