Gilmore Girls: No Hope for Season Eight?

Lorelai & Rory to say goodbye?Gilmore Girls fans have been on a rollercoaster ride this season. At the end of last season, the show lost its creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband, co-executive producer Daniel Palladino. Fan reaction to producer David Rosenthal’s storylines have been mixed at best. To be fair, Rosenthal took on a very difficult job and was left with a lot of storyline challenges. Whether you liked it or not, most would agree a so-so season is better than none at all. Things can always get better, right? How about if this was Gilmore’s last year?

Gilmore Girls debuted on October 5, 2000 on the old WB network and made the jump in 2006 to the CW. The series focuses on the relationship between young single mother Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and her daughter “Rory” (Alexis Bledel). Set in the small and quirky Connecticut town of Stars Hollow, the relationship drama is well-known for its trademark wit, quick repartee, and a plenty of pop-culture references.

It’s generally believed that CW would like to bring it back next year. It’s easily one of their most popular shows and the network schedule isn’t exactly overflowing with strong prospects for the 2007-08 season. The possibility of an eighth season of Gilmore Girls however has been looking tenuous at best for awhile.

The two Gilmore leads have, at different times, publicly expressed either dissatisfaction or a desire to move on. At the beginning of this year, Graham was given a producer credit on the show. Considering the timing, it seems likely this was done to ensure her interest in continuing for another season.

Actually, word is that most of the cast (Melissa McCarthy is doing an ABC sitcom) has been signed for another year, with the exception of Bledel. After spending seven years on the series (over 25% of her life), it’s easy to understand why she might want to do other things. Still, it was generally believed that something could be worked out — perhaps even limited Rory appearances. It now appears that those expectations have changed.

The word from TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello is that negotiations have stalled (presumably with Bledel) and aren’t likely to get better. With just a few episodes left to shoot this season, a final decision will have to be made soon if there’s to be any kind of fulfilling closure to the series’ seven year run.

Actually, part of that closure could already be in the works. As regular Gilmore fans know, Rory has long had a fascination with CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour. After six years fruitless attempts to have her on the show, Amanpour is now scheduled to make a cameo in the May 8th episode. Will this be the series finale? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Delaney Snowden says

    I’ve been reading all of these comments from all of these people, and the one that sounds like it came straight from my mouth is the one written by “Gabby Martin”. Everyday since I first saw the show, I sit down and watch GG. I always buy the seasons the day they’re in stores. Rory is my idol and I dont know what I would do without this show, I would’nt be me. I really hate that Logan and Rory broke up. They’re perfect for each other and she cant just run off for a traveling journaling career. She belongs at a newspaper. This is my opinion and I really hope that there will be an 8th season and maybe a 9th, 10th, and etc.

  2. pinay24 says

    I think leaving the show like that will be a bit ungrateful to the fans who supported them since the pilot episode came out. if they need a reason to continue the show, it should include at least tying up the story lines that they started so as not to disappoint and leave their faithful fans hanging. it’s a great show and they owe their popularity to the fans. Even a half-season would suffice if only to wrap things up nicely. The end of the 7th season is not an ending deserving of the Gilmore Girls. It should not be the ending this show should be remembered as having. They at least owe it to themselves, the show and the show’s followers to end it right.

    As to how I hope the show will end, I hope they will tie it up in such a way that the story goes back to focusing more on the Gilmore Girls and their amazing relationship. Kind of bring back the feeling when the show started. Of course I want Luke and Lorelai to end up together as well :)

    That’s what I think. I just love this show!

  3. dee says

    i would like someone to write a better ending season seven was really bad 1-6 were so funny i have watched them several times i have trouble watching the seventh season its not right.

  4. Lorelai Coschay says

    Im going to go with basically everyone else. GILMORE GIRLS CAN’T END! I completely understand bledels thoughts. the business must be tough. but just ONE MORE SEASON as closure. I would be devistated if there wasnt. PLEAASE IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO?

  5. says

    Do not drop Gilmore Girls they are the best. I won’t know what to do with myself if you do drop Gilmore Girls. They lit up my life. They always made me laugh even if my mom made me mad. I can’t stop watching them.

  6. says

    i agree with everyonw who posted about Luke and Lor….there is no chris…he was that boyfriend of your teenage years you think of every once and awhile(and happpens to be rorys dad) but Luke was always there for both of them not in and out of their lives whenever he pleases….how can writers even think for one minute fans would want to see Lor with chris…..her charater for 6 seasons was WAYYYYYYY to smart to fall for chris again…you can even see the look lauren graham did sooooo well at the end of season 6 when waking up in chrises bed…she knew was a mistake…she was not the same charater after that….yes lauren played her the same witty Lor….but the writers changed who she was…. we the FANS neeed a season 8 of luke and Lor very badly….if not…..i might cry!!!

  7. kate says

    There needs to be atleast a few more episodes, so Rory and Lorelai can end up happily. Lorelai and Luke need to be together actually, and like get married, not just kiss. And Rory and Logan need to just stay together or Logan and Rory need to officially break up, so Rory can find someone else. Rory could even get back together with Dean, or even better Jess in the last couple episodes, just so it can end better. If Alexis Bledel won’t be a main character in season 8, she should still guest star and give Rory a happy ending.

  8. Martha says

    I think they should have a season 8 or half a season because Luke and Lor should be together and Logan and Rory should be togther. I hate how the season ended without either of them having men. I dont think there should be a season 9 though that would be draging it on for too long

  9. cayla says

    i think there should be a season 8. bledel wants to leave the show let her. what the main focus is on luke and lorelai. the fans got cheated on the whole luke and christopher romance which was a waste. the fans have waited 7 years to see luke and lorelai together. since season 1 i said that they will be together by the end of the show and they will get married, but to end them with a kiss? thats really promising, NOT. i really want it to come back and show the story of luke and lorelai starting a family and a wedding, then everybody will be perfectly fine and happy.

  10. renee says

    I don’t think the ending did justice to the fans who supported the show for 7 years. We deserve a wedding between Luke and Lorelai. Things cannot just end between Rory and Logan after 3 years. ITS NOT RIGHT!

  11. priscilla says

    I am a fan from Malaysia, if all of you know where is it. It is near Singapore. I am a huge fan of Gilmore Girls. I need gilmore girls more because it really inspire me and one of the best real-life based series, and sometimes i can’t imagine without Gilmore Girls.Please continue season 8 and more season.I am sure there are lot ppl out there that really appreciate Gilmore Girls.I will really beyond happy if season 8 will be continue.Thanks

  12. Tasha Stang says

    i agree with everyone. It is sad that the show is ending, but the writing has gone down hill. In the first seasons you would get exausted trying to keep up with what they were saying. That was the best part of watching GG. This season not so much. I would rather it end now then to drag it out and the only thing that anyone remembers is the crappy final seasons instead of the clever, charming, and heartwarming series that it WAS. good-bye GG I will miss you.

  13. roryleighgilmore says

    OMG….pleazzzzz dont cancel the show!!! i literally cried at the end of the season finale today!!!

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