Ghost Whisperer: Watch Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Tearful Goodbye to Viewers

Ghost WhispererBy the time Ghost Whisperer was cancelled by CBS, the cast and crew had already wrapped their fifth season so there was no opportunity for them to give the show a true series finale. There was talk about the show possibly moving to ABC but it didn’t work out.

A lot of different sets were used in the production of Ghost Whisperer. Before they were dismantled and destroyed, Jennifer Love Hewitt returned to take fans on a 17 minute tour and to say goodbye.

In the video’s final moments, Hewitt gets emotional while addressing the show’s loyal viewers. She says, “It was an amazing five years. I can not thank you guys enough, from the bottom of my heart — for being so incredibly gracious, for being so loving, for being so accepting of Melinda and all of her craziness, all of her ghosts all of her nightmares, and all of her unfinished business.”

Hewitt continues, “Your love and support has meant everything to the cast and crew of Ghost Whisperer and we will all miss you guys very, very much. And I promise that I will come back to TV to do something really, really fun. Go get our DVDs, think about us, miss us and know how much we all will miss you. (tears up) Much love.” She has to stop at the end, saying “Sorry.” and giving a tiny wave to the camera.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Lisa says

    This series was great. Why? I cannot understand it. This series was unbelievable.
    Please, bring it back :(
    Sad greetings

  2. Betsy says

    It’s 2012 and I am still watching dvds of ghost whisperer and lost without any new ones . I miss Melinda’s and Jim’s love the most . It gave me some hope in this depressing world .
    I loved the show and they always cancel my favorites . I could so relate to this show I run my own hair salon and my best friend can see spirits she can’t talk to them but still I felt a connection to this show . Please come back.

  3. thomas says

    OMG!!!!!! This show was “GREAT” I cant believe they took this show of the air… PLEASE BRING IT BACCCKKKKKK

  4. says

    I continue to be amazed by the networks programing choices. Ghost Whisper was a great show. This was the only show that both my 9 year old and 13 year old daughter would sit and watch together. If we were not going to be home we always made sure to DVR so we could all watch as a family. CBS I am ashamed of you. You talk about ratings no one ever asked us! If anything we became faithful to watching this show from season 2 on. ABC show CBS that you are indeed the better network and bring Ghost Whisper back!!!!!

  5. Allison says

    This show is amazing! It gives so much hope and comfort to people when their loved ones cross over. Please bring this show back!

  6. Me says

    It’s not too late for a new season! I promise. Any fan of “Ghost Whisperer” will wait FOREVER and a day for Season 6 to air. I’m only a kid, and haven’t seen all of the episodes as I want too. But, I’m trying SO HARD to watch re-runs and peice it all together. It would be SO much simpler if the cast rejoined and starting filming this MAGNIFICENT show once again. :( It KILLS me that I can’t expect a new episode when I come home from school everyday or something. CBS has cancelled one of the best shows ever produced out there, and I will not have this any more. So, from me, PLEASE PLEASE bring this wonderful show back. It isn’t too late. Why al the shows with inappropriateness and cussing every few seconds? “Ghost Whisperer” NEVER had anything wrong with it. SO, PLEASE return it. This show brightens my day every day I watch it at 4, and its sad that I have to wait until then. Again, It isnt too late.
    -A very VERY upset “Ghost Whisperer” fan. <3 We miss you Jennifer! :( (AND David) :)

  7. Jennifer says

    I am SO upset that this show is not going to be on anymore! =( I absolutely LOVE this show and it makes me sad that it is gone. So many people loved it and watched it, why cancel it? Why are all the good shows taken off the air? I will never understand it. But you will put on worthless garbage with cursing and inappropriate things…I am so angry about this right now!!

  8. Marsha says

    I cannot understand televison anymore. You put a good show on and then before you know it, it’s gone and some stupid show like a cooking show, or family shows like The Braxton,or Joan etc. which airs their public life. Ghost Whisper is a clean show and the crew is great. Televison is almost to the point where it isn’t worth watching anymore. If everyone would stop watching TV and start renting or buying DVD’s , Televison would not be able to get any ratings and would eventually go out of business.

  9. Cally says

    I really wish you guys could do more I mean I love it please bring it back for all your fans they love guys it would be great and I at least know fifty people that would watch another season do please please if you did me and all your fans would be so so happy

  10. Kim says

    Please bring it back. That show was fantastic, I was upset and sad that they cancelled the show which I don’t why. So please bring it back for all of the Ghost Whisperer fans

  11. Jaimie-lee Wright says

    I agree!!! Bring the show back – it is a family show – good, clean, taught the right morals, even talked about God. Why not cancell some of the trash on television?! Why not cancell all the television shows that have all the sex and homo’s on them?! Give us back the show that can be watched by anyone at anytime. The characters of Melinda and Jim are what America needs to be viewing- the true meaning of marriage and love!!! Also the true friendship between Melinda and Eli and Delia and Ned – thats what America needs on their television set. Bring it back!

  12. says

    To the most wonderful couple and parents the TV world has ever met. Thank you for making my days. Thank you also for giving me the will to move on when my son “Gabriel” died, you helped me know and feel that he was ok and that it was ok for me to move on. your show was so beautiful, it gave me insight that all of my loved ones that have crossed over are safe happy and are watching over me and my other two sons Brock and Nicha’lous, especially “Gabriel”. Oh yes I do hate that your brother “Gabriel” was mean, but given the time I’m sure Melinda would have brought him around or Jim was going to give him a beating. Thank you Jennifer and cast, you all were wonderful, I will miss you and my hour of tears. Please come back soon, Love to you all

  13. Elly says

    I don’t watch many show’s because of the ratings and how unappropreate they are. I find one a really like “Ghost Whisperer” and it get’s cancelled. I am truly disappointed. This is a great tv series. The cast is excellent together. And, the family the friends. It is great. Showing how a family life should be together and friends how they support each other though everything. I enjoy Melinda’s investigating into the spirits life helping them find peace and helping them find the “light” . To me Light is “God” and I always seem to get tears of joy when they finally can cross over. Thank-You Jennifer and cast. I hope that you will back soon. This is such a great show. Thank-you for the shows we have already watched and there will be more to come.

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