Greek: Renewed for Season Four, Will That Be the End?

GreekThe students of Cyprus-Rhodes University will be staying in school for one more year. ABC Family has renewed Greek for a fourth season but will it be cancelled after that?

Created by Patrick Sean Smith, Greek follows the life of college students at a fictional university and the social minefield of the Greek system. Principal performers include Amber Stevens, Clark Duke, Dilshad Vadsaria, Jacob Zachar, Jake McDorman, Paul James, Scott Michael Foster, Spencer Grammer, and Tiffany Dupont.

Currently ABC Family’s longest running series, Greek has continued to be a solid performer. The series has been achieving significant gains in the key demos in its current third season which is expected to conclude on March 29th.

Do you think season four will be the end of Greek?

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Reportedly, the show was barely renewed and the decision hinged on finances. The episode order reflects that.

In the past, seasons of Greek have been made up of 20-22 episodes. Season four will have just 10 installments leading some fans to wonder if it will serve as the show’s swan song. That would certainly be better treatment than fans of Kyle XY received.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear Greek’s been renewed? Do you think season four will be the end of the show?

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  1. Mari Dean says

    When I stated watching this series, it was already two seasons into the show and I watched those first seasons on hulu. Don’t know how many nights it took me to watch them all, just in time for season three to begin. Greek is like Lays potatoe chips…bet you can’t just watch one. The cast is well suited and the story lines are easy, fun and satisfying. The romance is heartfelt and captivating. I like the time I spend watching this show and look forward to the new series.

  2. Julie says

    Please. Please let there be many more seasons of Greek! I love it and I am waiting impatiently for season 4 to start! The romance between Kasie and Cappie is the best part of the show. I just watched all 3 seasons and I can’t wait to find out if Kasie and Cappie stay together. I love Cappie!

  3. Sam says

    I like the story line concept, but the promotion of the gay lifestyle makes me leave the room. It seems clear from the bit I’ve watched, that they writers/producers are against conservatives and for homosexuality, which is offensive.
    They should stick with the basics of following Greek life and the show would be more enjoyable.

    • Dev says

      I think that although these days promoting everything gay can get a little annoying they’re trying to show kids who are in college who are gay that it’s ok. Sorry you can’t bare to look at the stuff. But I find it great that they are against conservatives. It’s better than being against homosexuality.

  4. lorelei says

    i love greek so much! now they are filling abc with shows like secret life of the american teenager and make it or break it which are boring after the first few episodes and show only one angle of life. greek has characters from all different backgrounds and has enough drama and comedy to keep teens interested. if this show is cancelled, a lot of ppl will stop watching abc because of its poor show choices.

    • Anonymous says

      i am a little disappointed we have to wait until january and that the show will only be 10 epis long BUT part of me feels that the show needs to end (i don’t want to watch cappie and casey be on again/off again…only so many ways to write that story…however would LOVE if they get back together years later or they do flashbacks which show them getting back together)…will be interesting to see how it ends…LOVE Greek and i think that if it were to go on too long it may end up ruining that love (like some other neverending shows that aren’t as good as when they first started)

  5. bri says

    you better not end Greek. the actors are great and i think that the audiences would be super pissed if you stopped it after that. keep it going it is great and fun to watch. this is real entertainment and you actually learn from some of the episodes . Don’t get ride of something so special. its not just a show, for the cast they are all family together. Close to each other and you want to get rid of it. i hope it has nothing to do with money and ratings. for the people that watch this , they enjoy it and that itself is a rating that people want this show. There are so many reasons to keep the only good shows on. and now that television has nothing good on. please keep this show in progress. Just so you know girls think that the guys are hot. my friends have told me. this show could be the start of a great actor or actress if there are good shows to keep watching and there will be good ratings. This is a wonderful show with a good plot that you have not finished yet. so finish it and make it a good one. Hope Greek stays!!

  6. PeacefulGal says

    plz dnt end greek im like so into it…its great and funny and theres love and hate and its great i love it!!!

  7. Kacie says

    GREEK is the best thing that ever happened to me!!! Lol! Although it is inevitable that the show will have to end eventually (because even Cappie will have to graduate SOMEDAY…) I wish an ending could hold out a few more seasons…

  8. Nicki says


  9. Brittany says

    Please don’t end it…..I’ve just recently watched all of the 3 seasons and I am in love with it. Its funny, romantic, contains tragedy!! Please I beg of you! Keep GREEK going!

  10. Kristin says

    I have been watching Greek since it started and I will be sad to see it go! Please don’t let the fourth season be the last!!!

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