Greek: What Did You Think of the Last Episode?

Greek series finaleTonight, ABC Family aired the final episode of Greek after four seasons on the air. The cable channel only recently acknowledged that the series was ending but others have hinted about it for awhile. Though fans are likely sad to see it go, it’s positive that the cast and crew were able to craft a true series finale.

In short, after four years, the characters have grown and matured and are ready to take on new challenges in the “real world.” The KT house is no more and Casey and Cappie — Captain John Paul Jones — happily drove away together, a far cry from how their relationship began.

What do you think? Did you like the finale? Was it a fulfilling way to say goodbye to the Greek characters? Will you miss the show?

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  1. Mercenary1914 says

    When I first started watching this show it was after a surgery I had which kept me in the house in December of 2010….I watched on average about 10 episodes a week on Netflix until the final Season was made available on Netflix. This show was very well scripted and I was hooked from the begining…I know a lot of people are a Cappie and Casey fan…but I liked the connection between Cappie and Rebecca…Don’t know why was something about that Good/Evil combonation really kept me interested….but either way I liked the final episode…and I agree with other commenters about the show left it open for a spin-off or another season…Which is something I hope happens…If any of you are old enough to remember the Cosby Show…Different World was a great spin-off and compliment to the Cosby Show…I hope they do a spin off of the guys that graduate along with a continuation of Rusty’s college experience….I would also like to see them incorporate more fraternity and sorrority houses in the show….This show has so many story lines to cover, with Rusty, Calvin, Dale, Rebecca, Spidey, Rusty’s first ex..I forgot her name, sprinkle in a few more characters…Please bring back the Show

    Fall 2001
    Phi Beta Sigma

  2. Mike says

    The finale was so not how I expected it wuld be and it left me thinking is this how college life is like ? Rushing fraternities ,and all those sort of things that was on the Greek show but in reality life in Greek system is not how college is in real life. But they shuld just continue the show just until rusty and his buddies graduate .

  3. Brian says

    I could not be more disappointed in how the ending of this series took place, oh wait yes I can…at least they didn’t destroy it like they did Kyle XY. I was and am still furious to see Greek go. Having just completed college a year ago it is extremely painful to see the last piece of my college experience extinguished in such an unflattering way. This series finale was entirely rushed and insincere. There was NO RESOLUTION by simply having everyone be happy and go their separate ways. Greek ran for far too long to simply tie up all the loose ends of the bitter relationships between KT and Omega Chi/Cappie and Evan in a simple drive away send-off. I am terribly saddened to see the show and cast go, especially in favor of programming like Make It or Break It or the ridiculous bull s*** that they are calling television that takes place in Secret Life. Good luck ABC Family trying to find a show that reaches the same audience that Greek had reached. Perhaps if you had developed Greek on a better timed schedule it could have really reached its ratings potentials but no one ever knew when a new season would be coming on thanks to your sporadic programming.

  4. says

    My son became part of the Greek system so I started watching this show out of curiosity. I truly enjoyed every episode and loved all the characters. I am so happy that Cappie and Casey ended up together. I will miss this show.

    • GreekGeek says

      I was really disappointed with this finale. Not only did it feel really rushed, but it left the only interesting relationship story (Rebecca and Evan) completely hanging. One can only hope that this is because we can expect a sequel or spin-off. Terrible ending to an otherwise fantastic show.

  5. Daisy says

    I’m overseas and just recently discovered Greek on Netflix. I watched all seasons within weeks. I was hooked! When I finally got caught up…it’s the series finale! I was really bummed :( I’ll miss Cappie most…

  6. Kellie Conrad says

    We really need more shows about people in their 20’s without kids, families, or real lies. Just living the single and dating life. Greek was that. I hate that it is gone. Why do all of the shows about young (not ****** teens) adults get canceled?

  7. Anonymous says

    I am soooooo sad and mad at the same time that ABC would cancel the greatest show they ever produced. The last episode was really emotional and I cried until the credits rolled. How can you cancel the show? like that doesnt make any sense at all. There were so many stories to be milked…..Cappy and Evan’s rekindled relationship, Cappie and Cassie life after CRU, Rusty and Ashleigh, Evan and Rebecca getting back together……. Its just soo annoying that these people don’t know a good thing when they see it. Cappie will be missed the most…..I hope they renew them somehow…………We love you cast of GreeK!

  8. J says

    As a recent graduate- this show really hit home. Being a part of Greek Life at a moderate-sized University, so much of this series reminded me of the best years of my life. It has been a difficult but necessary transition into the real world and not a day goes by that I don’t think about my time at college. The finale was emotional for me not because of the characters or the acting, but because so much of it reminded me of how I felt towards the end of senior year. The emotion really resonated with my mixed feelings of leaving. There is a reason its called the best four years of your life- anyone who is on their way to college or currently a student, the best advice I can give you- relish every moment, I would give anything to go back.

  9. Long Live KT says

    I can’t believe they cancelled GREEK. ABC Family did not even let everyone know it was the last episode EVER! Greek was the best show on ABC Family hands down. The writers always came up with great episodes. Cappie and Cassie had the best love story on TV. Evan and Rebecca were most likely going to get back together along with Rusty and Ashleigh. The writers left way too much open to cancel the show. I hope there is a spin-off of this show and Cappie and Cassie come back. Cappie was my favorite TV character of all time and the Cappie and Evan duo was great. I am extremely disappointed that ABC Family would cancel it’s best show. I think the show had a lot more potential than just four seasons. We didnt’t even get to see the trio of Rusty, Dale, and Calvin graduate! Bring back Cappie!! Bring back Cappie!! Bring back Cappie!! ABC Familyness is next to happiness and happiness is next to Cappieness. (Corny but couldn’t think of something better)

  10. Sorority Girl says

    I CANT BELIEVE THEY CANCELLED THE SHOW! Im absolutely heart broken. I loved this show and not only because Im in the Greek system myself. I hope that they renew it as they see how many people loved it. Lauren Conrad loves this show too, Im sure she would be very upset to know its over! :( I felt like it was so abrupt, like they definitely could have extended to many more seasons. Im going to miss Cappy the most! So gorgeous. Bring back Greek!

  11. kelsey says

    the finale was great! it was very emotional… id love to see a spin off.. many diff from the greek life.. maybe it can take place after rusty and them graduate, the show can be called life in the real world or something…. and it can follow the cast as young adults getting jobs, marriage, babies and all that stuff! very good show!

  12. Someone says

    I wasn’t a fan of the finale. It didn’t leave me feeling satisfied like so many other finales have. It made it seem like there was an opening to continue the series (or a spin off) without Casey & Cappie, and with Rusty in charge. I love Greek but this wasn’t one of the better episodes…let alone a series finale. Should’ve went out with a bang or just a 2 hour special episode. I felt like the school year had just started & it skipped to the last day of school all in a weeks span. Sad to see it all rushed & forced into one ending episode. Oh well, it happens…not sure if it was an actual “cancel” for crappy ratings or just a “series” ending, which wasn’t a good one. Good luck to all the cast & will be missed!

  13. GREEKfan says

    I cannot believe that they would cancel such a great show that is so enjoyable! This has got to be one of the best series to have ever come out! I definitely looked forward to watching it every week! I am sooooo bummed that they would cancel it! With soooo many things left unsaid and done! I actually cried watching it thinking there was going to be another episode, up until they tore down the KT house!! I didn’t even know it was the last show ever. It really makes me sad to that they would cancel a show but leave dumb little high school drama up for everyone to watch! Greek will definitely be a verryyyy missed series! Hopefully they end up coming back!

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