Girlfriends: Will the CW Series Finale Retrospective Happen?

GirlfriendsWhen the CW cancelled Girlfriends in February, fans were shocked and dismayed that the long-running sitcom would be left without a proper conclusion. The reason? Simple economics. After the completion of this season’s 16th episode, show production was shut down because of the writers strike. When the strike ended, the CW decided it didn’t make financial sense to resume the series and cancelled plans to film the season’s remaining nine episodes.

As a consolation, it was announced that the CW was considering a retrospective episode to close out the series. The characters’ storylines wouldn’t get any kind of resolution but at least the sitcom would have a series finale. Now, it looks like that’s not going to happen either.

BlackVoices has reported that the network asked the cast to appear in an episode in which they would introduce clips and reflect on their favorite episodes. The CW reportedly offered the actors half of their usual episodic salary to take part. The actors collectively turned them down.

Aside from being insulted by the reduced pay offer, the actors may also be upset that the CW won’t be paying them for the nine episodes that were ordered and later cancelled. It’s rumored that the actors want to sue the network for the episodes but it seems unlikely they’d have much luck. During the strike, networks and studios invoked a “force majeure” contract provision. The standard clause essentially allows them to cancel a contract if work cannot be performed due to an extraordinary event or circumstance — in this case, the writers strike.

Girlfriends creator Mara Brock Akil seems philosophical about the way the series closed out. She said, “Did I like the way it ended? No. Would I have liked it to have a proper ending? Of course. Unfortunately, this was one of those budget decisions. To put value into a show they knew wasn’t coming back when they were trying to keep life in others, I understand it. When the news came, I chose to focus on the blessings… Nobody wants to end this way. But after 172 episodes, we had a wonderful ride.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Billie says

    Cutting us off was just wrong. We deserve better! So do the actors, where is the respect? It is ALL money ALL the time!!

  2. uniongal says

    We got GAME! Now if we could just get Girlfriends back or at least let Joan have her BIG WEDDING DAY. Maybe Melani can get an invite to Autie Joan’s wedding. That’s a good way to start off. I can’t wait to watch the new episodes on BET.

    I’m so glad they decided to bring all the cast and writers back.
    Maybe they will do a spin off of the spin off to Girlfriends and
    Joan can have her BIG WEDDING DAY!

  3. sexychocolatemf says

    it seem to me that every good black show is always being canceled. girlfriends and the game was great shows and i hope a network soon will pick up both shows and continue where they left off the to cw you’ve lost a lot of viewers because of this including me

  4. Samantha says

    I never watched CW. But when Girlfriends came on I watched it all the time to watch that show. I’m so upset they way they just ended it. It’s bull!!! I love that show. I watch reruns all the time. It’s such a funny and good show. I wish they would bring it back and suprise everybody with Tony returning.

  5. Sheila says

    I hate it when networks cancel a show without warning and don’t give it a proper send off or conclusion. It’s just not considerate of the fans and their feelings! Why even give new shows a chance if the producers are going to disregard OUR feelings?! I didn’t even know it had been cancelled. The same goes with (shoot I can’t remember the name) the show with the little boy who’s parents were divorced. That was cancelled too without a proper ending. Mondays were my “black” shows night! I think they’re the funniest. Now it’s down to EBHC and The Game. So, I was wondering if I even watched the last episode. What was it about? And yes, I agree, tv1 needs to pick it up.

  6. miss extremely pissed says

    this is bull s***, i agree with the other girl who stated that girlfriends should have been given to an african-american network such as tvone. if the execs from tv one are reading this, then please help us. CW just lost another viewer. The shows that they have on like gg and 90210 only promote anorexia and sex in the eyes of teenagers. This is why so many of them are being steered wrong. Then when a positive show like girlfriends comes along it is quickly cancelled to make room for these scandalous shows. Later on they will be trying to get rid of the game and everybody hates chris. It is sad that there are only 2 black shows on the cw’s primetime schedule, this needs to be looked into. The only reason why antm will probably stay on cw is because it gives white girls a chance to pursue something, this just shows that something is all black then its not important to the cw. to me that is racist. Look at how the black guy q was killed off of one tree hill was that b/c of the budget cuts too. The cw needs to get -it -together!

  7. Mechelle said, says

    This all seems suspect to me, why didn’t they sell the show to another network. with the money they will be making on all the drama filled white american nonsense shows, they should be able to at least give us a one episode finale. The reflection show idea is crap also b/c if i want to reflect then ill buy the dvd series. i think all of this was done to make room for all of these other shows like GG and 90210. I mean really how many more shows do we need of white teens sleeping around and driving expensive cars. Give me a break!

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