Gilmore Girls: Watch the Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel Reunion

Gilmore Girls reunionEntertainment Weekly recently published a special issue that reunited members of the casts of various TV shows and movies. For some reason, most of the TV reunions were of shows that only ended in last few years. Still, it’s nice to see some of our favorite performers get back together.

The Gilmore Girls reunion brought Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel back together and the two actresses discussed, among other things, what might have happened after the show ended. Bledel suggested that Luke and Lorelai would have had a child or two by this point. Graham pointed out that the characters weren’t even married when the TV series ended but then conceded that, in the three years since we’ve seen them, they could have married in year one and and had two kids in years two and three.

In the video below, the former mother/daughter team chat about what they miss about the show, the rumors about a Gilmore Girls movie, and the show’s fast and furious cultural references. Note: the video was filmed in February, before the premiere of Graham’s current show, Parenthood.

What do you think? Any thoughts on this mini-reunion? Do they still have their trademark chemistry?

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  1. Wally Leitel says

    Oh Please, please!! Let there be a 2 hour TV show (available on DVD then too) where Luke and Rory’s mom (Loreli) get married, have a kid and Rory comes home to Stars Hollow to write for a newspaper that is nearby plus works on her own book she is writing….PLUS Dean returns and he and Rory discover that true love was always there with them too. Dean will have finished college and is settling down as a lawyer in Stars Hollow. I loved the Gilmore Girls , one of the best of all ever on TV and my daughter and I bought and watch the whole 7 years set of the dvd’s all the time…please bring it all back NOW while it still can be done somehow…I miss them all and it would be a blockbuster.

  2. Diana says

    OMG!! The writers, producers and people who made “Gilmore Girls” come true are unbelievably genius! Graham and Bledel are such great actress, it would be a dream come true for so many international fans if a season 8 or a great movie was made!! I think that after all these years if there are still so many fans screaming for more Gilmore Girls is because of the amazing series quality…. so funny, so interesting, so original, so perfect!!

    They should make a contest for fans to write the script for a movie, the best one gets to be produced (I´m pretty sure we would just do it for free)!! 😀

  3. Elaine says

    Was soooo disappointed there was no season 8. Season 7 ended like there was another season coming. Anything with more Gilmore girls would be AWESOME!!! Make more!!!

  4. M says

    Amazing, Wondeful,Insightful, and a show filles with unexpected and extremely entertaining events that cause one to keep watching, if there is a movie, a season eight or a reuinion interview, I’m psyched just thinking about it,,, i’ll definately watch it.

  5. katie says

    Deborah Bullock is SO right. I would love a luke/lorelai marriage w/ 1 or 2 kids and Rory and Jess back together b/c they’re prefect together. :)

  6. jS says

    The Gilmore Girls is my second favorite show of all time (the first being Charmed, both of which aired on The WB/CW). I have the entire series on DVD.

    I would love to see a Gilmore Girls movie if they could get everyone back for it. I think Lauren and Alexis still have the chemistry. They were one of the best on-screen duos I’ve ever seen. I’m really enjoying Lauren on Parenthood as well. She brings the same charm to Sarah Braverman as she did to Lorelai.

  7. Deborah Bullock says

    I NEED a GG reunion show SO BAD!! We need Amy back!! The final season was just NOT THE SAME without her…I wish we could see how she would’ve ended it. I def. think Luke and Lorelai would be married by now but I don’t know about kids, maybe prego or just 1. I for one want to see that Rory and Jess have reunited. Both writers, living together in NY and they come home to Stars Hollow every other weekend.

  8. Kim Moore says

    OMG!!! I love Gilmore girls. I watched it when it was first on and have seen every rerun episode at least twice. I would love to see a reunion show! Lorilei and Luke married with a kid or two of their own and Rory, a famous writer, returning home to Stars Hollow. I hope we get to see a reunion really soon! PLEASE….PRETTY PLEASE!!!!

  9. says

    i enjoyed gilmore girls series,,,,,,,,,,, but i didn’t like the ending of the series at all. i just wished the could have made something different for rory so she will not end up like the mother…………………………… a different path and directions for her would have been a great ending……

  10. Heather S. says

    Yes, a reunion would be great! I actually really missed the series one night and wrote out a (too embarrased to admit the # of pages) ruinion tv movie. =) If only I were famous, new Amy Sherman, or the top execs at CW….. lol. Anyway, I hope there is one! I would hope for Luke and Lorelai wedding (maybe a baby…), Rory and Dean back together, Rory opening her own bookstore in Stars Hollow and writing independently for magazines and papers (and being very successful), and then all of the regular towns people popping up that we miss! (Even Kirk. lol.)

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