Golden Boy: Cancel or Renew for Season Two?

Golden Boy cancel or renew?CBS’ Golden Boy was originally supposed to run on Friday nights but its first few episodes did well enough for CBS to leave the series on Tuesdays. Has it been a success? Will it be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

Golden Boy follows the story of Walter William Clark Jr. (Theo James), a young and ambitious New York cop who quickly rises through the ranks to become the youngest Police Commissioner in the Big Apple’s history. The cast also includes Chi McBride, Kevin Alejandro, Bonnie Somerville, Holt McCallany, and Stella Maeve.

The police drama debuted to a 1.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 10.56 million viewers. While the total viewership was healthy, CBS really needs their new shows to attract younger viewers. Still, a 1.8 rating was better than what Vegas had been raking in.

Golden Boy’s numbers fell in the next two weeks and it looked like the show was doomed to be cancelled. But then, the demo started to perk up and rose to a 1.7 rating. Perhaps there was hope after all?

Unfortunately, that hope was short lived and Golden Boy’s ratings quickly fell again. Last night’s episode hit new lows and attracted just a 1.2 demo rating with 6.99 million viewers.

Based on the ratings, it looks almost certain that Golden Boy won’t be back for another season and we won’t get to see the rest of Clark’s journey to greatness.

But, what do you think? Are you hoping that CBS still renews Golden Boy or should the timeslot be filled by something else? Is it worth watching?

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  1. Kevin says

    Can’t believe that Golden Boy is likely to be cancelled, why is it that you guys in the US are hell bent on continuously cancelling fantastic shows?????

    I’m in the UK and much prefer the quality of shows the US produces compared to the crap we get here, and Golden Boy is one such show.

    You really need to consider TVR’s and online viewing from around the world in your viewing figures and I bet you’d be suprised on how much these shows are loved!

    I’m with alot of people here….KEEP THIS SHOW RUNNING!!

  2. Shane says

    This is a great show with great acting and writing.
    Theo James and Chi McBride are both fantastic actors.
    Chi is ALWAYS great in whatever he appears in–remember Boston Public?
    CBS, give this show a chance. Get rid of Elementary if you need to cancel an hour long drama. It is boring. ALSO, CBS could cancel ANY reality shows–what a waste they are.

  3. Jessica says

    Please keep Golden Boy, CBS. The shows keep getting better and better and the plot keeps thickening. It’s unfortunate that we are encouraged to use technology like DVR’s so we can watch all of our favorite shows, but when we do, it doesn’t show up on ratings systems and doesn’t count. I guess when you’re a huge television conglomerate, you can afford to ignore a few MILLION people. Ridiculous. Give it another chance, if I have to deal with another singing show or reality show taking Golden Boy’s place if you cancel it, I WILL NOT watch CBS anymore. Period.

  4. Linda says

    My husband and I can not hardly wait till the next week to see the next episode ….

    We love this show…..please do not cancel

  5. Ashlie says

    Please oh please keep Golden Boy on TV! It is one of the only good shows there is these days! I am so sick of reality shows taking over every channel, and great shows like this being canceled.

  6. Georgia says

    We watch Golden Boy whatever evening CBS decides to televise it. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW.

    • says

      Both Body of Proof and Golden Boy were scheduled for the same time, and then this week Grimm became the third show to be scheduled at 10 on Tuesday night. Since these three shows draw on the same audience (at least that is what I’m told) Golden Boy never had a real chance. Why not present it at an earlier time or on a different day. I agree with Georgia. It is a winner, don’t cancel.

  7. says

    Oh please don’t cancel this show, they put this show on opposite two other good shows, I luv this show, I to iam tired of seeing those stupid so called reality shows, place the show at another day & time. They keep renewing all these stupid shows like Good Wife, what is so good about she is a tramp, and I’ve never liked her anywy, take that show it’s the same thing every week, crooked, sex, sex, everbody is having sex with everybod, Please stop the madness.

  8. Pam says

    At least give it a second season and finish telling the story. That is why it does not have enough viewers because we all know shows that tell an ongoing story get cancelled so people don’t bother to invest in it. And my biggest gripe is the networks only caring about the “young” group of people for viewers.

  9. george gras says

    This is a great show, has room for improvement as all do but this is great,,people love it,,,I’ll boycott CBS if they drop this show,,or simply drop them for good,,,I really Like this show ,,,from attractions of the Finale the show finally goes where it’s needed to for a while,,Walter’s handeling of Arroyo,,,just for starters,,Walter’s appreciation of Holbrook’s ex- (awesome),,,,Lucky Clark,,doesn’t even have to act in that scene,,don’t let this show go,,,,

  10. Pam says

    Why does CBS always feel the need to cancel a decent show an keep some of the crap???? Makes you want to forget the watching CBS altogether.

  11. Jill says

    Please keep Golden Boy!!! I hardly ever watch TV and this is a favorite of mine! I hope they renew it.

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