Greek: What Did You Think of the Last Episode?

Greek series finaleTonight, ABC Family aired the final episode of Greek after four seasons on the air. The cable channel only recently acknowledged that the series was ending but others have hinted about it for awhile. Though fans are likely sad to see it go, it’s positive that the cast and crew were able to craft a true series finale.

In short, after four years, the characters have grown and matured and are ready to take on new challenges in the “real world.” The KT house is no more and Casey and Cappie — Captain John Paul Jones — happily drove away together, a far cry from how their relationship began.

What do you think? Did you like the finale? Was it a fulfilling way to say goodbye to the Greek characters? Will you miss the show?

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  1. Ivan D says

    I think the show should have never ended. Rusty and Rebecca could have easily continued the series. Rusty was the main character anyway. The show was inspiring and showed values. ABC Family tends to do things like that… just like the they to Kyle XY, another amazing show cancelled for no reason. I gotta say this though, at least they gave a real ending to the series. Even though I’m not happy that the show ending, if it had to end, then I’m glad they allowed it a real ending.

  2. ivan medina says

    wtf they ended greek this had to be the season where they really sow that they grew up and other series continued post graduation like one tree hill the ripped out the show really bad, they have to show the rusty journey as kt pres he is the main character they should finish the series when he graduate

  3. Liz says

    I’m so sad to see the show end.. I just got into it about a year ago and watched all the seasons back to back.. they were amazing.. loved all the characters and how they developed.. I thought a little of the story was not so true life, the geeks end up with the sorority girls? but it’s TV and it can happen.. but rarely..
    Other than that, I wish they would have kept the story going with the remaining students until Rusty’s graduation, after all, he was one of the main characters.

  4. Kathy says

    I loved Casey and Cappie. I couldn’t stand Casey in the beginning but grew to love her character. And of course Cappie will always be my soulmate :) The end was perfect!

  5. mirabel ndelle says

    Greek is my best tv show,i love the characters cause they knew what they wanted.Casey is my best character,she inspired me alot and i want to be like her someday.Above all the series was the best i have ever watch.I need to know what happen next.

  6. Jordan ford says

    Greek is the best show ever! They need more seasons to show what happens with the new kt house rusty is trying to find and it’s so stupid that it’s over if you let the fans decide they would bring it back for another season. :(

  7. Liam says

    I loved Greek. So sad it was cancelled was a truly an amazing show which captured many hearts. I wish that it didn’t have to end, but like all good things its must do so. But I just wished they had at least one or two more series’s of this very good show. All the characters where works of art that may never be duplicated, such as Cappie and his likeable persona and Spitter and his innocent attempts to change; characters like these may show us traits of ourselves and show different stages of our lives, I for one will always remember Greek.

  8. jj says

    the ending was extremely sad but left the things that really matter over so perhaps they could of put a revenge over that hypocrite who destroyed the kappa tau house but that not how life works most of the time so it was actually soothing in showing how they moved on with their life’s but sad as sometimes life is…

  9. Anonymous says

    Im so upset that the show is over i didnt want it to be over….i really hope that there is another season!!!!! You think there would be another season at all?

  10. Betsy says

    It’s soooo sad . I cried . I hate that it’s over . Greek is one of my most favorite shows ever . I wish that it was still on. It was such a great and entertaining and inspiring show. At least the series finale was an amazing one. Plus I have netflix to watch the series over again <3

  11. Michelle says

    Of course it’s cancelled, the writers made a huge mistake. It wasn’t a show about the greek system anymore, it was about that annoying blond and her too likeable best bud (whom both just happened to stick around campus). They needed to make Rebecca the new main character, and bring another hot girl (with a hot guy to match of course) into the mix. the zbz house was a cliff note to wats-her-faces’ lawyer career. Hey writers, haven’t you been paying attention to how other shows have handled ‘post-graduation’?? Laame, you dropped the ball writers!

    • K says

      Just so you know, the last season, where its all about the blonde (casey) and her annoying friend(ashley) was a wrap up season, originally it was to end with graduation, but people wanted a true wrap up, so they kept evan, cappie, casey, and ashley so that they could completely wrap up their storyline. SO they did not drop the ball, by the middle of season 3 the writers were told only 10 episodes next season to end it all. PS the last season was the best.

  12. andrea says

    I’m gonna miss this show terribly I loved it the ending was monumental yet depressing but at lest it went out in style it was a great last episode u can only be thankful it didn’t end abruptly with no end at all

  13. greekfreak says

    I’m very, very upset to see the show being cancelled. Honestly i love this show and all of the actors in it. The finale was very sad!

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