Good Vibes: MTV Series Cancelled, No Season Two

good vibes canceled no season twoMTV has decided to cancel Good Vibes, ruling out the possibility of a second season. Created by David Gordon Green, the animated series ran for 12 episodes on MTV, from October until December 2011.

The show was paired with Beavis and Butt-Head and attracted more of a female audience than the Mike Judge series. According to Deadline, there were discussions between the cable channel and the Good Vibes producers about possible ways to keep the show on the air. Though MTV execs liked the direction of Good Vibes, the show ultimately wasn’t attracting enough viewers to justify a second season.

The series premiered opposite the sixth game of the World Series and attracted a 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 1.6 million total viewrs. That was about about half as many viewers as lead-in Beavis and Butt-Head brought in. The season (now series) finale drew just a 0.2 demo rating and 490,000 viewers.

In some ways, it was a small miracle that Good Vibes ever became a series in the first place. It was initially developed at Warner Bros. TV and FOX ordered a pilot in 2008 with Adam Brody, Alan Tudyk, Danny McBride, Debi Mazar, Jake Busey, Josh Gad and Olivia Thirlby providing the voices. FOX passed on the pilot but the producers kept working on finding the project a home. They did in 2010 and were able to keep the voice cast intact for the MTV run.

The fate of Beavis and Butt-Head, which finished its latest season on December 29th, is still up in the air.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Good Vibes has been cancelled? Did you like the animated series?

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  1. Ed says

    I just can’t believe it … All the new shows are crap look at cartoon network for example !!! Family guy and south park are getting old I bet soon they’ll cancel those shows and replace them for new boring crap

  2. Rob Booz says

    Honestly, tv lately has sucked royally, with the exceptions of the renewal of Futurama along with Beavis and Butthead, and the debute of Good Vibes. Let me just say this, B&B and Good Vibes were the only thing on tv that I actually would break my neck to watch it the night it came on. Hell Beavis and Butthead was the only show to get me to watch Jersey Shore (even if it was only like 3 minute segments, thank God). The very night that B&B re-premiered I seen the trailer for Good Vibes. I remember thinking it was going to be some animate play on Jersey Shore which repulsed me, but I still gave the show a chance and after laughing hard that night I was excited to know that there were two great shows on ready for me to watch every Thursday night. The night of the finales was a night I felt like I was losing two good friends. Now learning one out of two of the only good things on MTV (any of the channels) was canceled due to low ratings (IMDB gave it a 6.9, how the hell is that low ratings?) I have lost hope for that channel anymore because they think a channel that is called music television with no music what so ever and shows that primarily feature obnoxious people being obnoxious would make for a ratings magnet. Knowing this I don’t have much confidence that they will treat their mascots with the respect they deserve (note that Mike Judge ended the series, MTV didn’t just cancel it) I wouldn’t be too surprised if they cancel them too. After all they took the music video sections and replaced them with clips from other MTV shows (if I wanted to watch those shows I would watch the actual damn show) which is an insult seeing as how there are so many music videos out there in need of the B&B treatment. To sum this all up, canceling Good Vibes proves to me that MTV are still completely retarded that they can’t even run one entertaining channel (much less all of the other channels MTV owns).

  3. roc says

    It’s horrible that they cancelled Good Vibes. It was one of the best adult cartoon show that have been created. The time frame sucked though. I always had to record it on dvr. Maybe if they would have given it a better time and day the ratings would have been better. I’m really hoping that someone picks it back up. I have been waiting for it to come back on, checking my dvr everyday and decided to google it. I am just finding out about the cancellation. Horrible loss. There were only two shows on mtv that i watch and this was one of them. Maybe its time to stop watching the channel all together. MTV SUCKS!

  4. J says

    Unbelievable-I thought MTV was redeeming themselves after years of bad programming. Hopefully Beavis and Butthead will return next season

  5. Pat says

    This sucks that they cancelled my most favorite show of all time. MTV, this is YOUR fault it got cancelled. If you didn’t air crappy commercials and put it in such a horrible time slot, this show would still be alive. I really hope one day someone recognizes this cartoon and gets it onto another channel.

  6. Erika Hanson says

    it really sucks that they got canceled but the good news is there dvd came out last friday and gonna order it online at sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!

  7. D says

    Good Vibes was a great show, I’m sad to see it go as alot of people I know also loved this show, plus MTV always cancels animated series after the first season just look at Undergrads and Downtown after the first season they were canceled as well, and they both stayed on the air on teletoon for 5 years after they were canceled because they did not have “enough viewers”

  8. Wick says

    Good Riddance, the show sucked ass anyways. As soon as Beavis and Butt-Head was off so was I. Very few shows make me want to harm myself, Good Vibes was one of them.

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