The Good Guys: How Low Can the Ratings Go Before It’s Cancelled?

Good GuysAfter a disappointing debut last spring and a lackluster summer run, many were surprised that FOX kept The Good Guys on the fall schedule. In hindsight, FOX execs may be wondering why they did as well.

The Good Guys is an action comedy that pairs a washed-up, old-school cop (Bradley Whitford) with a young, by-the-book detective (Colin Hanks). Others in the series include Jenny Wade, Diana-Maria Riva, Jennifer Besser, Kimberly Lynn Campbell, Kennith Edwards, Nathan Fane, and Arthur Wooldridge.

The May premiere attracted a disappointing 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 4.93 million viewers. That put the TV show’s debut in fourth place in total viewership and tied for third in the coveted demographic with NBC’s Minute to Win It. Not a good start.

Over the summer, airing on Monday nights, Good Guys only mustered an average of a 1.2 rating in the demo and 4.01 million total viewers. FOX decided to cut the run short in August and saved the remaining new episodes for the fall season.

TV show supportUnfortunately, Good Guys has been performing even worse this fall. The first episode attracted just a 0.9 demo rating and 2.8 million viewers. The ratings have fallen even lower since then, consistently placing in fifth place for the timeslot. Last Friday, viewership dropped 25% in the demo, hitting an all-time low with a 0.6 demo rating.

FOX has six episodes of Good Guys left and, understandably, there’s been no word about the network ordering any more. With ratings like these, the network will either pull the remaining episodes or just let them run out. Either way, it’s impossible to imagine that Good Guys won’t be cancelled.

What do you think? Do you like Good Guys? Why have people been watching other things on Friday nights? Anything you would change about the show?

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  1. AmyB says

    Fox is a little better about giving shows a chance. Every original show that comes out now-a-days is cancelled before it is given a chance to build a fan base. Think of shows like Seinfeld that bombed their first season but they kept it around and gave it a shot. It was a huge hit for how many years? Arrested Development was awesome, and The Good Guys is awesome! It is hilarious! I agree with Michelle, promotion of the show is non-existant. Although I love that it is on Fridays, that is the night that shows are sent to die on. Try it on a night that is well viewed and let it build a fan base before throwing this gem away!

  2. calvin says

    too many good shows on tv now a days to watch all at the same time, thank god for downloading tho, good guys is a great show

  3. Christian says

    I’m pretty anti-TV as most of the garbage on nowadays isn’t worth watching. HOWEVER, The Good Guys is the exception. This is a show where my brothers and I will call each other to remind us that it’s coming on. All of our families sit down and watch it together. IT’S THAT GOOD! It’s the best show on television, period. I work with a large group of people in their early 20’s to early 40’s and everyone I’ve told to watch it thanks me. Fox, you need to advertise this gem more effectively. You don’t know what you have here.

    Please, please please don’t cancel this one. You have my word it will be worth your time to pursue.

  4. Michelle says

    My family and I beg you please do not cancel this show. We look forward to our friday nights to watch this show together and discuss the places we have been too shown on the show. Canceling this show would be crazy. The problem is in promoting. This show is being mishandled by promoting.

  5. S. Smith says

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!! I hope they don’t cancel it. I’m tired of the networks cancelling a good show for these lame shows that the masses watch. This is a cleaver show…I was mad when Fox cancelled Arrested Development. *tear.

  6. Chris H says

    It had potential. but only two episodes were really good. Colin Hanks was great, and the Blonde girl from Reaper is always good. I think the Dan character is just a bit too over the top. He comes of like someones father who shows up at the beach in a speedo, thats not really funny its just weird. Bit i digress the show was ok but im not surprised its gone.

  7. tenmileg says

    I love this show. I thought it was one of the best new shows on. Lieutenant Dan Starks is hilarious. I am really disappointed that they are going to cancel it.

  8. Anonymous says

    This show is the only show that everyone in my family watches together–we love the funny lines, the hilarious circumstances, and the awesome action sequences. Plus, it’s a nice wind-down to a Friday night. FOX, this show NEEDS to stay!!!

  9. Jet says

    Please, Please do not cancel this show! It’s our favorite show by far, the of the best new shows in years! The cast is fantastic and writing keeps us wanting more each week!

  10. Chris says

    I absolutely love this show, and it figures that it looks like it will not make it. I had heard about the bad ratings during the spring run and was excited when it came back this fall.

    Please FOX, don’t cancel this funny and original show! It’s a great change of pace from all the cookie-cutter dramas and scripted reality shows.

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