Gossip Girl: Should the Show be Cancelled or Renewed for Season Six?

Gossip Girl renewed for season 6 or canceledThe CW’s Gossip Girl TV series has been having its worst year ratings-wise in its five season history. Does this mean that the drama will be cancelled or is it safe for a sixth season?

The show started this season with a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 1.37 million total viewers. Year-to-year, Gossip Girl was down by 30% in the demo and 26% in viewership. The ratings have fallen as low as a 0.5 rating this season and have dropped to fewer than a million viewers. Aside from Friday night’s Nikita, it’s the lowest-rated scripted series on the network.

The producers say that they’ve been assured however that they won’t be cancelled this season and, as a result, didn’t wrap up the series in May 14th finale. Co-creator and executive producer Stephanie Savage told The Hollywood Reporter, “We have no plans to wrap things up this season. The actors’ contracts expire at the end of next season, so that feels like probably an organic ending point.”

Should Gossip Girl be cancelled?

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Peter Roth, Warner Bros. TV President, added, “I certainly hope we get at least one more season. We’re contracted for another one. The show has had an extraordinary impact on all of us, and I’d be thrilled to be able to appropriately say farewell after six remarkable seasons.”

With The CW deriving a portion of its income from deals with Hulu and Netflix (in addition to traditional advertising) it would seem to make sense to keep the show going for a sixth season. However, that will come at a cost to CW viewers.

The CW has just 10 hours of primetime to program each week. If they hold onto Gossip Girl, that means a more-popular series will get the ax instead. Since fewer people than ever seem to care what happens to Serena, Blair, and their friends, would you rather see Gossip Girl cancelled to save another show?

What do you think? Is it time for Gossip Girl to be cancelled? If not, which shows would you cancel instead?

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  1. Corey says

    it depends because if they plan to make the fans happy by having Chuck & Blair and Dan & Serena back together in the season 5 finale(although I’d also hope for Nate & Ivy as well),I say quit while they’re ahead.but if they plan on making another season to before it happens,then I say have it go for one more season especially if Georgina becomes a main character in it.

  2. wendy says

    ihate what they have done to this season of gossip girl!!! Blaire and dan….They dont make sense…We need chuck and blaire together. they are made for eachother and I think the reason the shows ratings have gone down is because chuck and blaire are not together… Dan and blaire = YUCK!!!!!!!!

  3. L.P says

    Gossip Girl is a great show in my opinion…you can’t name a show that has had that much impact on CW, yes ratings are low but if the actors are contracted for one more season, give it it’s full last final season, no bullshit 13 episodes go out with the full 22-25 episodes, The CW messed up with Melrose Place, cutting it after one season, so give Gossip Girl it’s final due and let it go out with a bang, I hate that the ratings are down I love the show, one of my favorite Josh Schwartz shows since The O.C . I’m a dude and I watch Gossip Girl, Blake Lively is the sexiest thing walking this planet, never miss an episode…I wish the show could give me 10 seasons like Smallville did, but if I have to get 6 then I’m all for it..renew Gossip Girl for it’s final season.

  4. Crystal says

    There needs to be a sixth season! I agree, chuck and Blair need to be back together. As long as they end up with eachother, all is well. Please keep it going long enough to get them back together. And if you have to cancel a bigger show, don’t cancel vampire diaries.

  5. billy martins says

    gossip girl needs to go this year also a whole lot of sleuth of shows on the cw network like 90210,nitika,supernatural,ringer,hart of dixie and save vampire dairies and secert circle and america’s top next model.

  6. Brandy says

    Ringer and Nikita are the lowest rated in demo and the two episodes before the finale Ringer got only a little over a million viewers. Ringer and Nikita will be cancelled, GG will most Likley get a shortened 13 ep final season.I want closure not the biggest cliffhanger in GG history( according to a producer). I actually love seasons four and five. GG hasn’t had 0.4 in demo like Ringer &Nikita.

  7. liv says

    I don’t know they drag everything out too long the story line sucks, blair and dan? doesn’t make sense and nobody that has been watching the show from the beginning thinks it does either, get back to a good storyline and not like a soapie and people will watch it again and bring back chuck and blair and no more dan and blair they aren’t cute.

  8. Kat says

    Let’s see, of their non-cancelled scripted series, here are the shows I’d rather have than Gossip Girl:
    The Vampire Diaries – the best thing on the CW and its highest rated show for good reason
    Supernatural – long past its expiration date, but I still love it
    Nikita – constantly feels fresh and exciting, more people should watch this
    Ringer – really entertaining in the way Gossip Girl used to be

    Shows I’d like to see cancelled instead of Gossip Girl:
    The Secret Circle – I watch it, but it’s so gosh darn “meh” that I wouldn’t miss it
    90210 – at least it’s better than Hart of Dixie, that’s all I can really say about it
    Hart of Dixie – worst show on television in a long time; I doubt anyone on the show or off it remembers she’s supposed to be A DOCTOR, not a ditz

    So overall, it’s one of my least liked shows on the network now, but I’d still like to hang onto it if possible. I bet it get cancelled in favor of their medical drama “First Cut” or “Green Arrow” or “Beauty and the Beast,” though. I’m intrigued by some of the concepts in the pipeline (“Cult,” “The Selection,” etc.), but I want my old favorites, too. Oh well, I guess either way, I both win and lose!

  9. RecceR says

    I really hope they give Gossip Girl a final season, even if it’s just 13 episodes. The thing I find strange is how the ratings dropped to the “danger-zone” once the show actually got interesting again last season when it went back to the origins of what happened with Serena pre-season 1. A guess for the ratings drop is that it has never remained in a regular timeslot for more than a season; I remember it even moved several times during season three. Another reason is probably because some of the storylines have been dragged out a bit, but One Tree Hill’s writing was atrocious as the series progressed and still had decent ratings so who knows. I think once a series has been on for more than 2 or 3 seasons, it’s not right to cancel it without an official ending. I also think the CW owes Gossip Girl the official ending since it is the longest running series launched by them (Supernatural, OTH, & Smallville all from WB). And let’s face it, even if GG was not in danger, they would be cancelling about 2-3 series this spring anyways to make room for their high-profile shows in-development. While I love Nikita very much, they might as well cancel it for Gossip Girl, if that’s what it comes down to. Here’s why, Gossip Girl would get an official ending next season while Nikita will be having a third season with zero plans to wrap anything up (because why would they?) and it will get cancelled anyways because the CW won’t move it from Fridays. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Nikita cancelled at all, but I’m more invested in Gossip Girl, having watched it for 5 years.

    • RecceR says

      PS: I only said Nikita because its ratings are lower than Gossip Girl. However, I would rather Hart of Dixie (boring), Ringer (interesting, but too intricate of a plot for a TV series to last long) and I guess even Supernatural (much better this season, but extremely tired and past its expiration date) be cancelled before Gossip Girl and Nikita.

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