Gilmore Girls: An Abbreviated Season Eight?

Lorelai & Rory to say goodbye?As we reported here, the fate of CW’s popular drama Gilmore Girls is still up in the air. Though many believe that the current season hasn’t measured up to past years’ episodes, a lot of fans don’t want to let it go just yet. From all accounts, the CW would like to bring it back but at various times the two Gilmore girls (Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel) have expressed interest in moving on to do other things.

Now, word has leaked out via TV Guide that negotiations have taken a very interesting turn. According to Gilmore sources, just a day before the wrap of season seven, Graham is allegedly warming to the idea of returning for an eighth season — albeit a shortened one. This news comes just a week after the news that Graham asked for changes to be made on significant season finale scenes.

There’s no word on Bledel’s feelings on returning for another 13 episodes but an abbreviated season could be an ideal solution for both actresses. This would give the producers time to wrap up any loose storylines but wouldn’t present as large of a commitment from the actors who want to do other projects.

For now, the season finale (possibly series finale) will air on May 8th. Rory’s longtime idol, CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour, will have a cameo. We should know the show’s fate either before that date or shortly thereafter. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. says

    I think that Gilmore girls should keep going to season 8 because it has been really good and i have really injoyed it so much and it dosen’t matter it Alexis Beled is shy i thinlk she dose really good. Louren Graham and Alexis Bledel should keep the gilmore girls going.

    Rebecca Braybrook from Gisborne New Zealand

  2. janet says

    please please don,t take my one and only favorite show away. i won,t have any reason to watch t.v i love gilmor girls and would miss them so much. so please at least 1 more season

  3. Jami says

    How can this be happening? There are so few good show’s on these days. I love this show it is my one last favorite shows out there. There is now only “crud” out there on TV. Throw some money at the situation to make actors/actresses sign another season or two. Save the “Gilmore Girls”!!

  4. peggy says

    This show for me epitomized the very best there could be in t.v. land in the way of forthright, honest, down to earth family viewing. It would be an indignity to remove it from the airwaves forever. No other series I have watched comes even close to telling it like it is. Over the years we have seen watered down versions and copies of such shows as Everybody loves Raymond and King of Queens, and , in some regards they are just so out of touch with reality. This show was honest and sincere and had a real innocence that tugged at your heart strings. There is nothing that can come close to replacing it. Please for the love of God, leave something on the air which we can have pride in.

  5. Anna says

    This sucks! This sucks! This sucks! I want another season! I’m a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan and I’ve seen every single episode (i’m being serious) I have seasons 1,2,3,4,5, &6 on DVD and I’ve seen ALL OF THEM! We NEED an 8th season!! I’m speaking out for all the Gilmore Girls fans out there!


  6. zach says

    Just a quick one. I have never been a big fan of Gilmore Girls but my wife had got me watching it and I can see why she was all teary eyed last night when after the show it said series finale next week. She obviously hadnt heard anything about this even after watching this show every week for the past 4 years now. I would like to see them bring the show back and give the fans of the show what they want. No one wanted her to marry Chris. She needs to marry luke and rory needs to marry logan and not have jess come back in there somewhere and mess things up again nor should Dean swoop back in again and leave the show on a cliffhanger ending that it is known for. I think the fans of this show as well as myself just want to remember watching Gilmore Girls and remember that our own lives could be this good. Our own lives are already filled with crazy relationships and problems at home, we do not need more from the Gilmore Girls. So lets just hope that they dont end the series just yet and pay them what ever amount of money that they would like to come back and do a few more shows to really wrap up the series. I would say just have a double wedding and I am imagining that is what will happen. they will both book a place that fall through at the las minute and then kirk will have to marry them while the whole town of stars hollow pitches in to give them the wedding of a lifetime. I am sure suki and jackson will cater and that meshell sp will be a little nicer that episode. but it will all be better for the fans and they can rest that night knowing that the stars are aligned in Stars Hollow once again.

  7. nancy says

    I really do think 13 more episodes is an excellent idea. because if we end the series now there are soo many loose end to ties up. like Lorealai and Luke, Rory’s new job/Rory Logan, HepAlien being successful, and Sookies baby…

  8. Marisa says

    I think they should keep the show going i think this season is a good season in the being it wasnt to great but now it got real good n i hope logan n rory get married n lorelai gets back with luke!! I love this show n i love lorelai n rory!!

  9. marybeth says

    i hope they bring them back, even if it’s a shortened season..and i hope they keep logan/rory together and reunite lorelei & luke…i admit..having chris & lorelei marry was a disaster..

  10. jdkiki says

    I am a big fan of the show but this season has been awful. The yo-yo action of Lorelis love life is sad. And Rory should end the series with Logan why must they always be unlucky in love and live alone. Let the show end on a good note. Women can have a career and a marriage.

  11. Anonymous says

    I hope they can convise Graham and Bledel for coming back for at least 13 episodes, 13 is better than none I want them to know if they read this that they are my idols know matter what that happens because I love them and we will miss them.

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