Gilmore Girls: No Hope for Season Eight?

Lorelai & Rory to say goodbye?Gilmore Girls fans have been on a rollercoaster ride this season. At the end of last season, the show lost its creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband, co-executive producer Daniel Palladino. Fan reaction to producer David Rosenthal’s storylines have been mixed at best. To be fair, Rosenthal took on a very difficult job and was left with a lot of storyline challenges. Whether you liked it or not, most would agree a so-so season is better than none at all. Things can always get better, right? How about if this was Gilmore’s last year?

Gilmore Girls debuted on October 5, 2000 on the old WB network and made the jump in 2006 to the CW. The series focuses on the relationship between young single mother Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and her daughter “Rory” (Alexis Bledel). Set in the small and quirky Connecticut town of Stars Hollow, the relationship drama is well-known for its trademark wit, quick repartee, and a plenty of pop-culture references.

It’s generally believed that CW would like to bring it back next year. It’s easily one of their most popular shows and the network schedule isn’t exactly overflowing with strong prospects for the 2007-08 season. The possibility of an eighth season of Gilmore Girls however has been looking tenuous at best for awhile.

The two Gilmore leads have, at different times, publicly expressed either dissatisfaction or a desire to move on. At the beginning of this year, Graham was given a producer credit on the show. Considering the timing, it seems likely this was done to ensure her interest in continuing for another season.

Actually, word is that most of the cast (Melissa McCarthy is doing an ABC sitcom) has been signed for another year, with the exception of Bledel. After spending seven years on the series (over 25% of her life), it’s easy to understand why she might want to do other things. Still, it was generally believed that something could be worked out — perhaps even limited Rory appearances. It now appears that those expectations have changed.

The word from TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello is that negotiations have stalled (presumably with Bledel) and aren’t likely to get better. With just a few episodes left to shoot this season, a final decision will have to be made soon if there’s to be any kind of fulfilling closure to the series’ seven year run.

Actually, part of that closure could already be in the works. As regular Gilmore fans know, Rory has long had a fascination with CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour. After six years fruitless attempts to have her on the show, Amanpour is now scheduled to make a cameo in the May 8th episode. Will this be the series finale? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. dawglvr839 says

    this show will not be canceled because i am sending a letter to the wb and if they are canceling the show then they will definately be hearing from me

  2. says

    I totally agree with what almost everyone said in their comments. I read every review and i completely agree i think they should do a little 7th heaven keep it going for another season or two to get the closure and wrap it all up nicely continue with limited appearances by Rory and maybe Logan just to see what happens, have Luke and Lor back together arried with a family of their own. Lane and Zack and Sookie and Jackson doing their thing thay would be fine it needs better episodes better closure no more Chris and no more Logan if u can help it. It’s the best show on T.V in my opinion they need to keep it at least one more or maybe two seasons they need closure it can’t end yet they will be leaving it hanging which would suck. PLease i beg u people keep it going. Thank you Sincerely, Shannon from VA

  3. Priyanka says

    I think that Rory and Logan should not have broken up, becuase now there is no happy ending for Rory so the the series finale is screwed up because this was the best television series ever.

  4. shannon says

    seriously, i’m heartbroken! didn’t this show win that voting contest “Save one show”? doesn’t it have to come back for one more season??

    i love this show!

  5. Claire says

    i love this show. i have gotten them all on dvd and watched the entire 7 seasons in the last few months (except the 2 that haven’t aired in the US yet. If there is not going to be a season 8, i hope season 7 is wrapped up nicely. Rory with Logan Loralai with Luke. I hate when thing end without closure. If you know there is not going to be another season, wrap things up so we think the ‘characters’ will be happy foerver!!!

  6. Kelly says

    I would just like to say that i grew up watching Gilmore Girls, and will miss it dearly. GG being canceled is like losing a best friend… or rather two best friends, Rory and Lorelai. Ever since i was ten years old, i hav watched every episode and quoted it daily. I will always remember this show, and will always hav a place for rory and loralai in my heart. I think there is no hope left, so i would just like to say goodbye

  7. says

    I am a girl who loved to watch disney channel. Then saw Gilmore girls. I came home from school and watched it everyday. Then bought every season that was out. I picked a rolemodel.Rory.Also known as Alexis.I did everything like her.I also watched season 4 and cut my hair the way rory did. I only talk about Gilmore girls.Every night I watch it. I can not just let it go down like this.Also the guys in this movie are not wimpy. They are just not good actors! So please Alexis just try one more season. I just have to see what happens with you and Logan. You are my role model dont forget that. Oh and one more thing I dont like it how Lain has twins.Yet Zack still goes off in a band. It set’s wrong examples. Let them just take a break. So please bring gilmore girl’s back for good. Do not let a show that has come so far drown because maybe someone is having second thoughts. All she needs to do is have some encouragment. No,negative thought’s. GG rock’s!

  8. says

    Gilmore Girls cannot end. And even if Alexis doesn’t want to be on the show, she really doesn’t have a big impact on it anyways. Even when looking back in the first season’s interviews, the creators were talking about how all rory had to do was be the quiet daughter. i mean, to save the show without alexis, all the writers have to do is make logan and rory be in LA. and have very limited appearences. and for the rest of the time, could be lane, or more of activities in the town, but i think that if there is a season 8, it will wrap up everything of what the show could have started. make amy say those last two lines.
    duh, its just like seven heaven, so many of the characters left, and its still a wonderful show

  9. Jackie says

    Gilmore Girls needs another season, as many have said, for another start and finish to Luke and Lorali. Rory making guest appearances is fine, but i really wish her character would wise up and become the “innocent” girl she used to be. Enough of the icky Logan. He needs to go. Hook Rory up with a man who hasn’t slept with almost every girl he meets. Nuf said. GG is a wonderful show, and we need a season of better story lines (way better) and finally getting L & L together forever!!!!

  10. shannelle says

    I would not mind if they ended the series after seven seasons but for the love Gilmore please wrap it up with some decent closure. It looks like that is not going to happen so it seems that season 8 is needed.

    If season 8 does come to pass they need to wrap everything up neatly in a nice pretty pink bow. Think Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It all came full circle, it was fitting and left no questions; no further yearning of possible story lines.

    Luke and Lor should be together. Rory needs to have a newspaper job that is successful and she needs to be with Logan.

    Side bar: what ever happened to Luke’s sister and her husband?

    Any how I believe that my opinions on the matter would be the most sensible.

  11. Kim says

    I would love to see a 8th and final season. I feel like we need one more season to complete the 7 years my daughter and I and all the fans have been watching. We the fans deserve a proper ending to one of the best and well written shows to complete all of our journeys with Gilmore Girls.

  12. emily says


  13. Kelly says

    I have been watching the show sences the first day and I would HATE to see it go… Please kepp continuing the show

  14. lis says

    i would love for a season 8…but without Rory i would rather end it now while it still is respectable…its called “Gilmore GirlS” not “Gilmore Girl”

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