Ghost Whisperer: Watch Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Tearful Goodbye to Viewers

Ghost WhispererBy the time Ghost Whisperer was cancelled by CBS, the cast and crew had already wrapped their fifth season so there was no opportunity for them to give the show a true series finale. There was talk about the show possibly moving to ABC but it didn’t work out.

A lot of different sets were used in the production of Ghost Whisperer. Before they were dismantled and destroyed, Jennifer Love Hewitt returned to take fans on a 17 minute tour and to say goodbye.

In the video’s final moments, Hewitt gets emotional while addressing the show’s loyal viewers. She says, “It was an amazing five years. I can not thank you guys enough, from the bottom of my heart — for being so incredibly gracious, for being so loving, for being so accepting of Melinda and all of her craziness, all of her ghosts all of her nightmares, and all of her unfinished business.”

Hewitt continues, “Your love and support has meant everything to the cast and crew of Ghost Whisperer and we will all miss you guys very, very much. And I promise that I will come back to TV to do something really, really fun. Go get our DVDs, think about us, miss us and know how much we all will miss you. (tears up) Much love.” She has to stop at the end, saying “Sorry.” and giving a tiny wave to the camera.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. katie says

    Why cancel this show? It needs to come back with a season 6!! I’m truly disappointed! Once I seen this show, I was hooked 100% I’ve watched EVERY show and season…Jennifer you were such a great actress in this show, I was always on the edge of my seat, it was not predictable at all it was quite intriguing, Come back :)

  2. Maddy says

    That video made me cry…Jennifer devoting time to show us and what she said that the end..i miss her and the rest of the cast but her most :/

  3. Gannie says

    Love the show!!! So sad it has been cancelled. It was also a great love story, so much chemistry between the characters of Melinda & Jim. Great family show. Please bring it back….not much out there as entertaining as “Ghost Whisperer”.

  4. raelynn grrr!! rodriguez says

    im soo sad it breaks my heart because i looked up to melinda gordon and i think it’s stupid that they don’t make season six on ion.. my god todays tv prodrucers don’t know anything about a good show, all they know of is violence and todays stars they don’t even care of the fans of ghost whispere and the people who looked forward to watching the show everyday.No all they cared about is the views.. maybe they’d get more views if they got the word out anout ghost whisperer… they can’t just ignore jennifer love hewitt she is an amazing actress and she had an amazing show.. i mean whats gonna happen to aden, jim, delia and ned.. I NEED TO KNOW!

    • Maddy says

      I agree! They took off a ton of shows just to put boring meaningless ones on, they need to learn to make shows that are nice and interesting no offence to the producers or anything, i understand that it is probably difficult to make the sets work out right and make scripts that make sense and all but they need to bring ghost whisperer back not just cancel the boring shows and bring back more boring ones!

  5. Sommer Clifford says

    Unbelievable, I quit watching TV. I don’t pay for cable. Its not worth it. They are cancelling all the good shows. Lie To Me and now Ghost Whisperer? Seriously? What a disappointment. I am tired of getting used to a show, and waiting for the next season and then they cancel it with no warning. We all know Army Wives isn’t coming back… Thats why I watch whats free on the internet. No more cable bills for me.

  6. Mandy says

    Ireally think somebody needs to pick up the show
    everybody wants the show back n we love melinda and alll her
    craziness , it is a very fun n entertaining show .
    please please bring it back , and jennifer we LOVEu !

  7. Bette says

    I am so upset that the show was cancelled. My granddaughter and I always watched together. Please, please bring it back!!!

  8. Charlotte says

    My son & I we love this show. I wish you would not cancelled the show. We watch the re-runs. I hope you will put it back on.

  9. Aolani says

    I am missing this series SO much! There are so many fabulous things about this show, like the superb acting, story line, and guest appearances, but one of the things I love most is that my 12 year old daughter and I could watch it together without fear of age inappropriate scenes coming up. It is a rare thing these days to find a series that an entire family can enjoy; one where it offers something for everyone of all ages. Ghost Whisperer was unique and engaging and allowed our family to share something we loved together. I really wish ABC or CBS would pick it up again because when a show touches people that personally, it’s something extremely special and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

  10. Vickie says

    I watch all the re-runs, everyday on ION TV. So why doesnt ION take over and let Chost Whisperer, Melinda, Jim, Aden, and everyone just continue on??? I love this show, so sorry to see it have to end….However, I still am not sure which episode is the FINALE?!?! The Last episode I have recorded is 114 on 5/14/2010…is this the last show altogether?? Someone tell me what is the last episode number????

      • raelynn grrr!! rodriguez says

        What that’s the last epsidoe!?! it leaves soo many questions this is exactly why they need to have a channel thay actually cares about the show and will broadcast it no matter what

  11. Veonica says

    Wow I can’t believe that they have cancelled the show it was one of the best show on I am always watching the reruns because there is nothing on thats any good I don’t like watching the cop shows where there is all the volience. I don’t understand why they couldn’t put it on either at a different time or on a different station. You all complain about the volience in the world but you are not afraid of putting on another shoot them up and kill them show but when there is a show that is not like that you have to cancel it. Please think about it an put it back on

  12. Kelly,Montreal, QC, Canada says

    We so loved this show and have been watching for years, REALLY ABC and about a better time slot and perhaps advertise. You have to know we’re taping the shows and watching all the repeats…seriously, do we really need another kill em cop show?? Jennifer, it was so thoughtful to do this wrap up video, you got me when you choked, very sad, the set walk about was a great touch, I feel like someone has pulled out the last 5 chapters of my book. Please bring it back! Otherwise…Jennifer…start writing the book.

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