Ghost Whisperer: Series Ending Bothers Jennifer Love Hewitt

Ghost WhispererIt’s been many months now since CBS cancelled Ghost Whisperer. Many fans of the TV show are still shocked and upset about the cancellation and series star Jennifer Love Hewitt can sympathize.

In a recent interview with Zap2it, Hewitt revealed that she bought into the rumors that ABC might pick it up and talked about Ghost Whisperer’s abrupt end. She said, “For me, it was a total shock… I thought our next season probably would be the last, just because the show had been on for a really long time. It’s hard to come up with new things that will keep people intrigued, but I never thought in a million years that was going to have been our last season..”

Hewitt also expressed sadness about the fact that the story of Melinda Gordon was left unfinished. She noted, “I didn’t feel the series ended the way that [Melinda] deserved for it to. We left the audience sort of hanging, and I hate that. When you’ve taken people on a journey for so long, the least you can do is give them a goodbye. For a show that was about unfinished business, we didn’t get to finish.”

What do you think? What “unfinished business” bothers you the most about the show? How would you have ended Ghost Whisperer?

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  1. Nick says

    I used to love this show, I watched it right from the beginning of season 1 and I watched it all the way to the end it’s been almost three years but I still miss it so much. Watching this show on Friday nights was the only reason I got through the week and this show was probably my favorite of all time. I wish they would come back for a final season (even one that just had a few episodes and aired mid-season) or at least maybe just a one-hour special or a TV movie just so we could see how it ends, which I know is pretty unlikely considering it’s been over for so long and they probably already tore down the sets, but I know so many people who miss this show and it really is a shame. The ratings were declining but I’m surprised that NBC or Fox or a cable network didn’t pick it up, and even if NBC or Fox did pick it up or do a movie I’m sure it would get enough viewers to be financially plausible.

  2. says

    How can a Network just end a show like this – how can they let the fans not get real closure… It really makes me mad, that the Network don’t let the show get a real endning, it’s just not right.
    I really hope they will reconsider and make a final season with real closure and not let the fans hang there – they owe it to them and me!!!

  3. Paul says

    Watching “Ghost Whisper” was the highlight of my week and I blame CBS for axing the program. I will NEVER watch a show on that network again!

  4. Heather says

    This show was awesome. They should really think about trying it again. I know it was popular and it was just getting even better! I know they were worried about the ratings. But, they had just added more things such as the shinies and the shadows! These and Aiden with his powers were keeping people intrigued! We didn’t even get to learn all about those. Ghost Whisperer really has to come back because it just can’t end the way it did! Its time to give it a couple more seasons! It is so rude to end a show without even a planned season finale. They at least owe us a 6th season! More would be better though!

  5. Tina says

    I loved that the season at least gave us an ending to the shinies and the shadows, although I wished their “war” would have been longer and more done. I felt like the shinies taking over lasted only a couple of seconds… Yet there was so much talk and emphasize on how dangerous the shadows were and they get taken out in 10 seconds… The cliffhangers that bother me the most was what happened to Gabriel?!! He was plotting such a HUGE plan with Romano to take over the light and what not and there was nothing exactly epic to continue it… We never know why Gabriel tried so hard to kill Melinda despite his father’s warnings. Melinda’s father never crossed into the light either and so what happened to his ghost? You’d think he would have made an epic haunting come back… Another thing to mention is they never brought back the humorous Professor Payne and updated what has become of his trip. Just imagine his character marveling at the new learned details. The whole oji board prediction of death never came either.. I just felt like they built so much suspense towards whats going to happen next, but because of the cancellation, there was so many cliffhangers and Melinda Gordon’s story was never finished..

  6. camille says

    I think they should put on season 6 because i love it. When i got home from wher ever i was i would watch it. I wont to know if doctor pain was comming back? So i would love it if you would put season 6 on . : )

  7. katy says

    i have watched and re watched all the ghost whisperers. i love them and jennifer hewitt. i think if the tv series wont be renewed then maybe someone should think about making a movie. at leat a movie to end the series kinda like they did for ‘firefly ‘ when they made “serenity”. i know i would watch it and probably buy the dvd. i hate how this ended. it didnt wrap up all my questions it didnt show what happened to aiden or melindas brother. i am very disappointed i wont be able to go on this emotional rollercoaster that i always get everytime i watch this show. from intrigue to wondering then finally the happy tears when the ghost finally sees the light. i hope maybe someone will do an appropriete ending for this amazing show.

  8. Tina says

    I agree ghost whisperer is one of my favorite shows and I didn’t like how it ended so abruptly the network shouldn’t have cancelled it that way. I hope and pray that someone
    will look at giving GHOST WHISPERER another season or the proper ending it and the fans deserve. If anyone does start an online petiton to get them to do more seasons I’ll sign it. Love from Tina a very big fan of Ghost Whisperer and Jennifer-Love Hewitt (Melinda Gordon)

  9. redgirl/charlene says

    I believe that they television stations need to start paying attention to their rating, those shows that have high ratings should stay on those with low ratings should be taking off. Jennifer – love hewitt is one of the best actresses in the business . They should bring it back or start another one with connor older, and mabe a little sister to help fight the bad spirits.

  10. Al says

    I have been an ardent fan of Jennifer Hewitt when I told my wife many years ago that she was best candidate to play Audrey Hepburn and then years later she was cast for that role.
    It is unfortunate CBS does not like, like most studios cannot develop programs with no major language issues and major violence in their programming.
    Shows that reach people emotions and their reflections on the after life is integral to present day lives and this show in my opinion is reflecting on today’s societal activities. Reflecting on those issues that we face with everyday. What I see more of is the same Law Enforcement shows and their residual effects instead of the proactive view to recollect our present behavior has a consequential effect on the living and on the dead.
    A true indicator is the recent reality shows showing this is documented those residual spirit activity is truly existing and documented. Ghost Whisperer show ties in those discoveries that there are spirits and they are some of the results of today’s consequences.
    This show is truly vanguard in comparison and in my opinion a valued complement for answers to our newly verifiable discoveries of the afterlife.
    This show give you serious reasons to reflect on our behaviors before leaving the corporeal world we know of.
    As a person that had several paranormal experiences I hope ABC picks this show up as a male I like the series “Once upon a Time” too. At the moment I look at all the series in rerun at other channels for Ghost Whisperer . Jennifer good luck! And God Bless you!
    “Judge not lest you be judged the same way!”

    • Anonymous says

      I agree everything she said and I am waiting for a surprising ending,even though I was hoping that this TV show will last forever.I don’t know how I would end it ,Melinda’s death would be to tragic.
      Hopefully the show will return.

  11. Paige Bilclough says

    I hate that Ghost Whisperer had to end. I love the way that they introduced new characters into the series’, like Aiden and Eli. So what if the ratings dropped, they still had nearly 3 million viewers watching! Hopefully, CBS do pick up Ghost Whisperer, as this show is absolutley fantastic! My step-mother introduced me to this, and I couldn’t keep away from it. It had a fantastic view on the paranormal. Hopefully, SOMEONE has the sense to view it again. Even one last series would be brilliant, something thrilling happen at the end of that series, would make us understand what happens to Melinda Gordon (Jennifer-Love Hewitt). Someone talk some sense into these people! Please! Love one of the biggest fans of Ghost Whisperer, Paige Bilclough

  12. UK fan says

    I totally agree with all of what is said. There needs to be one final season to tie up all the loose ends – if the producers / writers need any inspiration of plot lines I’m here to help if it gets the show back on the air

  13. suzi says

    i agree with all i have read. they left us hanging. one more season, for closure, would have been nice. i am also watching the saseons all over again on netflix. if there was anything to sign to bring it back i would!

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