Ghost Whisperer: CBS TV Show Cancelled, No Season Six?

Ghost Whisperer cancelledAfter five seasons on the air, CBS has killed a staple of the Friday night schedule. Ghost Whisperer won’t be back next fall on the Tiffany network. Not unless it can come back from the dead…

Ghost Whisperer tells the tale of Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt), a young woman with the ability to see and talk to dead people. Regular castmembers over the past five seasons have included David Conrad, Camryn Manheim, Jay Mohr, Aisha Tyler, Christoph Sanders, Jamie Kennedy, and Kenneth Mitchell.

The TV show debuted in September 2005 and the season attracted an average of a 2.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.2 million viewers. In seasons two and three, the demo rose to a 3.0 rating with 9.9 and 8.6 million viewers respectively. For season four, the ratings went up again, to a 3.7 rating and 10.6 million viewers.

Unfortunately this year, the ratings fell — a lot. The season kicked off with a 2.3 rating and 8.7 million viewers. Things went further downhill from there. Last month, they hit a series low with a 1.3 rating in the demo and 5.96 million viewers. Though Ghost Whisperer was once a hit show for the network, those times are clearly over.

To little surprise, CBS has decided to cancel Ghost Whisperer. The series finale is set to air this Friday, May 21st.

However, because ABC Studios co-produces the series (with CBS), there have been discussions that it could switch networks. Medium ran for years on NBC before being cancelled and picked up by CBS.

ABC’s entertainment president, Stephen McPherson, has said that he’d be interested in picking up Ghost Whisperer if the series became available. ABC scheduler Jeff Bader told Variety today that they’ve toyed with the idea. He said, “We talked a lot about it. It could make a good lead-in to Body of Proof.”

To keep costs down, ABC has been committed to running only one scripted series on Friday nights but the execs will supposedly look at the possibility of picking up Ghost Whisperer in the next few days.

What do you think? Should ABC pick up Ghost Whisperer for season six or should it stay cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Nuha says

    Yes they should definitely bring it back….this is one of the very few good shows on TV…..has so many meanings & I love watching it….I’ve watched it all 3 times before & I’m almost done with my fourth time… the values the show has!!!! Please bring it back!!!!

  2. Lici says

    Ok no this can’t happen I’m so addicted to this show and I would die if I couldnt see it end I’m 14 and I love this show to death I need to see how it ends and it can’t just be a cut off please I beg you to death to bring it back I think they are amazing actors and of corse I wanna see little aiden grow up there are so many people that watch ghost whisper I have watched and recorded every season so far and I hate to know that know I will never get to see the rest my little sister love the show to and u can’t tell how many people are watching ghost whisper at the same time because there are many people in families that watch this please please please bring it back :(

  3. Becca W. says

    OMG what the HELL were they thinking when they cancelled GW. I’m totally addicted to this show! I’ve watched every single episode and like others was waiting and waiting for season 6. Ghost whisperer has been one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. I love that there’s a show out there that’s not just about sex and divorce and troubled kids. I get goose bumps every time i watch it. I love all the stories behind it and they have the perfect cast. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! I HOPE THIS SHOW GETS BACK ON AIR

  4. Amanda says

    I think that it was a mistake to have canceled Ghost whisperer. It was the best show I have ever watched! I love this show VERY much. And Feel as if the way they ended it was abrupt, and didn’t quite make sense. I feel for the characters, everytime they cried I had to fight back tears, every time they laughed, I couldn’t stop. I went through the emotions with this show. And Just cause there were some bad ratings doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have picked up. This show was way to amazing not to have.
    I feel as if we (the people who REALLY LOVED Ghost Whisperer) were deprived from getting to watch more of this AMAZING SHOW!
    Please bring it back!):

  5. naj192 says

    hello, im from brunei, borneo island, asea region. honestly, im falling in love with the ghost whisperer show n sadly once i come across this humor that it been cancelled from continuing this show, i really feel bad and sad.. please2x dont cancel the show. im really enjoying the show, shed a tears for some episodes even i knew it just a show, but i am really can feel, observe the story. please dont cancel it, the ghost whisperer show not just taught me to believe at the spirit thingy, but it also tell the people to appreciate all the moment when we still breathing, so the show is not just a show, it provide us some lead to become a good person.. please reconsider about the cancellstion

  6. ally says

    CBS is stupid for canceling there best show because to me all the other shows or all garbage n not that good

  7. thalia says

    oh my god ghost whisperer is the best show i ever seen i fell in love with it the first time i say it malinda is so beautiful and jim is so handsome and adin so adorible i wish the show wasnt canceled they should bring it back that show is like the best show thats ever been on tv i still watch the episodes on tv when there on i just wish that it was back on every friday and i would have something to look forward to on fridays , someone should get a thing with alot of signitures letting the show come back i hope someone does it i think it would get alot more hits today then ever.

  8. Sandy Finch says

    I miss Ghost Whisperer very much. Why did it have to be canceled? The network is crazy to cancel it. My husband even started enjoying it. Why are all of the good shows canceled no matter what viewers think? I hate all of the reality shows on tv. Jennifer Love Hewitt and David Conrad were so good together. I also enjoyed Manheim, Mohr, Kennedy, Sanders, Tyler and Mitchell. They were all very good. I was a faithful watcher. Thank goodness for reruns. I wish there were more. It was a very interesting, enjoyable show that rocked. They have some very poor shows on now. Ghost Whisperer should have stayed on longer. What happened? I very much enjoyed it. So sad.

  9. Jackie butler says

    I really wish that they could get ghost whisper back on tv it was a good show!!! It should had never been cancelled.

  10. Chantell says

    I didn’t know about this show when it first came out, but I am a faithful watcher of the reruns. I sit home on Saturdays just to watch all episodes on the WE channel. I soo love this show I surf through my television guide just to see if and when it comes on! I also have my best friend hooked! I wish they would have reconsidered cancelling it. I can’t stop watching!

  11. says

    My gosh i started by like a month ago on the series and i have grown on it i am glad they still play reruns and i just wondered if it was canceled and that was a bigg mistake i fell in love with it and i never get sick of it i feel very sad that it was canceled i think they should bring it back it was something me and my relitives shared we would sit on the couch and watch it but i was to little to understande i love it and i like how they lead me to think it was still on the air but just 2 make sure i researched it was because jersey shore,bad girls club came along and they pushed ghost whisperer aside i live and breathe this show so if they dont put it back on i WILL absolutly Die

    love, Taylor there biggest fan I LOVE GHOST WHISPERER

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