CBS Dumps Encores of Ghost Whisperer, Accidentally on Purpose, and The New Adventures of Old Christine

The New Adventures of Old ChristineLast week, CBS surprised many when they cancelled some of their long-running shows like The New Adventures of Old Christine and Ghost Whisperer. The network also axed freshman sitcom Accidentally on Purpose.

Though these TV shows won’t be returning next season with new episodes, some viewers were likely planning to enjoy their reruns over the summer. Not anymore.

CBS has now purged the three cancelled series from their schedule. On Wednesdays, repeats of How I Met Your Mother and Rules of Engagement will fill the 8-9pm timeslot until Big Brother takes over on July 14th.

After tonight, the network plans to move Medium into the 8pm timeslot on Friday nights and run crime dramas at 9pm. Medium will hold the earlier timeslot in the fall. The final encore of Ghost Whisperer on CBS will air this evening as previously scheduled.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Amber Soechtig says

    Wow cbs…I didn’t know you could do anything dumber….first you got rid of moonlight which was a big hit….then you are getting rid of all the good soaps….now ghost whisper? What is wrong with you people! Ghost whisper has been one of your most watched show for five seasons…and now you turn your back on it…well i hope no one wants to do business with you anymore…..i hope they discontinue cbs too…because all you like to do is upset your viewers…I will no longer be watching cbs and i have many friends and family who say the same….I cant wait for the day to come when you are off air…and then I hope you think about all the stupid choices you made…Because no one is going to want to watch your shows anymore due to them getting discontinued so much…who wants to start to love another show which will eventually get disconinued…not this woman ….and I am sure there are others who stand with me…CBS you are a shame to the american society!!!

  2. Kimberlie says

    How come CBS runs stupid shows like How I Met Your Mother, all the CSI shows which are getting boring, The Big Bang Theory and yet they cancel really good shows like my one and only favorite, Ghost Whisperer. I admit, I like NCIS and The Mentalist and The Good Wife, but those will get canceled too. Just like canceling all the good soap operas that have been on for years. What is the problem? It is that stupid people think stupid shows are better than ones that really show how people care about what happens to others. Way to go CBS, I hope you go bankrupt. I say BOYCOTT!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    dear sir’s I belive that ghost whisper should have a season 6 or 7 . you left this just like you did with jerico . NUTS , I think more veiwers would rather watch ghost whisper than shows like; how i met your mother or mike&molly. or medium. please bring back ghost whisper to cbs.

  4. LF says

    Im still upset CBS canceled Joan of Arcadia and replaced it with Ghost Whisperer, but after the first season I was hooked. Ill always miss both of those well written unique shows.

  5. Carrie Gettings says

    I am so mad! Ghost whisperer is my favorute show and they cancel! Come on CBS, where are you getting your info. from? Not the actual viewers who watch CBS. I like Old Christine too and Medium. UGH…so frusterating!

  6. abbie says

    urgh i hate the way they cancel all the good shows but leave all the **** ones on. yes i agree they are MORONS who really need to get a CLUE. like why not cancel all the crap ones instead. i HATE you cbs

  7. C says


  8. dar says

    ghost whisperer and medium were the only two cbs shows i watched but now that ghost whisperer is gone so am i ….medium has been really crappy lately anyhow so now i dont have to worry about changing the channel to cbs anymore!!

  9. Caitlin says

    I think CBS is a horrible station! Why not cut all of our favourites while you are at it. If you want more viewers why not….oh i don’t know {PROMOTE YOU SHOWS!!!!!} I mean that’s ALL it takes!!!!! These show’s were great and now they are gone.

    Note: All of AMERICA stop watching CBS- watch your shows online, stand up to the cowards of greed [referring to people who only want money] They love cancelling shows, so lets cancel them. i KNOW, this would never happen because CBS is too huge. But we have to do something.

    I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Stephanie says

    How stupid! Ghost Whisperer is my favorite show! How could they cancel it? CBS needs to get a clue and they will realize the fatal mistake they made by chopping this show!

  11. martin says

    About time Ghost Whisper is taken off the air should have been done long ago when first husband died.

    • Caitlin says

      Ah hello, are you crazy? Not to be rude, but it should have never been cancelled in the first place. Shore it could have gone bad after Jim died, but the show got a lot better, especially with their son! CBS, is run by nut cases! Do they even watch their shows? Most likely not! So they have no right to take away some of the best shows on tv. Not to mention they have taken away jobs!

      GOOD ONE CBS!!!!!

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