Gilmore Girls: No Hope for Season Eight?

Lorelai & Rory to say goodbye?Gilmore Girls fans have been on a rollercoaster ride this season. At the end of last season, the show lost its creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband, co-executive producer Daniel Palladino. Fan reaction to producer David Rosenthal’s storylines have been mixed at best. To be fair, Rosenthal took on a very difficult job and was left with a lot of storyline challenges. Whether you liked it or not, most would agree a so-so season is better than none at all. Things can always get better, right? How about if this was Gilmore’s last year?

Gilmore Girls debuted on October 5, 2000 on the old WB network and made the jump in 2006 to the CW. The series focuses on the relationship between young single mother Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and her daughter “Rory” (Alexis Bledel). Set in the small and quirky Connecticut town of Stars Hollow, the relationship drama is well-known for its trademark wit, quick repartee, and a plenty of pop-culture references.

It’s generally believed that CW would like to bring it back next year. It’s easily one of their most popular shows and the network schedule isn’t exactly overflowing with strong prospects for the 2007-08 season. The possibility of an eighth season of Gilmore Girls however has been looking tenuous at best for awhile.

The two Gilmore leads have, at different times, publicly expressed either dissatisfaction or a desire to move on. At the beginning of this year, Graham was given a producer credit on the show. Considering the timing, it seems likely this was done to ensure her interest in continuing for another season.

Actually, word is that most of the cast (Melissa McCarthy is doing an ABC sitcom) has been signed for another year, with the exception of Bledel. After spending seven years on the series (over 25% of her life), it’s easy to understand why she might want to do other things. Still, it was generally believed that something could be worked out — perhaps even limited Rory appearances. It now appears that those expectations have changed.

The word from TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello is that negotiations have stalled (presumably with Bledel) and aren’t likely to get better. With just a few episodes left to shoot this season, a final decision will have to be made soon if there’s to be any kind of fulfilling closure to the series’ seven year run.

Actually, part of that closure could already be in the works. As regular Gilmore fans know, Rory has long had a fascination with CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour. After six years fruitless attempts to have her on the show, Amanpour is now scheduled to make a cameo in the May 8th episode. Will this be the series finale? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Pamela says

    At least 1 more season. I really relate to Lorelai (as my mom and I had the same relationship) and if I had had a daughter I really wanted my relationship to be like hers and Rory’s.

    Please keep it going

  2. DakotaCowgirl says

    I wish the Miss. Alexi would decide what she is going to do. Make a decision already! If they decide this is going to be the last…they need a smoking ending!
    I also don’t blame the last writers. Season 6, (in my book) sucked! They needed to do some fixing. Let the viewers have their last season and send it out on a bang!

  3. MilNEMGaL says

    I agree that the show can, in fact, go on quite nicely with only limited appearances by Alexis Bleidel. The rich characters in the town could be explored further. I love Melissa McCarthy, for example. And Lorelai’s parents! And LUKE and Lorelai. Hello! Agree that that too much time was spent on (yawn) Chris. That was way off track this year. Just keep up the witty repartee with the other characters and Lorelai, put Luke and Lorelai back together, and show more storylines utilizing Melissa McCarthy, Sally Struthers, and with Lorelai’s parents. What’s going on at the Inn, by the way? It’s all but disappeared (along with the employees) this season!!
    Hang in there and fix it! We NEED our Tuesday night GG!!!

  4. gilmoregirls#1fan! says

    Please dont let GILMORE GIRLS end! Life would not be the same for me! I’m telling you that this is the best show i’ve EVER seen! i have every season that is out so far and i really want to keep on buying them! please dont stop the show! let the gilmore girls continue BUT not if graham and blendel dont do it! i hope you all still do the show!

  5. Emily says

    I want the show to come back … but at the same time I don’t. Another mediocre season just to have another one? I want Gilmore Girls, I do, but maybe they should pull a Seinfeld and stop the show while it’s still semi-enjoyable. I don’t blame Dave for this season at all, Amy kind of really screwed him, and although these last few episodes have been getting better each week, I don’t want to see the show go on in mediocrity. I love the show, I love the characters. It’s sad to see it have to go out like this. If they come back for another season I want it to be amazing, vintage Gilmore, but I know that that is unlikely … and it has to be a full season. It can’t get cancelled mid-season because it got that bad. I’m torn about this Gilmore Girls thing. I feel like if they wrap it up this season for good, we won’t have closure on the storylines … and then no one will be pleased. I’m going to make this whole conclusion thing simple: may Gilmore LIVE ON, but please, make it good!

    22.8 … Then She Appeared … Literari Love … Java Junkie

  6. Marie says

    You can sooo do another season without Rory. This will give more time to focus on other key story lines. Bring back Rory part time. After all there are a lot of other people in Stars Hollow..

  7. Zuleikha says

    I’ve watched this show religiously; even going so far as to schedule my classes around it. But I do not want another season. This season is dragging itself out in all the wrong ways. I don’t want it to become $#!t and be forced not to watch next season. There is such a thing as ending gracefully, on a high note. Seinfeld had the right idea. Let’s move on, folks. End the show with season 7.

  8. Roberta says

    I too will be very saddened if Gilmore Girls ends. I really love this show. Some one else mentioned the storylines, like Lane and Zack, what about her twins? Also Loreli is supposed to get back together with Luke! As with what Joanne said my Tuesday nights will never be the same either. I hope they at least go on for the next season.

  9. Wendy says


  10. Mary says

    I truly hope that they give us a season 8. I believe that fans have been cheated this season throwing so many episodes with Chris – what a waste. We have watched Luke & Lor for years to just find ourselves watching Chris, the immature, irresponsible, self-centered whiner wins Loralai over to marriage. That has never been believable, so pls give us a Season 8 of Luke&Lor and their marriage, pregnancy, baby – SH folk creating so many plots and subplots around the Luke and Lor union with child. Luke with his own “baby”. The April storyline I could have done without as well. Please give us a Season 8. I sincerely hope that the actors and producers do not cheat devoted fans of GG and Stars Hollow out of a Season 8 with more Luke w Lor, Sookie and Jackson, Lor’s parents, the eccentric town folk and let Rory (Alexis) just come to town now and then if she wants to leave the show. I hate that she’d leave, but the fans deserve to have more episodes with Luke and Lor not just getting back together but seeing them start a family and a so many new adventures. We waited 7 years for L & L, not for Lor and Chris. Send Chris packing please.

  11. Christine Wilson says

    Gilmore Girls can’t end!!! Otherwise I’m going to have to get some actors who look a lot like the Gilmore Girls stars and have them continue on!!! I really don’t want to do that because it wouldn’t be the same!!! I LOVE GILMORE GIRLS!!! AND CHRIS’ MONEY!!! lol hehe I’m a 14 year old girl thats all we really want… jk!! love ya!

  12. Christine says

    I’m hoping for a season 8. Even without Alexis, I’d like a season 8 just to get closure on all of the Lorelai storylines. It seems as if they are setting up a POSSIBLE season 8 without Alexis, or very limited Alexis.

  13. says

    I will be so upset if the show comes to an end, I have grown up watching it and relating myself to Rory. I understand that people need to move on but my Tuesday nights will never be the same!

  14. Roger says

    Unless they bring back Amy to write and Daniel to direct, stick a fork in it, it’s done.

    This season has been so uneven, it’s sad. The last few episodes caught that familiar GG spark but I don’t know if it is enough.

    I would hate to see it go but I would hate more for it to just turn into a parody of itself and just get so bad that no one remembers how great it used to be.

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