Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Young Justice: Cancelled Because of Toy Sales

Green Lantern canceledIt was recently revealed that both Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series had been cancelled by Cartoon Network.

The animated TV shows were apparently axed, at least in part, because of underwhelming sales for toys associated with the series.

According to Bruce Timm, the co-developer of the Green Lantern series, the Ryan Reynolds feature film hurt his show.

He recently noted that retailers were stuck with a lot of film merchandise that they couldn’t sell. They were reluctant, and in some cases refused, to take on more Green Lantern merchandise.

Timm also said that the Green Lantern series was one of his favorite projects of all time. He previously co-created/developed popular animated shows like Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited.

What do you think? Are sorry that Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice won’t see new seasons?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Hal < no really. says

    Guys There are petitions out there FIND THEM, sign them.

    Please do more then just post here if you want them back, then get ACTIVE!

    Stay away from tho its a Obama site that will attach your info to all of the petitions on the site, even if you click NO.

  2. Jared says

    We May have only had one season but that series finale was so amazing it almost felt like 40 seasons because of how it happened, what happened and what the ending gave you, sure we don’t see another but the series finale went out with a bang and so to, the very end of it, “the ring” kinda gives you a “pinch” at hope of another season, or someone else could take the reigns and continue or do a spin off, none the less the way it ended is good enough to relive for years, amazing story, amazing show, amazing cast. Rest In Peace.

  3. Atrocitus says

    Wow they’re really canceling GLAS because of toy sales? LITTLE KIDS DON’T PLAY WITH TOYS ANYMORE THEY HAVE IPADS AND XBOXES. This is not a damn commercial, it’s a well written show! I used to hate YJ, but now it’s actually getting good! come on son damn. Superhero stuff only appeals to older guys anyway, and they’re buying the toys. Damn warner bros stop hogging all of DC and let them get some elbow room everyone once in a while

  4. David says

    im really disappointed about the fact these these two shows are getting cancelled. I grew up around the time Batman the animated series came out and these shows I feel are on par with the Batman, Superman, and Justice League cartoons. I loved how they’re really story driven shows. Its a shame that they’re getting axed just because of the toy sales. Another thing is that its getting replaced by a new Batman cartoon, which I feel like there is too much of already, and Teen Titans Go, which is pretty much just straight up comedy involving the titans. I really hope GL and YJ gets to continue on in some way like how Netflix is renewing old shows, or in brand new comic books like they’re doing for Smallville.

  5. Anonymous says

    I am sad to hear it. Both these shows were well written, and even dared its audience to think once in awhile. I hope they reconsider. I wish the movie had been this good.

  6. SDOD says

    I’m French and I really love that 2 shows ! That’s a shame ! Toy sales ? Really ? Are you kidding me ?! Young Justice is incredible ! The quality is… whoaaa, same for GL. I’m really, really disapointed.

  7. Drew B says

    I’m not buying this bullshit excuse !! The Ryan Reynolds movie flopped long before the Animated Series was even announced ! And If that was the reason they never would have even aired the animated show or even created the toys !! Both of which have nothing to do with that god awful movie!! Did DC stop making Green Lantern comics because they movie was so bad ? AH NO!! DID DC stop making and marketing Green Lantern Toys or T-Shirts ..NO!! By that logic than The Birds of Prey show should have killed any show animated or not ever wanting to be made !! Or Halle Berrys Cat Woman! Or Bret Ratners Superman Returns !! All FAILS!! Yet comics and merch and animated shows are still being made !! It’s a total cop out !! Disney axed Avengers but it at least they are going to be airing an updated version closer tied to the movie …DC better figure out just WTF they are doing because killing Young Justice ( when it’s as close to Justice League ) you gonna get and heros of DC Universe and Green Lantern best show i seen since the the Dark Knight run of the early 90’s and Batman Beyond! I think they are making a big mistake!! And revamp that god awlful Teen Titans nope sorry stick it up you ass DC !!! If you think that is gonna puch it’s way into people wanting The Justice League by cancleing the show we want to see !! Good lck with that cause teen boppers and kids don;t pay for tickets 30 yrs and up do cause we grew up with it !! Think abou tthat and think about who you should be truly marketing too !! You know the lat 20’s to ealry 4o’s and higher even at Comic con !!! YEah !! I’m 38 and watched these shows with my 3yr old son and 4 yr daughter and they loved it !! Thanx for ruining it for all of us ******** !!

  8. Jim says

    I think this is a typical example of management missing the point. Kids today are not like we were. They play video games – Action Figures are aimed at the 30-40 somethings who are their primary buyers (I know I worked at a mass market retail chain for the last 3 years and the buyers of Action figure toys were the same group of guys.

    New shows should not be marketed as a 1/2 hour toy ad ( as most 80’s cartoons were; instead management should be looking at on demand or web views where the viewer cannot skip the ads being sold.

    Put a quality product on the kids and adults both will watch and use the ad time. I will miss both series – especially Young Justice as I thought it was really getting some legs

  9. BillyLone says

    On my last several visits to Walmart, I would walk by the Clearance sections to find some good deals. It amazes me to see how much Green Lantern related stuff still sitting on the shelves. This stuff was all related to a movie that came out 2 years ago.

  10. Mark says

    Why are good shows as Young Justice on cartoon network anyway? These baboons still rate a show successful if it sells toys well? Good lord, they’re the worse compared to nielsel ratings. **** them.

  11. Kat says

    Worst. Decision. Ever. And this is coming from a network that cancelled the new Thundercats cartoon after only one season. Green Lantern was a good show, GREAT by today’s standards, and Young Justice went above and beyond the call of duty in terms of quality EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s as good as the ’80s and ’90s cartoons I used to enjoy as a kid and, of course, far superior to most of them as well. Ironically, it’s the Bruce Timm programs that set the gold standard, but I feel like Green Lantern deserves the silver while Young Justice gets the gold here.

    • johne says

      You said everything I could have possibly wanted to say but what pains me most is the kids, who are completely oblivious to the business aspect of television. My nephews love everything Cartoon Network and these two series were their most favorites, they were so heart broken when I told them both had been canceled.

  12. Jim Caputo says

    I think cartoon network is making a huge mistake cancelling these shows. I hope it comes back to bite them in the ***.

  13. William says

    Are you kidding me? Two exceptional shows are cancelled because of TOY sales?! I didn’t even figure they still banked on toy sales for shows anymore. Oy, the Saturday timeslot shoulda been a clue, I know.

    What a pain. The movie was not that great but it still got me hardcore into Green Lantern and now, just when the show was past getting its momentum up and was at a full run it is axed. We’ll never get to know how they woulda handled the Sinestro Corps, the Blackest Night( which they all but SHOUTED was coming in the latest episode) and the full introduction of the emotional entities; heck , they probably coulda made the Indigo Tribe interesting. I don’t really like Hal Jordan’s character and love life in all the other adaptations of him,(comics, the movie, etc.) but they made it enjoyable by bringing it to a kid’s level for this show. What a loss for the GL verse.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Young Justice, too. I watched episode 1-36 in less than a week to catch up so I might give it more credit than I would otherwise. It is excellent but the teen and love drama in the first season woulda been less enjoyable if I had watched it one episode a week. Is not as bad in Invasion but still annoying. It has a lot going for it and doesn’t deserve to be dropped as well.

    The new Titans show might be good if it can capture some of the magic of the old show, (which was a classic.) The new Batman sounds good in writing, but I am afraid such a sharp contrast to what we are used to may alienate some viewers. It would be a shame if it doesn’t click with audiences after it seems to have helped Green Lantern TAS and Young Justice out the door, taking one of the time slots I believe. (Plus, it being CGI as well had my fan boy dreams gearing for a crossover of it and GL. I sad. T_T)

  14. Grandizer says

    Both were pretty good shows with Justice being superior by far…
    Green Lantern cartoon was ok, but I also thought the movie was not as bad as many thought as well. I did wait until it was on Cable at home to see it though.
    I heard it was plagued by horrendous 3D adaptation, but I did not see it in 3D.

    I think what killed the cartoon was that I don’t think I saw ANY ads for ANY of the toy tie-ins. And really, I would not have brought any of the toys anyways, what do most GL toys have? there aren’t any cars or any other things to play with, GL is mostly an action figure, and once you buy one, unless they stifle the ability of it to pose, then really you have all the figures you need. More GL’s from other sectors, fine. But GL from sector 2184? nah, one is all I would have needed.

    The cartoon had NOTHING to do with the movie since the cartoon didn’t have a yellow villain, nor did the movie have the red, the orange, the blue or any of the other colors the cartoon has had in it.

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