The Good Guys: How Low Can the Ratings Go Before It’s Cancelled?

Good GuysAfter a disappointing debut last spring and a lackluster summer run, many were surprised that FOX kept The Good Guys on the fall schedule. In hindsight, FOX execs may be wondering why they did as well.

The Good Guys is an action comedy that pairs a washed-up, old-school cop (Bradley Whitford) with a young, by-the-book detective (Colin Hanks). Others in the series include Jenny Wade, Diana-Maria Riva, Jennifer Besser, Kimberly Lynn Campbell, Kennith Edwards, Nathan Fane, and Arthur Wooldridge.

The May premiere attracted a disappointing 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 4.93 million viewers. That put the TV show’s debut in fourth place in total viewership and tied for third in the coveted demographic with NBC’s Minute to Win It. Not a good start.

Over the summer, airing on Monday nights, Good Guys only mustered an average of a 1.2 rating in the demo and 4.01 million total viewers. FOX decided to cut the run short in August and saved the remaining new episodes for the fall season.

TV show supportUnfortunately, Good Guys has been performing even worse this fall. The first episode attracted just a 0.9 demo rating and 2.8 million viewers. The ratings have fallen even lower since then, consistently placing in fifth place for the timeslot. Last Friday, viewership dropped 25% in the demo, hitting an all-time low with a 0.6 demo rating.

FOX has six episodes of Good Guys left and, understandably, there’s been no word about the network ordering any more. With ratings like these, the network will either pull the remaining episodes or just let them run out. Either way, it’s impossible to imagine that Good Guys won’t be cancelled.

What do you think? Do you like Good Guys? Why have people been watching other things on Friday nights? Anything you would change about the show?

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  1. J says

    I just recently “discovered” The Good Guys, only to hear it was on its way out. This show was FUNNY! It was a great parody of the action shows of the ’80’s, funny writing, and a great character in Dan Stark! I don’t think it was marketed well to begin with. I really don’t like the outdated ratings system network tv uses – a lot of great shows have been lost because of this. This show could be a huge hit on cable. Only wish it could be picked up by Comedy Central or somewhere else for a second chance.

  2. Ed says

    It really is a good show. being in the same business It is good to see a light hearted cop show….with good clean fun….I hope they keep it, but its all about ratings

  3. Julie says

    The Good Guys should not be cancelled!!! My mom never watched tv until she found out about this show, and we watched it every Friday night religiously! AAhhh!!! It’s so brilliant, entertaining, and not to mention hilarious!! :) It should definitely not be cancelled. I won’t have anything to look forward to on a Friday night, and neither will my mom.

  4. Aaron says

    I really love “The Good Guys” It’s very funny, and it’s alot better than watching someone dance or skate…( who cares about that???) Please bring back THE GOODS GUYS back for a second season.

  5. Patricia says

    I hope Fox doesn’t cancel this show. It’s funny and original. Friday nights aren’t too bad if I get to watch The Good Guys!

  6. Drena Paulson says

    Please don’t cancel!! It’s one of our favorites and a definite highlight on a night with little on. We really like it!

  7. Rose-Marie says

    Love The Good Guys, it is/was(?) a great comedy show. Looked forward to each episode and told my friends. They had never heard of it, but once they saw it, loved it too. Try a different time spot but DON”T CANCEL PLEASE!!!!!!

    FOX should try decent promotion and time slot and watch it take off.

  8. Bill says

    What is with Fox and it’s history of destroying great shows, such as Firefly and Space: Above and Beyond? If you are going to spend the money on something and do it well, SUPPORT and PROMOTE it! Just don’t let it die. The Good Guys rock! It is laugh-out-load funny and one of the most original new series on TV. Please Fox, don’t let us start caring for a great show only to the legs out from us once again!

  9. Monique says

    The Good Guys is the BEST comedy series since Seinfeld. I have enjoyed every single episode I have seen. I even gave up watching Supernatural (a show that I love) to watch The Good Guys when it started airing on Friday nights. I have not laughed as hard at a show in a long, long time! You CAN’T cancel this show!! PLEASE!!! Dan and Jack are AWESOME! I may have to commit suicide if you cancel this show (I’m KIDDING!) But that is how sad I will be if I don’t get to see my Good Guys anymore!

  10. Kelly says

    I love the Good Guys! Finally a great comedy that you can actually have a full gut- retching laugh. I really hope FOX keeps this on. I know we are not the only ones out there who watch and like this show.

  11. Ellen says

    STARK ATTACK! The trouble is the ratings system. I’m an avid time-shifter, and record many shows (up to four at once if necessary) that broadcast on the graveyard that is Friday to watch over the weekend. With all the digital capabilities that most of us use now, who is even watching anything live anymore? If all else fails, maybe ‘Characters Welcome’ FX will consider stepping up—these guys are definitely good characters.

  12. Rebecca says

    The Good Guys might have fared better if it had been on another night of the week (not Friday or the weekend)….it’s a great, funny show – and while I think December 10’s episode served well as a possible series finale, I hope it comes back. To Fox or to another network, not to Cable since I don’t get the expanded basic cable channels. I watch it online anyway, and it’s great fun. Bust some punks and keep it on!

  13. Adam Decker says

    The show was good. When they advertised for it, they didn’t make it look good at all. They have announced the finale. I just hope that they find a good replacement for it.

  14. Sam says

    The Good Guys is the funniest show on TV. We look forward to every Friday night to laugh our asses off. I can’t think of another show on TV that makes us laugh so hard (for that matter the other comedies on TV now are not even close to being this ridiculously, hysterically, funny). This show is laugh outloud hilarious. I hope that Matt Nix & Bradley Whitford and all involved will go to USA or any other smart network with this very funny, funny, show & keep Good Guys on the air. One season is not enough time to gain the audience numbers. Many other great shows did not have great numbers the first year. Have faith – the fans love this show and will watch it on another channel. People are not network fans, people are fans of good, funny shows – no matter what channel they’re on. Comedy is the most difficult to write & perform. There’s far too little great comedy out there. We need to laugh – it’s good for our souls. Good Guys is the best comedy out there by a long shot!!! Keep Dan & Jack on the air… we need to laugh & the Good Guys gives us what we need.

  15. Julie says

    Please don’t cancel this show! It’s one of the only original shows on t.v. that families can watch together. Our teenage son loves it and we all look forward to laughing every Friday night when we watch it. Fox isn’t working hard enough to get viewers… if people see it, they’ll love it. It’s gotten better and better each episode. Dan is a character that people will quote at the office if they watch the show!

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