Ghost Whisperer: Series Ending Bothers Jennifer Love Hewitt

Ghost WhispererIt’s been many months now since CBS cancelled Ghost Whisperer. Many fans of the TV show are still shocked and upset about the cancellation and series star Jennifer Love Hewitt can sympathize.

In a recent interview with Zap2it, Hewitt revealed that she bought into the rumors that ABC might pick it up and talked about Ghost Whisperer’s abrupt end. She said, “For me, it was a total shock… I thought our next season probably would be the last, just because the show had been on for a really long time. It’s hard to come up with new things that will keep people intrigued, but I never thought in a million years that was going to have been our last season..”

Hewitt also expressed sadness about the fact that the story of Melinda Gordon was left unfinished. She noted, “I didn’t feel the series ended the way that [Melinda] deserved for it to. We left the audience sort of hanging, and I hate that. When you’ve taken people on a journey for so long, the least you can do is give them a goodbye. For a show that was about unfinished business, we didn’t get to finish.”

What do you think? What “unfinished business” bothers you the most about the show? How would you have ended Ghost Whisperer?

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  1. Cynthia says

    ok so its been a really long time that i tried figuring out why there has not been a new season out. Now I finally was given the answer to my question. I became a fan of this show and looked forward to friday nights just to watch. So sad it had to be cancelled.
    I really do hope that there can be some kind of reconsideration in bringing back this amazing show. It would be a real shock to see Ghost Whisperer return with all new episodes!
    Fingers crossed!

  2. Maddy says

    Please bring Ghost Whisperer back…I know i miss all of the actors too! I was completely heartbroken when i found out the show was canceled, and im sure there were others too. Even though it is just a Tv show and all with people acting in it, it felt partially real, every episode touched my heart in some way, it all felt real watching the episodes and connecting each one like a jigsaw puzzle, leaving off in season 5 not making season 6…there are pieces missing and quite a few, where did they go? :/

  3. angelica says

    WHY?!?!?!?! Why was ghost whisperer cancelled? It was definately the best show on television. CBS should have kept on going with it. I know I watched it ALL the time. We need Jennifer Love Hewitt back as the ghost whisperer!!! She was wonderful and I cried with her on almost every episode. She is such an amazing actress. The whole cast had so much chemistry they worked well together. Bring it back!!!! (Please)

  4. Krissy says

    Would really love to see this show to another season. It would be great to give the characters a chance to have a final goodbye.

  5. S Boyd says

    What bothered me the most? Well…let’s see. 1) What happened to all the ghosts down in the tunnels? No resolution. 2) Who WAS the ghost in the morgue? No resolution. 3) How could the shinies POSSIBLY be children who had already crossed over, when Aiden had said he called them the shinies because they had no FACES, just light? Yet in the last episode we can clearly see all the children’s faces. Just stupid. 4) Okay, Jim goes into Sam’s body. Fine, I’ll go with that…but 5 years later, everyone calls him Jim, but he’s Dr. Lucas? How the heck did they explain calling him JIM to anyone other than Delia, Ned and Eli? Ugh. 5) Prof. Payne PROMISED he’d come back…but 5 years later…no Payne. Man, I missed him. Eli was okay, but Payne was just such an ass, he was hilarious! Everything about the finale bothered me. I understand they probably did the best they could with limited time, but still. Why couldn’t the shinies have led all the lost ghosts from the tunnels into the light, not just the kids from the hospitals? Oh…and I’m assuming Jim, as a paramedic in dangerous situations, had a crap-ton of life insurance….did they take it or say “no thanks, he’s not really dead?”

    Too many questions, not enough answers…and not enough relationship between Melinda and Jim once the kid was born. Sex and chemistry doesn’t just disappear you know. That’s about it…for now.

  6. c wood says

    CBS… what the heck … If one believed didn’t believe or were in limbo…. 95 percent of Ghost Whisiper was great. The other 5 percent were good.. but mostly the Actors were awesome.. their talents were played wwith such truth.. care emotions.. Cancelling it out of nno where…..and also prety much leaving all in limbo was a Poor move.. and we are disappointed in your decission. Thank you to the crew…writter for all your work and care… And the highest thank you to the actors.. We hope to find you all in another Long running serries working together.. you made the show and made us feel the mystery, tears, care and love. Please find a way to work together again.
    Sincerely.. God Bless… C Wood

  7. Jon says

    I turned on the Ion channel one day and caught an episode
    I was so intruiged after watching it that I had to watch all 5 seasons
    I fell in love with Jennifer and her character too
    who knew that a show involving an antique-seller who can speak to the dead could be so compelling?
    the show had my attention and I was blown away by the strong emotions and how sentimental it could be
    Jim was one of my favorite supporting characters, too
    I was pretty upset with the last and final episode; felt very anti-climatic and they didnt really resolve anything
    even Melinda didnt get to make peace with her gift at last and have Aiden grow up to carry on her extraordinary gift
    still I enjoyed the show teaching me about life, love, loss, death, rebirth, and family

  8. Mary M says

    I agree, they could of at least of givin it a season finale. I’m upset the show is cancelled to begin with. Knowing they will be no more Ghost Whispher is shocking. I actually just started watching it two years ago and I just love watching all the ones on WE tv. I want to watch more. Its the only tv show I watch regularly and they remove it. All they needed was to have someone bring in some new material.

  9. Nicole says

    It’s really wrong of you CBS and abc for leaving us hanging. You could’ve atleast ended it better. Leaving melinda’s story so wide open like that is wrong.if you ran out of ideas or needed a food one ask the public.

  10. christina cormier says

    i wish they could put the show back on or make a movie i miss that show too many good shows are being cancelled

  11. hdhjh says

    im just so sad that they would just end the show like that.all of my friends including me are big fans of ghost whisperer.the show will be missed.i think jennifer love hewitt is a great actor. i REALY hope she gets another show going very soon. i can hardly wait.

  12. Kendra says

    I’m watching Ghost Whisperer on Netflix right now and am really enjoying the series all over again. So sad that they didn’t get the opportunity to at least offer a Series Finale. I can see so many things that the audience would have appreciated having tied up. Will miss the show very much, and will miss seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt on TV – hope she gets something going soon. Always enjoy her.

  13. Jeanette Swinson says

    I would really like the show Ghost Whisperer to start up again with the same crew members. I looked forward to watching the show every Fri. night. There are alot of us that would like for Ghost Whisperer to start up again.

    Thank You!

  14. Naomi says

    This show was like a flipside to Touched by an Angel. I cried every episode of Ghost Whisper because you could just feel the emotion and compassion that J.L.H poured through her character Melinda. I didn’t even realize it was cancelled until it just never came on again… :( How sad. I still watch reruns of shows I’ve already seen and love them just the same.

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